Thailand Jet Ski Scam Exposed

Thailand Jet Ski Scam Exposed

Although there is no gore in this video, it provides very straightforward insight on the true face of Thailand which needs to be passed around. Many people have a twisted perception of Thailand because it’s promoted as a tropical paradise with golden beaches and friendly people. Neither is true but the fallacy persists, mostly owing to the hypocrisy of leftist sheep who intentionally leave bad things that happened to them in Thailand out, because it doesn’t go with their sheep agenda of “embracing different cultures”. Even if that culture exists solely to exploit the shit out of them.

As a reader of Best Gore, you already know that Thailand is the most xenophobic country in the world. There is plain and simple no other place on the face of the planet where there would be such deeply enrooted and so openly encouraged and celebrated hatred for foreigners. Thais compete with one another in how many foreigners they get to beat up or murder and the more scalps on their belts, the higher a status they enjoy.

That makes Thailand the most dangerous country for foreigners to visit. Statistically, more foreigners get murdered in Thailand alone, than in the rest of the world combined. And that’s solely by taking actual proven murders into an account. As a reader of Best Gore, you surely also know that many obvious murders of foreigners are ruled suicides or deaths from natural causes in Thailand.

The thing about Thais is – they hate foreigners with all their hearts as they are taught to by their parents, teachers and government. They really genuinely hate us all, but they love our money. They love our money so much they’ll stop at nothing to get it off us no matter what. They can’t just settle with millions of dollars actual tourism generates, they want more and that creates a spirit of competition among various groups of scammers.

Every foreigner who sets foot in Thailand will be targeted by scammers and sooner or later, someone will succeed. They all know that unless it’s them who wipes you clean, soon there will be nothing to get off you cause somebody else had wiped you clean and you’re left with nothing but tears in your eyes. That is of course provided you have not been murdered yet. Jet ski scam documented in the video below is one of the many common ways to rip you, the foreigner off. Here’s how it works:

The Jet Ski Scam

You rent a jet ski, ride the waves for a few minutes but when you return it, the scammers who know every single scratch, nick and blemishes on their machines will point them out and blame you for it, demanding that you pay for damages caused. Needless to say, you have not scratched the jet ski one bit and they know it well, but that’s not the point. They use the same scratches over and over on every single foreigner who rents from them.

It is normal for you to became defensive because you know you have not bumped into another jet ski or into a rock and grains of salt in the sea water simply can’t add visible scratches to a treated surface. So you insist that it wasn’t you but your friends the scammers already anticipate this type of response and gang up on you with aggressive talk and behavior. You will be outnumbered and they will spare no sign to let you know that you are on the losing end and have a choice of either paying voluntarily, or getting beat up until you pay.

While you’re being intimidated, one of the scammers would call a cop who’s part of the scam. Cops in Thailand are corrupt and only care about their own pockets. You’d be a fool trying to get justice. They are Thais, so they’re xenophobic and hate you from the bottom of their hearts, but they are also part of the scheme which has been ripping foreigners off for years so you’re not gonna get any actual help.

But in order to entice even the most adamant foreigners into paying, they will pretend to do their job and will negotiate a “better price” for the damage you have not caused. The price will depend on how rich you look. They will always go for the maximum amount they can milk you for, but if you’re obviously from a third world country and clearly don’t have thousands of dollars, they’ll settle on less.

Motorcycle Scam

Motorcycle scam is another very common way to rip tourists off. It goes something like this:

You rent a motorcycle. As soon as you have left the rental office, someone with a second key for your motorcycle will follow you. Because nobody takes off and rides for 100km without a break, chances are you will make a pit stop and will either go home to grab a few things or stop at a restaurant to eat, or at a grocery store to buy a few things. Either way – the tailgater will follow you until you have moved far enough to have the motorcycle off your sight, then start it up with their key and leave.

You return, and can’t see your motorcycle so at first you will think you couldn’t remember where you parked it but as you desperately check everywhere and it’s nowhere to be found, you slowly start to realize that it was “stolen”. In horror, you go to report the theft to the police who are already anticipating you having been made aware of a successful pull and may file a report which will be discarded as soon as you’re out of their office.

Needless to say – the motorcycle will never be found and you will be forced to pay for it. You will be intimidated and threatened with a beat down or prison if need be and it won’t stop until you have shelled out. Thai motorcycle scammers can get ten times the value of each motorcycle per month.

Vacation Club Scams

This scam starts with a scratch card. Attractive looking young people are hired to approach foreigners with a scratch card for a “chance to win” a free hotel stay. Each scratch card is a winner. That will get you excited, you only have to go to the office to collect your prize in exchange for a short presentation.

