Stephen Hawking Joins Anti-Israel Academic Boycott

Stephen Hawking Joins Anti-Israel Academic Boycott

I want to give mad, but absolutely mad props to Professor Stephen Hawking for joining the academic boycott of Israel and giving it a finger (metaphorically, not literally) by pulling out of a conference hosted by Israeli war criminal Shimon Peres in Jerusalem as a protest at Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

At first, 71 year old Stephen Hawking who’s a world renowned theoretical physicist and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge accepted an invitation to headline the “Facing Tomorrow” conference which will feature dozens of Jew ass kissers who became academics solely because they shoved and retained their pig noses deep up Israel’s ass.

But later on, after careful evaluation of the facts, Stephen Hawking sent a letter to Shimon Peres announcing his decision to pull out. He described it as:

…his independent decision to respect the boycott, based upon his knowledge of Palestine, and on the unanimous advice of his own academic contacts in the Palestine

With his support for academic boycott of Israel, Stephen Hawking joined the Teachers’ Union of Ireland and the US based Association for Asian American Studies, the first academic groups to do so.

Needless to say – when I first heard of it, I instantly realized that the Anti-Defamation League upgraded Stephen Hawking to the Target #1. As you know, ADL is a Jewish organization that gets billions of dollars from the taxpayers and Jewish crooks the likes of George Soros to viciously attack, discredit and smear the name of everyone who exposes the criminal Jewish gang. ADL has bloat loads of money and a hundred years of experience investing it into research and campaigns that work the best. The goal is to drive focus away from Jewish criminals and destroy anyone who exposes them.

It didn’t take ADL long to respond. Their hoards of Liberal sheep trained to point fingers while screaming “racist, bigot, homophobe and anti-Semite” were onto him on Jewish internet portals like Facebook right away. These hoards of sheep (the same hoards that for example launched the Burma smear campaign so the Jewish media could support it with written reports while appearing clean of propagandism should the videos posted by the sheep get exposed as fake) however did not stop at calling Stephen Hawking names. They also resorted to using his medical condition as a means of mockery. I would not expect anything less from the sheeple indoctrinated by the Khazars. Here’s a sample of what indoctrinated Zio sheeple have to say about the man widely considered one of the most intelligent in the world today:

  • The anti-Semite Stephen Hawking can’t even wipe his own ass
  • He should die already!
  • also crippled in the head.
  • Someone should release the hand brake when he’s on a hill

The attack by the Liberal sheeple was expectedly supported by a campaign in the Jewish mainstream media whereas the readers were intentionally mislead into believing that Stephen Hawking turned the invitation down for health reasons, alleging that his doctors have advised against him flying. This misleading of the readers was done with accompanying commentary alleging that reports of Stephen Hawking joining the academic boycott of Israel was an attempt by bigoted far right racists to delegitimize Israel in academia, some even going as far as calling it a part of the war on Israel done by people with bad intent.

I’ve only checked a few sites, but from what I’ve seen – Montreal Gazette, Associated Press, ABC, The Commentator and CIF Watch attempted to pass on the claim that Stephen Hawking was not attending for health reasons.

Tim Holt, Acting Director of Communications at Cambridge and Stephen Hawking’s spokesperson issued a public statement which contained the following:

We have now received confirmation from Professor Hawking’s office that a letter was sent on Friday to the Israeli President’s office regarding his decision not to attend the Presidential Conference, based on advice from Palestinian academics that he should respect the boycott.

Congratulations professor Hawking. You have proven that you are not only an outstanding physicist, but also an upstanding human being. Shame on the Jewish sheeple and the Zionist media for smearing the professor’s name and resorting to personal attacks based on his disability.

Props to Best Gore member Unicorn321 for the tip.

Here’s a video of a Jew acting like a Jew: “We killed Jesus and we’re proud of it!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking Joins Anti-Israel Academic Boycott”

  1. I guess in the end, a persons stance towards zionism and its counterparts does well to determine a persons ‘true’ intellect. Well done Prof. Hawkins . . . Hopefully Prof. Dawkins will follow in his footsteps.

  2. First let me apologise for commenting on nearly every post today, I had too much free time, and now to my, as always, silly rant.

    The reason why they wish to paint Stephen Hawking’s decision as a health related one is because they usually denounce those who stand against them as unintelligent and bigoted and this works for the most part however these remarks would not stick on a respected brain box like Hawking and therefore people might start to actually question things themselves if someone like Stephen Hawking thinks the Israelis are wrong.

