South African News Reporter Vuyo Mvoko Mugged In Full View of SABC Cameras

South African News Reporter Vuyo Mvoko Mugged In Full View of SABC Cameras

Vuyo Mvoko – a South African news reporter for SABC was mugged in full view of a TV camera while preparing for a live broadcast from outside Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg. SABC crew were there to cover the arrival of Zambian President Edgar Lungu.

Neither Vuyo Mvoko, nor any other members of the crew were harmed, but they were robbed of personal belongings, including cell phones and a laptop.

Did those robbers not realize they were on camera, or did they just not care?

Props to Best Gore member Musky Fingers for the video:

There is also another video of the reporter being interviewed after the incident:

99 thoughts on “South African News Reporter Vuyo Mvoko Mugged In Full View of SABC Cameras”

  1. Ok class, in this video we can clearly see the difference between a hard working black folk and a nigger.
    See the one with the glasses? That’s a man.
    See those two wearing t-shirts? Those are apes who haven’t fully evolved yet.

    1. Not quite the same everywhere my brother @rayf. You have nothing to fear from me and like minded black folk that appreciate life and family. And who also work hard and actually have respect for ourselves. Now we just need to work on the rest of us. 😛

      1. @IP South African crime is off the charts, don’t even believe our criminal element comes close to what these guys get up to.
        Also IP it has been my experience that I am more likely to have problems with my fellow whites than any other race. That may be true for everbody…I don’t know for sure and can’t speak for everyone but it seems a person will have more problems with they’re own kind than with another race.
        Where I’m from the two predominant races are red and white, I would venture to say that my only dealings with a criminal will come in the form of a drug addicted white guy trying to steal chemicals or metal to promote his drug habit.
        They subscribe to the give me give me school of life as well. 😉

        1. @Rayf Damn bro, sorry to hear that shit. Honest evaluation nonetheless is always crucial in understanding ones surroundings. Most criminal opportunity IS dictated by those who happen to be nearest to you. I guess criminals are mostly too lazy to go far when committing their crimes. I hope you are able to recognize whatever dangers they may present and wreck the shitt outta whomever intends to bring you and yours harm. You seem like a strong guy so I know you will. Peace.

    1. That’s the daily issues in South Africa and when you resist you will be definitely stabbed to death.

      Besides these thugs, here is an interesting thing about Zambia. It is a country known for dying Presidents in office. A term of office for a president is 5 years but in a space of 6 years, there has been 4 presidents so far.

      2008, President L.P. Mwanawasa, 60 years, collapsed and died whilst on duty in Egypt.

      2011, President FTJ Chiluba, 68 years, suffered a heart attack and died at his resident in Lusaka, Zambia.

      2013, President M.C. Sata, 77 years, who was elected in 2011 died in London, UK where he been treated.

      The newly elected President Mr Lungu, 58 years, collapsed while giving a speech to commemorate International Women’s Day in Lusaka, Zambia and is due to undergo a throat surgery at Milpark.

          1. @dennytheaws, the only problem Is that you would have a load of trouble spotting a tv that is off, carried by a nigger at night as all are black;-)

    1. Was thinking the exact same thing. There are parts in Chicago where they will swarm all around your car and ask what you want to buy. And most are little fucking kids that do this at three a.m.

  2. South Africa had the lowest crime rate in all of Africa… Until Apartheid was abolished.

    Within 2 years South Africa had the HIGHEST MURDER RATE in the world. Bar none.

    The above is simply what Blacks do when the Justice system fails to capture or punish.

    Blacks are angry, violent and seemingly bred to a life of crime. I avoid them whenever possible.

      1. Under apartheid south Africa was a first world country. They were graduating 80% of the world’s black doctors. In fact that was where the first heart transplant surgery was performed. Now it is another third world shithole. Fuck you Nelson Mandela.

