SOBs – Prepare for Glory

SOBs - Prepare for Glory, 300 Pages of Best Motherfucking Gore

SOB’s – Prepare for Glory! 300 pages of Best Motherfucking Gore and counting. Ain’t no sheep can stop us.

I couldn’t have done it without you. You guys are the motherfucking best. SOB’s never retreat. SOB’s never surrender. And before this battle is over, the world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many. OK, enough with the 300.

Toshiba Update

Toshiba changed the tune on me. At first they refused to honor international warranty but I remained persistent and kept calling, explaining my situation and asking what arrangements could be made so eventually an agent promised to escalate my issue to a customer liaison. The liaison responded with what sounded like a cut and paste letter in which he blamed me for the malfunction, maintaining that their screens don’t have the problems I’m experiencing and as such, it must have been me who caused it which means it would not be covered by the warranty.

Basically, if you buy a faulty Toshiba product, but the defect does not become apparent until after you’ve taken the ownership of the product, they have a line handy which will put the blame for the defect on you and strip them of all responsibility to take care of it under the standard warranty. Will a hard drive quit on you after a month of normal use? Well, since Toshiba can claim they don’t have an issue with their hard drives quitting on their own, it means you must have caused physical damage to it so it won’t be covered by the warranty. As a customer, you mean fuck all to Toshiba.

Needless to say, I will never buy another Toshiba product in my life ever again. They put a faulty product out on the market, I was the unlucky one to pay for it and now they’re washing their hands clean off the responsibility by blaming me for the defect. Lesson learned. But as a result, there is no solution for my internet paralysis in sight. Chinese New Year will be over in 2 days and I’m hoping that with life coming back to normal and businesses opening for business again, I will be able to keep the updates happening in spite of the Toshiba backstab.

New Contributors

Not having my own laptop means I do not have simple means to read and respond to emails which used to come in hoards even when I was fully operational. Without a laptop, I’m unable to effectively communicate and culminating emails don’t make it any easier on me. Still, I had a whole whack of people responded to my plea for assistance with writing so I tried to get in touch with some. The response was however more overwhelming than I’m able to keep up with, especially given my limited email handling capabilities, so I was forced to stick with the first few I have been able to contact about it.

You have already surely noticed that we’ve had a bunch of articles published with the help of external contributors. The burden of locating content and pasting it all together, which includes all HTML coding, tagging, image, cropping, watermarking and captioning, video uploading, etc. Is still upon me, however it does helps a great deal to have the article itself already written. Although that’s only about 25% of the work done, it’s never the less a great deal of help given the circumstances.

So major props to all our new contributors and my apologies to the bunch of you who I haven’t been able to approach in this regard, but until such time that I get back on line with my own laptop, keeping up with the few who already write for Best Gore is challenging enough on its own so until further notice, I won’t have the capacity to get more people involved.

One more big THANK YOU to all you awesome SOB’s for making Best Gore what it is today. We have reached 300 pages of content, have recently stepped over 200,000 approved comments and will soon be celebrating 5 years of existence. Go us! Best Gore – Here Today, Gore Tomorrow!

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

89 thoughts on “SOBs – Prepare for Glory”

  1. Fuck yeah, didn’t seem too long ago that the 200 page milestone was destroyed. Well done Brasil, Mexico and well done Thailand, Best Gore would be scratching around with shit show Russian dashcams without you. Onya Mark, keep it going choppa

    1. Well said. 馃檪
      Congratulations for your hard work Mark. Wish I was here from the beginning but was only a lurker for the past few years and I am here now and absolutely loving it!
      Thank you bunches!

  2. 300 pages…(Sigh), many of which I’ve graced with my obscene comments and foul language. One day when my children will stumble across this site they will see what their father has accomplished and be proud of him.
    Hi kids!

    1. He promised to make me idiot of the week should I post enough irrelevant, sanctimonious, fuck-witted comments.

      I would be most proud of my one week spot where my picture would adorn this website with the words fuckwit of the week above in sparkling colours.

      I do hope that I am enough of a fuck witted waste of fucking space to make my dreams come true one day.

  3. Mark, thank you for all your hard work and time!! As a new(er) member, I realize now after being here for a while that this shit can’t be easy! Finding, posting and moderating content! You rock on many levels! I don’t get to reply to you personally much because you don’t comment as much, but you really are the Daddy-O of this site!! Thank you and I hope to figure out how I can contribute to this cause! Be careful out there and FUCK Toshiba!!

  4. Mark, have you come up with a new way for us to be able to donate?

    Not only about the bandwidth costs, but also keeping you on a functioning laptop!

    If everyone who comes to BG regularly kicked in $5-$10 just once, it’d make a new laptop appear for you (and then some), mi amigo. 馃檪

    (Just sayin’.)