    Well done Stephen Hawking.

    1. @empty,
      there is no need for you to apologize, for commenting to much. Your comments are always greatly received on here.

      I saw some film when he went up in a reduced gravity aeroplane and was weightless so he could get out of his chair and float around. It was so moving.

      1. Thanks wicked mama, I hope at least that I am not too annoying most of the time.

        I do like Stephen Hawking myself, if I was in his shoes I probably would have killed myself years ago, he deserves respect for his intellect and will power.

        1. I saw his Madam Tussauds waxwork…Well, kind of tripped over it…Said sorry to the disabled person whom I had just collided with, realising in the next instant that it was Stephen Hawking…Kind of…

  3. Good to see more people take a stand against the isreali’s. Hopefully more well known and respected people start doing the same, We need people like Stephen Hawking to get the sheeple to take notice on whats going on around them and to stop focusing on pointless trivial shit.

  4. Whilst always admiring Stephen, who has constantly beaten the odds living with his condition, (check out average life expectancy of another Lou Gehrig’s disease sufferer…) my admiration has just grown even more. The guy is a living legend in more ways than one, and the people of his elk do not come around too often, i hope that his comments do come out…it may open a few more sheeps eyes to the truth of Israel. Some British media reports are speaking the truth, saying he has boycotted the event, I can’t speak for the American media. However, a little search made me discover that Stephen is not the first, and hopefully won’t be the last, high profile individual to boycott them pesky Jews. Elvis Costello, Roger Waters and Annie Lennox are a few more, I don’t know if you guys know who they are, but they are pretty big…in my eyes anyway…if only more high profile people could do the same…

  5. Go on Professor Hawking!!

    Also, I didn’t know about the Teachers’ Union – Good to hear about some anti-Zionism in my own country.

    I must confess, I don’t really know where Ireland stands on the Zio ass-kissing ladder these days.

    Anyone care to educate?

    1. There are three questions to ask which may give you some indication:

      1 – Did your country vote against admission of Palestine to the UN?
      2 – Did your country send troops to fight Zionist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other nation targeted by the Zio?
      3 – Does your country prosecute unplanted historians researching the facts about the alleged Holocaust?

      If you answered YES to any of them, I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, even if answers were NO to all three, it doesn’t necessarily mean the country is Zionism free, but it’s a good initial indication. But if any of them was YES, then the government is 100% occupied by the Zionists.

        1. Is it me or are Zionist free countries fucked up with high poverty levels and high murder rates o.o ..? I really don’t know what a Zionist is I live in California and I don’t see any changes with the government I have never met a Jew either so yeah 😮 the only thing to be worried about here is a disease running around called *valley fever* it’s infecting people and killing them slowly /: that’s just reality anyone know wtf an illuminati is or is the hacker group *anonymous* a good group or a bad one :l

          1. Hmm, how about Sweden, where crime was virtually nonexistent for the longest time and then the Zionists came and as admitted by Jew Barbara Spectre, flooded the country with immigrants and the crime sky rocketed. Or Norway where the same damn thing is happening? Or how about currently Zionism free Iceland whom Jewish bankers bankrupt but then the Icelanders mobilized and kicked them out of the country, took hold of it on their own and set on the path to recovery unseen in Europe? Zionism free with zero crime.

          2. @VincitOmnia Veritas I’ve got one last question o.o is the hacker group anonymous an good group or a bad group ..? Do you support them

          3. @slicer @[email protected] kill John Lennon !!! ^_^ no Im just a person that has alot of questions this is one of the reasons why I hated school I would ask the teachers too much questions and they would get pissed off -.- well I was trained to mow peoples lawns for a while o.o but I quit because the job was shit and it was kind of embarrassing cutting rich white people lawns -.- I’m just the 1% of the 99 ^_^

          4. From my point of view, anonymous is just that, anonymous.
            Its not a single group with a “mastermind”.
            Its like a tabula rasa, people can project all their hopes and revenge feelings onto it. There is someone outside there, who fights for the simple man. But in reality, its a GovOp, cause most of the hackers are knowingly or not working for several intel agencies. Same with Lulsec. Governments take over opposition in advance to guide the public in their direction.