  3. Wow. That’s some funny shit right there. Which one had a gun? The only thing I keep seeing is a very angry Cheshire Cat Gillian and some other pissed off chimp in a t-shirt. I have never considered myself racist but I think after this I’m going to have to reevaluate….this is the definition of an Uncle Tom being robbed by a couple of yard apes. Kinda makes you wonder what the world would be like today to Malcolm X had been successful in his mission to move his brothers back home.

  4. Much as I hate to say it about my own people BUT, I can’t stand thieving NIGGAS. No sympathy for them. And yes, they DO make us hard working, law abiding black folk feel ashamed to call them black. Most of us are not like that but there are a sizable minority who are and it makes me sick. I’ve had shit stolen from me more often by crack head whites though tbh. But it makes me more angry when blacks treat each other that way. One of the most suppressed groups on the planet and yet we still have to fuck with each other like that. Bunch of bullshit.

    1. Dude, i live in Holland. Near my are 2 flats. the one further away is a bit like a crackflat.

      Mostly white, a bit turkish there and some black. Guess what, many whites there living of wellfair and smoking weed.

      You see, every race has it’s people from scale 1-10. I don’t know if you want to live in a utopia that will never come, where the blacks all love each other or something. But that isn’t going to happend.

      People are diverse, just be glad you’re not stupid. You just want to focus on your own kind. People that are smart enough to understand what is good and what is bad in the long run.

      As long as you think the way you do, racism will continue. Racism is nothing more than bullshit insults. But many minorities act like they believe they are less than whites. This is what makes racism so effective.

      We are all the same, there are just alot of stupid people. Religion showed us this. And for all the racists on this website, they are as stupid as the mugging niggers. 🙂

      1. @paranoid I agree that there will never be a utopia among any race. It’s humanly impossible. As long as someone has the upper hand there has to be someone subjugated under it. My concern is that I want so badly for my people to succeed. I was low income growing up even with both parents working full time. And for a while, I went down the wrong road. Lost 12 years of my life to prison behind it. But I changed. I realized that there is a better way. A much more honorable way to live life. And I know that if I can, so can the rest of us. I just want my people to shine and grow. And leave something positive for my future generations. SA is a jewel if it can be managed properly. But there are so many greedy, short sighted people in power. The way to change that is for the common people to develop some dignity and common purpose that sees everyone as having a part.

        I can only control myself and my household. But I want my people to wake the fuck up and be responsible for our future. Take what was stolen from them back and make it better. There is no reason for SA to be anything other than the jewel of Africa. Same with other African nations. Some of the bad came from colonialism but in those countries where it doesn’t exist anymore, it was replaced by tyranny and greed within. Shameful shit. It could be much different.

        1. @ IP Brother you just hit the nail on the head, do you know how many smart blacks we have in this country yet they are not in power, I will never give up faith that this country will one day come together and say enough is enough…wether we like it or not when you stand back and look at South African history both Black and White… we all have something in common…. once we reach a point we start to fight back…. the Whites did so against the British, and so did the Blacks…. then the Blacks turned against us and we turned on them thus Apartheid… Blacks fought back hence post Apartheid and what the country is like now…. South Africans are fighters…. and we should be fighting together, only then will this country succeed, but as long as the Third Force(non South African) calls the shots we are heading for bloodshed)

          1. Im Germany they are dumb as door knob, but you gotta give them some credit.. they know where to pick up their welfare checks, not to forget selling bubbles on the street corner.

      1. @Protocol Very true. It just disappoints me to see my people many times not want to rise above the bullshit. Just like there in SA. The country was literally HANDED to them and yet, they still have to try their hardest to fuck it up!

        Now maybe there are some factors that I am not aware of that make SA extremely dangerous. But I just cannot see why you need to kill and rob and steal if you literally OWN the country. This looks mostly to me like a failure of leadership. Exacerbated by opportunists both big and small. SA was no paradise for blacks before taking over I know, but wtf? I just don’t get why they feel the need to be so violent with each other. Fucking take the opportunity to shine!!! Prove the world wrong and become the noble people you are MEANT TO BE.