During the presentation you will be offered membership deal similar to those of RCI, Interval International or Dial an Exchange, with the only difference being that none of what legitimate vacation clubs offer will be a part of it. But you will be told it is and some more to make it look like an incredibly good value for money. You won’t find out until you have “become a member” that it’s a bogus and nothing that should be part of the deal is in it.

They do these presentation by the dozens every single day and know damn well what works and what doesn’t. They’ve ripped tens of thousands of foreigners off tens of thousands of dollars this way and continue unhindered because they operate from out of Thailand so when you realize that you’re not getting what you’re promised, the money is already spent and there ain’t no getting it back. You can complain to whomever you want – they’re all in on it so you will be just digging yourself deeper into a hole.

I’m naught but scratching the surface with these – there are hundreds of other scams being successfully pulled on foreigners every day in Thailand and they’re getting more innovative with each passing day. Corruption is rampant and no matter whom you’d turn to for help, if they are Thais, they will always side with their own.

However, if you choose to listen to the leftist sheep, the picture you get of Thailand would be significantly different. And because of them, people get fooled into visiting the country and end up paying for it – often with their own lives.

Props to Best Gore member crabschintz for the jet ski scam video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “Thailand Jet Ski Scam Exposed”

  1. I think I’ll just stay here in FL if I’m going to ride jet skis. No need to go to a shithole like Thailand. Besides, the only thing good that comes out of there is the GORE, and I can get that from the comfort of my living room. 🙂

    1. Indeed! why go to Thai land if you can spent a good time in Aruba. not to make any propaganda, I live here and I’m telling you Aruba is one of the safest and fun place you can live on the planet.

  2. Also, im sick of my friends and family thinking MURIKA is the geatest KUNTREE IHN DUH WRLD, they think all the gore is overseas, me… i know where the gore is.
    Puerto rico, You’ll get stabbed in broad daylight.
    Japa n, You’ll stab yourself and leap from a buildng.
    China, you’ll be run over and the big truck, as always, will stop on you.
    New york, you’ll be twisted and twirled and mased by the subway.
    Mexico, you’ll see an odd motorcycle stop next to your parked car just before taking 20 bullets in the face.
    Russia, you’ll be beaten to death by gypsies who claim they’re the ones being prosecuted.
    Canada – Luka will buttfuck you then behead you.
    Acapulco- you will be shot in the back of the head, dismembered, and put on pubic display/
    Afghan/Pakistan, You will be beheaded or stoned for reading the wrong book and having the wrong imaginary friends.
    Syria- The “Syrian Army” will shoot you in the face and then record your dead body on video yellin “ALLAHU AKBAR!”
    Nigeria, you will be burned to death for eating someone elses’ potatoes.

  3. Hey Mark… I was wondering if you ever got any hate-mail from thai officials or from deluded sheep who visits thailand regularly to have sex with umderage girls and shemales because of the posts addressing xenophobia and government corruption in thailand. Just wondering.

  4. haha, my friend george has visited Thailand a few years ago and plans on going back again for 4 months. I have been on this site for a while now and passed on the info i get from here to him but it has not changed his view of it all. i hope he comes back alive!

  5. Coming from Hawaii, I deal with tourist everyday single day from all over the world. Sometimes I can’t stand the disrespectful tourist who come to Hawaii After a while, you start fucking them up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met good people from all nations. To be honest! The most disrespectful people are my own countrymen (USA)

    1. The US of A is an arrogant country, known as a bully nation. Europeans see us in this light. So yes, I agree that America is a disrespectful folk if they have serious money to fuck off on anything. They are not a representation of my own country, its just part of it. So I easily see how it could be perceived as all Americans are that rude, but they aren’t. Its kind of like everyone in a day you encounter is neutral unless another action takes place. Then the worst fucktard ever comes with the group. I can see why the locals are disgusted.

  6. Why the, who the fuck neeeds to rent a jetski or motorcycle in another country? It’s no different than where you live. they deserve to get scammed. Borrow your best friends anything, they’ll piss on you too. Why put yourself in a situation to even break or sprain your body parts. The hospitals are gonna rip you off too. I don’t live in a bubble, I travel too. People traveling from India have lots of money, and supposedly smart.

  7. My first trip to thailand was 15years ago and last trip 2 years ago.The country has changed alot in this time, respect for foreigners is generally much lower. Due to the kind of people thailand attracts who can blame them? eg petifiles, other sex tourists, people parading around treating the local people like shit because their average western wage lets them live like kings in a country with such a poor ecomony. If you don’t show the appearance of an arrogant,cashed up, welll dressed, naive farang then you shouldn’t run into any problems. No different than any other poor country. Though thailand is very racist towards blacks of african descent

    1. Don’t agree with you, Goodlooker. Yes, tourists often are assholes, but why let yourselves as natives become greedy and agressive towards farang in general like that? As for racism, I never met more racism than I did in Thailand and that was directed against all non-Thai, but especially whites. I always dressed ‘modestly’ whenever I was there and tried to be polite, knowing I was a guest in their country; but met with a suprising lot of rude hostiliy, also in places where few tourists came. Very, very different from countries like Myanmar, Nepal, Laos , Philippines or India. As for scamming, Thai try to scam you no matter what or who you are.

