Six Years of Best Motherfucking Gore

Plato Quote on Falsehood in Schools and Namecalling of Those Who Speak the Truth

Happy birthday to Best Gore!

On this day, exactly six years ago, started with the iconic publishing of the Eugene Armstrong beheading video. We’ve been around for 6 years… holy shit!

For obvious reasons, this has been the most turbulent year in Best Gore’s history, but despite hardships courtesy of the government that can’t stand independent journalism, we’re still here and we’re still going strong.

Instead of making long speeches, I will instead celebrate our anniversary with a video from out favorite country:

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

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    1. BTW, Ok, well I admit it…..I’d ruin that Brazilian pussy. What a fucking hot woman! So confident, fun loving and so keen to have fun with the blokes. This lady had a major physical effect over my loins in less than 3 seconds in video – I’m having a lot of fun thinking what she could do in person…..

    2. Hey guys i know this is off the subject but im sick of looking at my stupid purple avatar ,it looks like one of those characters on pacman video game with legs and arms , ive gone into my profile .but i didn’t see a change for changing my avatar .ive forgotten how to change it .yes i do know computers very very well but for the life of me i can’t get this one !!! WTF is wrong with me today ,lol someone well help me ? Just asking

  1. Women are so stupid.

    They don’t want to be raped – Yet they take off all their clothes in public and wear the sluttiest shit.

    They take off their clothes – Yet they don’t want to be filmed.

    Then when they get raped – They act like they did NOTHING to provoke it.

    I’m guessing that’s Brazil? Happy Birthday BG!

        1. I don’t care what anyone says but I love me some fuck meat. I’d be very happy if a woman just thought of me as fuck meat…..which does happen, I’m just saying I am not going to object to a women being confident enough in herself to say she is all wet and horny and is desperately needing my famous and
          legendary penis inside any of her dark orifices. What’s wrong with two consenting adults having a wild fuck? I would never think she is a slut, although it does turn me on to think that, but doesn’t mean it’s actually true…does it?

    1. Brazil is just one of too many pussy-whipped, feminist-plagued nations.

      Women do very little to earn respect, and with their constant attention-whoring it is unlikely they ever will.

      All feminist causes should have been refuted and put away decades ago.

  2. Will this best gore anniversary celebration have Halal or Kosher food available because if it does I for one will not stomach such foul smelling meat and will instead choose to feast upon canned spam and Alphabetti Spaghetti.

    You have been warned.

  3. And I’ve been a lurker most of those years and finally decided to make an account. What I love most about this site is, it gives you not just a taste of reality, but a full course meal of reality on a silver platter

  4. The first time I stumbled on this site was hmmm I think it was late 2008 and I started following it around Feb-Mar 2009. I was a student then and I even sent Mark two messages: one to praise the site and then a photo of a cat eating a slaughtered dog in 2010 for sharing LOLs. Since then I’d check at least thrice a week for good gore posts.

    I actually like this site because it’s clean and you know it’s not bathing in spam or viruses. I always get my gore fix here and have been loyal to this site ever since! I don’t usually visit now, but I know I can rely on this site a lot to give me fresh gore updates. Lately it has been uncomfortably political, but I still support it.

    Congratulations guys! Will always be loyal to you!

  5. Thanks to mark and all the contributors here…..let’s just hope Canada will drop the non sense soon….best gore is more popular now than before they started fucking with mark…..hang in there mark….stay strong bro..

    Hugs and kisses to Mark for never giving in, never giving up, and never backing down!
    Hugs to all you Mod’s for your hard work!
    Everyone join me in a shout-out to support Mark and Best Gore:


  7. Good effort BG.

    628 posts on β€œEugene Armstrong Beheading and Death Video”………… Good start methinks.

    Considering the opposition and continued harassment of ‘law enforcement’ especially since Luka Magnotta who should be nutted like the dude in the next post.

    Even when BG gore members wanted to help with donations those fucktards kept getting in the way.

    I’v been here since 27.10.2011 ……….. I think a blow job is warranted If member Reikoko is now single.

    Yup, I said it…….. I said what many have thought in the past :mrgreen:

    Happy fuck’n birthday to all you Best Gore shit rivets.

    Now I need to smoke some drugs……… Who want’s one ?

  8. happy to be a member! Usually I lurk never really have anything worth wile to say. Try an find that one liner no one has, a different point of view someone hasn’t seen . Try and keep an opened mind when reading certain post. Ignoring certain users, some people really say some stupid shit. The gore is good. The truth is great, reality uncensored. Props to keeping this website alive. Keep your third eye open! Trust no one and trust yourself the least!

  9. Only a certain strain of Virus will ever understand what being a Student Of Best Gore is REALLY about. For those who have attempted to try and explain it for the benefit of another FV to no avail, than it’s simply a stronger truth to all of us that WE are the seekers of the monsters. WE are the ones who SEE and UNDERSTAND what we are and WHY it can never change.
    For the BILLIONS of Virus that swarm across the planet, it’s simple insurance that WE will NEVER run low on content, for the stupidity of the virus and the harsh fist of reality will always provide us with the entertainment that defines our souls…..for WE are NOT the human lovers of the world.

  10. i came here looking for the best and most reliable source of something that is kept from us by the nannies, cowards and liars of mainstream media. however, the solution to my quest did not end once i found bestgore; my horizons were expanded as were my perceptions of humankind and life in this world.
    those who came here and believe they have found an ultimate truth of human experience or “reality”, are in fact selling humanity and themselves short by my estimation. that does not seem a popularly held opinion of many whose comments i read here, though it occurs to me that such a dispirited and bleak outlook was most likely something they brought themselves.
    bestgore is not the only source for the type of material posted, however it does provide an exceptionally thoughtful and thought provoking editorial on the subject and i’ve been honoured to serve my part within the ensuing discussion or debate.
    cheers for the years mark marek put himself forging bestgore into a product that need not compete so much as stand out and on it’s own merits, stand proudly at that.

  11. Happy Birthday Best Gore!

    I forgot why I am here. Something about veritases or vagitases or vegetables or vajazzling… one of those “v” thingies. I’ll remember, don’t worry.

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