        1. They will never change. Millions of years of evolution and we have this to show for it.

          Raping and stealing is so deeply ingrained into their primitive culture that it’s impossible for them to practice altruism. This is not a racial issue – it just is what it is.

          While the majority of white people (and some honest, hard-working blacks) try to improve the lives of all South Africans, there are those that seem to be trapped in a time warp; unable to move forward from their rocky beginnings from which we tried to save them.

          I can’t even sleep with my windows open any more, for fear that they might pilfer more shit that doesn’t belong to them (it’s happened twice now).

          Two years from now you can consider me and my country, for all intents and purposes, dead.

          It was nice knowing you all.

          1. I guess that is where we differ with all due respect @Musky. Evolution has nothing to do with it. This is a LEARNED behavior nothing more. People have not even been around on this earth for evolution to prove one race or another to be either more or less violent, or more or less evil. Evolution takes thousands even millions of years and people simply have not been around long enough to say that evolution has anything to do with it.

            This is about environment and learned behaviors. No one race has the monopoly on evil or violent behavior. Especially not whites. EVERY race has from one time or another in human history behaved horribly towards other races and their own. And no matter how much you happen to hate a particular race, thats the truth. Whites were at one time considered barbaric, as well as Asians. It just so happens that whites are nowadays real good at killing from afar, and they dominate the world (for now) politically. This will change and probably be handed over to the Chinese in the future, and it will be their turn.

          1. I understand that there is a difference in IQ scores among the races. But the REASON for that is not known YET. In other words, scientists have not been able to identify the root cause of this. They still do not know if it’s because of genetics, environmental factors, cultural factors, or simply the way these tests are written.

            I can however speak for myself and my family. We have some very intelligent folks from Chemists, to Poets, to Teachers, and even a local Politician in California. My particular IQ has been tested in the range of 125-130. Not genius but certainly higher than the average and higher than most. I have no idea why that is. But I also know that there are allot of smart Blacks who waste their talent for bullshit reasons. Either lazy or who just do not want to do things within the system. One brotha I know , who is doing allot of time, told me that he was born to be rich and not work. He just thinks money is his right and at any cost. And he is one of the most low down bottom dirty Negroes you will ever meet.

  5. The reason why there are so many stupid people is cause many ages ago, all the strong and smart died in wars. The weak and frail stayed and impregnated the women. We are the garbage of the evolution.

    Religion proves this!

    There are still some smart people, but compared to the stupid ones they are a very small minority. There are also people who think they are smart, like racists. But they in fact are as stupid as any other religious person.

    Staying rational, use your head is being smart. Letting your emotions tell you how to think is being stupid. In a nutshell. Intelligence is needed to stay rational and enjoy the emotions.

  6. South Africa is the jewel of Africa. Mandela was a saint. Shame he was so old when he became president. Shame that most ANC politicians are thugs. Shortly after 1994 (end of apartheid) the S. African government chose to cut police salaries by half. Most experienced cops quit and their replacements were illiterate street criminals. Many South Africans hire private security firms (ADT,Chubb, etc) and call them before they call the city police.
    I’m not being racist, but the blacks were not ready in 1994 (or now) to rule SA. S. African was (in some places) a 1st world nation. Now its 2nd world. Sad.

  7. he can be happy they didnt kill him. daily hundreds are mugged by these people and killed and raped. sone time ago a couple were murdered for just R3.50 which is around 0.40 dollar.
    it is just funny that this crimes is slways commited by blacks. then they will blame apartheid. Jan van RIebeeck snd whites in general.

  8. That whole country would be nothing but wattle and daub shanty towns had white men not arrived and created a robust infrastructure, which has since gone into huge decline once again.
    Oh well, that’s progress for you, liberal progress that is.

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