      1. Me needs the same info as many other members hun, if Mark suggests a way, I will certainly participate, but its not wise to pay 35 Usd in order to send 50 bucks internationally , hope Mark suggests the best.

  5. As a Persian this banner is so pathetic ! Mark change it please .That film was shown incorrect face of Persians ! I check this site more than 3 years but this banner make me sad.Change it for SOB’s

    1. Yes, I’m also a Persian.
      Be reasonable Mark, these 300 pages of Gore which these SOBs and you so cherish… We Persians can turn it to ashes at our whim.
      Every Gorling and every contributor shall have his Eyes poked out and his Tongue cut from his mouth!… why… even mentioning the name of Bestgore, shall be punishable by DEATH! Congratz on 300 pages of gore Mark, but it is not wise to stand against us Persians.
      So, we ask you ONE LAST TIME….

      SOBs! Lay down your Weapons!

  6. === BG GATHERING 2013 ===

    I saw it! There once was a BG gathering on Iceland. When will we go again? I would love to meet some of the top shelf pussies and guys-I-love-to-share-a-beer-with in here from the community.

    Love you all and happy 300s!


    1. No way! There was? I haven’t planned my vacation yet, so if there’s any BG meeting, please let me know!

      And thanks for the warning, Mark. After all that Toshiba-crap you also convinced me to never buy a Toshiba. We rock, SOB’s!

    2. @FV- Did you say “top-shelf pussy”?! That’d be me! Lmao!! Iceland sounds fun, but I think a cruise would be fun too. Rent the whole bitch out and cruise around some ocean with the baddest mofo’s I know! All the best gore lovers together on one ship, that’s bound to make for a very memorable and epic party! Damn, you’ve got my creative juices going now!!

  7. Hey, Mark! I’m new here but I honestly think you have enough love and followers to start a donation via Paypal or something for a new laptop. You’ve got good writing, entertaining to read along with the posts you make, so it’d definitely be a loss if you can’t post as much anymore. If you already have a paypal, ask for donations, man! To keep this site running and entertaining, I think it’s a worthy trade.

  8. I remember the first time I visited BG, only 54 pages. thanks to all the members who leave comments, they’re almost Better than the gore itself. Thank you Mark, I’m sure we’ll see 500 pages sometime next year. I hope to see BG continue to strive and prosper.

    1. Yes Mr Drccoco , that is very awesome. Thanks to Mark,s hard work , and excellent contributors as yourself this site could never fail. Thank you all for showing the SHEEP , and the whole world for that matter that the truth and nothing less will always prevail
      Long Live Best-Gore 馃檪

  9. Been visiting BG since ’09 and doubt I’ll stop visiting anytime in my life. I gotta admit that I wasn’t well aware of the happenings on this world, while mostly visiting contemporary news sites such as fox, associated press, CNN and youtube, but ever since I have had the fortune of stumbling onto best gore, I can now safely say that I will never ever step foot on Brazil, Thailand, Syria, Russia ( drunk driving amok), and most definitely not Mexico, even though I’ve been there several times as a kid, but not anymore, BG just reaffirmed that it’s pretty much a free-for all over there… either way, may Best Gore live long and prosper, for there will be no shortage of death anytime soon.

  10. Congratulations!! You said you couldn’t have done it without us? Well, we wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t came up with the concept and, with alot of hard work and long hours, made it a reality! Thank you, for the best site on the internet!!

  11. Congrats to BG and Mark, and a big fuck you to Toshiba and their customer service for fucking with our steady stream of gore and by acting like a bunch of faultless assholes…if there’s one thing I hate its fucked up customer service, whatever happend to customer satisfaction and the customer is always right? Sony #1 bitch.

  12. Congrats Mark! For being a great role model. A big brother. A friend. A life saver (for those of us on the verge of suicide). A safe haven. A home. And an insperation. I hope the Gods fufill all your dreams!

    HAPPY 300th!!!! 馃檪

  13. Thanks for not being like the ‘other’ gore sites. Like the one that is garbage, the one that never updates, and the one that tries to charge you to see the good stuff.

    Up with HOPE, Down with DOPE.

  14. I am glad to have been here for the past five years. I don’t always comment, contribute, or agree with most of the come and go “regulars”, or even you Mark. But, thats kinda the point, right? Best gore will always be my online home away from home. PS, make yourself know if you are still around Graug, I always appreciated your comments and humor. also shout outs to tulio, baked, tiger, fiend, big john, jesus, and i’m sure a few more.

  15. My personal thanks, Mark. I’ve been visiting for about 2 years now, and I owe you many thanks. Should there ever be a donation page, you can bet I’ll chip in whatever I can.

    I must admit, I don’t always agree with you on sociopolitical commentaries (in fact, I less often do than don’t), but I endlessly appreciate what you do for everyone here on BG. From Nikki Catsouras to Luka Magnotta to Russian meteors, thanks for everything man. You kick ass.

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