          5. Im from california misfit. If you dont see a problem you are the problem. Guessing youre some idiot living on welfare because if you had a job and paid taxes youd give a fuck. And im from the valley and havent heard of valley fever. The illuminati or whoever (it is someone so you mocking them means you work for them, craaaaazy) is a group who systematically through time has used first wealth and then entire countries to fight its wars. More recently its used social engineering to control you and everything about you. They did it to all your ancestors and will do it to your children. The 1% that everyone was mad at works for them. Think about it. If only certain people have the money === you can only get the money through certain people. Way to be a sheep

          6. You live in California and you say you don’t know what a Zionist is ?

            Everything you see and hear (almost) is controlled by Zionists / Jews / Elite / Illuminati / Freemasons OR whatever name you want to give to the people who OWN the USA . Your hatred of Muslims has been programmed into you just as the hatred for Nazis / Hitler was programmed into your parents !

      1. For me, it’s political and humanitarian, not anti-Semitic. It’s about human rights, not religion.

        The Irish Teachers Union’s astute assertion that Israeli persecution of the Palestinians is akin to South African Apartheid is thoughtful vindication for Desmond Tutu after he was accused of anti-Semitism when he spoke out against war crimes in the Holy Land.

        It makes me proud to be a Mick.

  6. zionism and antizionism. two sides on the same coin, a coin that’s flipped by a man wearing a suit, you’ll be distracted waiting to see what side it lands on while the man in suit steals your wallet right from your pocket. oh fabricated reality…

  7. This is very bad. This man has helped mankind a lot in mathematic ways. Too bad that we’ll hear nothing about this man anymore, just like all the others. The jews are smart bad guys and they’ve already brainwashed all our friends and family, while they’re commiting genocide in the middle east. The most sheeple are just afraid of seeing the real world, i think. In western countries the people don’t want to see the terrible truth, in the middle east they won’t accept that their friends are brainwashed serial killers (terrorists) and in africa they’re just afraid to fight against their government. I really hope hawking is smart enough to calm the sheeple down and make them able to open their eyes, but the chance is very small. (May the kind people open their eyes and give us a chance to win against the evil.)

  8. @ misfit55913

    I’ve seen indoctrinated Zionist sheep acting as part of the Anonymous but also aware individuals likewise acting as part of the Anonymous. I don’t support indoctrinated Zionist sheep, but I support aware individuals.

  9. something tells me this will be a mega long thread..

    great! you don’t need to be intelligent to realise what those fucking terrorists are doing and get up to, never mind the total and complete hypocrisy surrounding their very existence…but it helps.

    well done to him for not staying silent. I am sure most people know, or at least suspect, the likely response from the ‘victims’ of his obvious hate. lol.

  10. I am begining to have a lot of (good) days lately, due to all these new developments including the likes of one of my idols Mr Stephen Hawking joining our ranks. BRAVO STEPHEN 🙂

  11. It’s too bad Stephen Hawking is in the physical condition he is, because if he had full use of his entire body, able to talk on his own, and still yield his intelligence, he could turn shit around.

    It’s all downhill from here guys, soon enough WW-Z will be a full-blown battle.

  12. Respect to you Prof Hawking for not playing the health card and for comming out publicly about your reason for boycotting the yids.
    The BBC website reports that as early as 3rd May Prof Hawking told the organisers that he had planned to criticise the Israeli government at the event, so it’s a pity he didn’t go really.
    And don’t sweat it at being labled an Anti-Semite prof. In these jew infested days to be Anti-Smetic means to be aware, to be informed, to be knowledgeable about the destruction and mayhem being inflicted on the world by a Gentile hating greedy, satanical self chosen elite.
    It’s not only wise to be Anti-Semetic, it’s a fucking necessity.

  13. Sir James Watson, Nobel prize winner, co discoverer of the structure of DNA said there was a natural desire that all human beings should be equal, but “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

  14. of course the master Stephen Hawking joins the anti-jizzrael boycott because hes smart.

    fuck jews! every single one of them needs to be slaughtered and/or have their mouths, and pussies/assholes used as fleshlights for every being with a huge penis.

  15. wow people in the holy land sure have a mouth on them don’t they.

    no no i hate to break the bad news to ya dude but when you die your the one going to be fucked up the ass with a barbed wire stick in hell so you think that having your picture taken is bad lol

  16. Kharzas. Those weren’t true Jews or they where on drugs. Cause what sane Jew would be talking like that and besides that point “God gave me this land.” All I can say is fuck you prick, now you made all religions look even worse. I would be so glad if they ended up on here.
    BestGore for Eternitu.

