Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target

Syrian Rebels Blow Themselves Up Instead of Their Target

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Hellfire Cannon Fail! Pretty old video here, but I had actually never seen it before so I figured some of you hadn’t either. I’m saying right here that this is old video, back to at least May this year. So I better not see any comments complaining about how old it is. They will be removed. This vid (to the best of my knowledge) is not in our archives, so this is me adding it to our archives. Okay? Okay.

Free Syrian Army set this thing (The Hellfire Cannon!) up on the pretense of firing at Syrian Army (real Syrian Army) forces. Lo and behold, it blows up, injuring if not killing some of the FSA in the process. Always brings a smile to my face to this shit.

The FSA always reminded me of the Orks from Warhammer 40,000 (what can I say, I’m a dork). A ramshackle army using cobbled together weapons and vehicles and more often then not, they kill themselves instead of their enemy.

Mad props to Best Gore member, FLgood, for the video.

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    1. Yeah I actually laughed out loud at this. I feel like I should feel bad about that, but I just don’t give a shit about dead terrorists XD

      And I looked up Warhammer 40k too. I thought it looked pretty cool… I’m a nerd XD

    1. ikr, everybody thinks they were terrorists but they actually were not. FSA (Free Syrian Army) are the sunni syrian folks who got balls to put up a riot against Assad. They are extremely inexpeerienced in warfare. After long torture from the shia government, these people decided to put up a fight. You can see the difference between them and IS. That man was saying the names of Allah while IS only shouts Allahuakbar.

        1. Just a small hint to the videos: in the first one its written in the video (yellow text) that they are terrorists with the name “FSA” (Freedom Army). and in the second video: while being beheaded someone says “thats the fate of your army bashar” (bashar al assad).

          commenting because the titles of the videos confuse me (nowhere the videos try to say that they are from the goverment or army of bashar)

      1. I thought I was the only one who compare things to games .. And to the FSA is and other groups of Zionist org its just divide conquer tactics while we the west sit down and back and watch for our joy the people suffer I for one will never say go Assad or vice, versa . we did it go perfection in 1980/89 Iran Iraq war but fucked it in the ass by invasion in 2003 I love these vids almost as good. As the aqiniraq ambush where the whole mooj gets destroyed by usmc saltlick ops are the best πŸ™‚ do try if u want to have fun

          1. @Gnat I get paid, if we cant work due to bad weather, we have a bad weather Checkout that we pay in on over the year, so let the snow come!

            Prost bruder! πŸ™‚

          2. That,s why me brother has the November blues! πŸ™ It,s ok bro, i am SURE that you will find something else to ride for the winter. Something hot, unlike the cold outside lol, πŸ™‚

          3. My father was a roofer. He would carry everything on his back up the ladder. He had none of today’s technology. He was my hero. I have a lot of respect for roofers. A lot

          4. Booz – snow sux mate ( so they tell me – never actually seen it)…but would prefer a bit of snow at the mo……

            Down here in Oz, we only have two seasons – called The Wet and The Dry Season, but our yearly average daily temp is 33*C, but for the last few weeks it’s been much hotter. it’s Tues 3am, and too hot too sleep. Today is forecast 41*C. Whoever doesn’t believe in climate change should come and live here for a few days……

    1. You should make a two cylinder diesel bike. Shit is sexy as hell and it sounds impressive to friends. Ive made one but it isnt as fast as youde think. Due to the crankshaft connecting to the drivetrain the gear ratio doesnt mix well with the two cylinder compression ratio. The torque also affects the dampers and chassis of the bike. I gotten coilovers to aid the oscillation and reinforced the body rigidity by welding new points to help the chassis. Other than that ive reinforced the swingarms. I havent ran it on the dyno so who knows whats its making. It just takes a while for it to go fast.

        1. Some people are mechanically inclined. They can build homemade bikes that supersede anything made in a factory in regards to safety. Countless cars and bikes that were built in private shops have been in magazines and showcased at car and bike shows often

          1. I was teasing really @trainwreck.
            Though to expand on your point, being mechanically minded is one thing, having teams of dedicated mechanical engineering experts and factories able to test and optimize an engine and propulsion mechanism; I’m sure you agree these are 2 very different things.
            I’d rather buy a Honda thanks πŸ˜‰

  1. Coming from a people who believe human delivered bombs are a good way of delivering explosives on target this would seem to be the next illogical step in their de-evolution.

  2. i love the end. dat amazing view of the sweet calm blue sky with some green grass.
    its like an romantic movie end.
    “and they all go to the paradise”

    improvised movie are always best movie. what a feeling. kick ass of thousand millions $$ hollywood movies just with this last capture

    btw those shit look like some shit extracted from an old Wurfrahmen 40 XD

  3. Those HELLFIRE cannon bombs look like B.B.Q. sized propane tanks! Is that what they are made of ??? The reason i think this, is because of the way they are crudely welded together with angle irons. Do any of you military savy guys, or gals, know if that,s what they are ?

      1. Holy shit brother, it gets better. Thank you so much for your time, and research on this subject. You have no idea, how many times that i busted by head trying to find out if they were in reality, using these crudely built devices. I gotta hand it to them though, after fighting Israel, and the big military machines for so many years, they had to make do with the materials that they had at their disposal in time of war to at least have a fighting chance. I guess desperation bring out the best in people, because those bombs work.

      1. I knew it!! Big grin here =) I played from vanilla days and always take long breaks. Not played for like 6 months, just activated my account like 3 days ago and saw new pvp gear. Luv arena etc but don’t think I have the energy anymore ?? getting old. Also played B Ops COD until I had my boy. Xx

          1. Beautiful picture Amour! Yes BT took us a week to clear, now I can run in with my disco priest and clear the whole place in 2 hours. Such is live =)

          2. I got a 100 hunter to, she was my first character. Kinda cool to run around with a pet. Catch you later pretty girl, be good πŸ˜‰

      2. Skyrim… One of the few games that I loved @Am0ur…
        I gave my XBOX 360 to my daughter and she accidentally deleted my save game files for that game… πŸ™

        Do you know if they make Skyrim for XBOX One?…

        1. @Gnat as of right now its not but with the backwards compatibility they released for Xbox 1 there is a chance somer of the better 360 games could become available on the 1 such as Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, and so on, I’m hoping they do πŸ™‚

          @jenyc I still play all the elder scrolls including oblivion and even morrowind, whenever I get the time and catch a fancy for one or the other.

          1. @am0ur..your a true gamer. I started off playing Final Fantasy III, IV & V. That got boring. I was into Tomb Raider II around the same time as Final Fantasy, then Resident Evil came along. My sons had me beat the end of the game guy. So I had to play video games. My sons played them including Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption and all the rest. In fact it was my youngest son who told me to come here after Ive been viewing without commenting because I never had time, but enjoyed everyones comments since 2011.

          2. @jenyc lol I’ll confess something to you I still have an original Atari and play it every now and then πŸ˜‰ well I actually have all the major game consoles ,Nintendo, the Sega, game cube, blah blah blah I just keep them neatly packed away with the games till I want to play one in particular.

  4. Haha. Great video! And if course it wouldn’t be completed without some ALAN SNACKBAR!!! I’m so grateful that I’m American and not one of these low Intelligence Quotient Arabs. Think about how many times per day they invoke their God’s name, it’s like a fucking retardation, ALAN SNACKBAR, ALAN SNACKBAR, ALAN SNACKBAR! I’m so tired of hearing that nonsense!

  5. When will these low intelligence subhuman dum fuqs realise that white man’s technology is just too advanced for them to operate? Give up girls, you’re embarrassing yourself.

    Please please, just let us think you are stupid, don’t actually try to work the thing and prove it next time, ok?

  6. I think the last time that cannon was used was at Lexington, 1775. It looks outdated, is what I’m getting at.
    I naturally feel no intrinsic pleasure at the loss of life, anybody’s life, because that’s just how I am. What can I say? I was raised right. BUT I still cannot bring myself to feel *bad* when people like this blow themselves to kingdom come. I feel like they completely waste their lives living for Islam, and they are just getting what’s coming to them.

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