    1. Yes, both, and because they deem themselves as the godchosen people, indoctrinated to sweep away all infidels.
      Over 2000 years they were haunted by many people, because of a cascade of hate which, i think, originated in the murder of Jesus (im not religious, could be maybe something else), and as the time went by, many reasons added to the hatred, just or unjust.
      In Adolf Hitlers 3rd Reich there was an agreement, called Haabara, between the Zionist (which is not a religion but a ideology) and the Nazis, whereupon every Jew, who wanted to emigrate to Palestine, could go freely and who didnt, was ceded to the Nazis. When the Zionist are capable to do this to the own kind, how much worth is then a palestinian life?They are using the alleged 6mio dead Jews (This Holocaust was neither unique nor the worst) shameless to own benefits, and to commit genocide, not only of the palestine people. There is a plan, called “The Samson Doctrine”, in which there is an endevour to launch all the WMD (over 600 Nukes, Ethnospecific-Bombs and Chems) against the whole world, even to sacrifice Israel, to trigger the Armaggedon. You can already see the preparations for it, and the US are their multiplier.

  17. people in this site are full of hate. have someone ever been in Israel? stop believe all the bad things you see in the news. those guys in the videos are not representing the majority of Israel, those are 2 little religions fuckers. I am an Israeli (and yes I’m Jewish) and I can tell you that Israel is an wonderful country full of parties, beautiful girls, sex and fun! by the way, I also have Palestinians friends! we just want to live peacefully by each other. I’m also an atheist, surprized?

          1. Rude? for what? correcting my post?You know, I actually considered using the term “asshole”, included with a tasteless joke about Irene Zisblatt’s rectum after shitting diamonds…But, I didn’t want to sound rude.

    1. I believe what you meant to say was ‘people on this site are full of the truth’ .
      You can stay in Israel and do whatever the fuck you want and that is completely fine. Better yet, how about you get all your other rat brothers and sisters and you can all party and fuck each other in jewland that is completely OK.
      But when you infiltrate honest hardworking citizen driven countries with your filth, lies and indoctrination, well that’s when an honest, hard working, tax paying and righteous citizen begins to show a little irritation.

  18. First thing I would do, if the time-machine was to be invented, would be to make sure that Hitler would be victorious in the second world war.
    Not to get rid of jews, but to get rid of zionist pigs.

  19. Welcome to the team Mr. Hawking ,we’re glad to have you on board.

    Keep in mind everyone, you don’t have to be a theoretical physicist, cosmologist or genius to figure out who are the bad guys.

  20. To be honest, i’m a jew, and this is just painful to watch, don’t pay attention to these cocksuckers, they don’t deserve to live… Calling other Christians/Whatever religion they are : “nazis” is just un-forgivable…

    1. It appears you’re aware all an honest person truly wants is to live in a society of honour, respect and love.

      ZOG is making this impossible for even it’s own kind who can see the error of their ways.

  21. I don’t know much about the man but the that he has done a great job considering the hand he was dealt in life. Most people would cry and bitch and moan oh pure me( boohoo) but not this guy he has handled his illness like a true champion and I admire the man for it. We need more people with the same drive that he has. I’m an American and hate the way that this nation lets Israel gets away with murder killing women and children. I can honestly say that I hate what this country has become. Don’t get me wrong I love America but not it’s leaders or foreign policies . America has become Israel’s bitch and it has caused a huge double standard. To hear that fucking punk say the shit he said about my GOD makes my blood boil. I hope that someday more people will see Israel as the murders they really are. I’m sure that I’ll get a good number of people calling me a Nazis but that’s not the case at all. What’s happening to the people of Palestine is just wrong. Maybe sooner or later we’ll have a president who isn’t blind to the bullshit way that Israel treats the people of Palestine. Wake up America!

  22. Stephen hawking is a very intelligent and brilliant man! Good for him for sticking by his belief. I saw him speak on black holes once…..guess what sexual innuendos he came up with for it!! Lmao it was great!:-) the Jews are just jealous cuz he’s kind of half the man with double the intellegence, and he doesn’t steal other people’s ideas for it!!

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