      1. Agree with you H.Thompson, on my one and only visit to Thailand, I was jumped by three Thais while out late at night. Luckily, I’ve been boxing since 15 years old and they were alot smaller than me, so I was able to hold my own, but near the end of it, one pulled a knife and I ran the fuck away. Needless to say, I will not be returning to that shithole, I value my life.

        1. My dad must have been lucky, either that or Thailand was much different in the early 80s. He was in the Air Force and was stationed there for awhile. He said that aside from all the hookers throwing themselves at you, that he relatively enjoyed it.

  8. What’s stupid about the whole thing is they could earn ten times the money over time by being nice to attract more tourism. So there’s some short sighted stupidity on their part. Not that I’d go there. In defense of some of the naive people, they wouldn’t think to watch anything on a website like this. If they didn’t look in to the matter prior to going there then you deserve anything you get.

  9. Alright, I have been waiting to see a post like this. I live in Thailand, and I am very much aware of the fact that there are many people who hate foreigners. Now, these people are usually the scum of the fucking country; poor uneducated people who have somehow earned enough money to move up a bit in life. Back on topic, these scams do happen quite a lot. I will not lie about that. But, they do only tend to happen to people who seem to have either lots of money, are alone, or are indeed, ass holes themselves.
    Personally, I have seen the way foreigners treat the people here. Thai people are treated as if they are all low class; even in the high society, the foreigners tend to take advantage of the Thai people. So, you can see where they get their hate from to be quite frank.
    Another thing you must know about Thai people is that, the society we live in is actually pretty damn strict. We are not allowed to do much at a young age, and children are taught to fight back. Now, because of the strict society, the children are indeed not allowed to fight back. This leaves the children not knowing at all how to react when an opportunity arises to hurt somebody. Because of the fact that they have so much hate built up inside of them, they just go crazy. Honestly, they do not know when to stop. Cases like these usually always result in horrible crimes, which you then see on Best Gore.
    And trust me on this; I have lived here all of my life. My father is British, and my mum is in fact Thai. I suppose because I live here I may seem a little bias, but this is what I see from my own eyes.

  10. I forgot to add that Thai people are indeed, very racist. They tend to be racist towards people who have a darker skin colour, as you would probably expect. The reason for this is simply because they want somebody to look down onto. They are so used to being treated like shit that they feel that they need to be racist to make themselves feel better.

  11. fags and paedophiles move their for the butt sex with kids and ladyboys, ergo, I will never ever go there as I would end up killing some dirty old cunt walking the streets holding hands with his kiddie fuck and I would end up in a shithole prison fighting every cunt who came near me. I prefer to stay in Australia and deal with people I know, and who are not out to fuck you up ALL the time, only some of the time lol

  12. Have been to Thailand a couple of times over the past few years. I believe this is true in all touristy places in Thailand. However Im normally well away from these areas and every Thai I met was friendly and had a great time. Did help I have a Thai Gf so can’t exactly get conned when she is there!

  13. I’ve lived in Thailand full time for 30 months now. I have rented jet skis in pattaya numerous times with no issue whatsoever ( granted Phuket is the scam hub) of Thailand

    I’ve spent the majority of my time here in Bangkok which anyone who has been to Thailand extensively will tell you is far different than the north or south or anywhere else for that matter.

    I have been scammed, avoided scams.. Made Thai friends and enemy’s.. It’s true the majority of Thais will take advantage of ANYONE they can, But I will say that there are some completely good and honest Thais who aren’t racist (toward whites, Europeans) I will however say that Thais hate black people through and through…. And with good reason.

    As mentioned above in the comments Thailand tends to attract a scummy group of expats because if the cheap cost of living and Alex tourism. But to assume that all Thais, or Europeans who frequent or live in Thailand are all the same is just ignorant.

    Thailand is a dangerous place for a fool.. I’ve seem many a white man come with money and leave via suicide or even murder. There’s a saying ” to make a small fortune in Thailand, you must come with a large one”. And that is absolutely accurate…. Another common piece of advice for newcomers here is dont invest more than you are prepared to LOSE.

    I could go on and on but I’m wasted so I will spare you guys lol

  14. They deserve it. Men who go to Thailand normally go with a fantasy imagination of hot Thai sex and a brilliant time. These type of men are a total waste of oxygen and deserve what they get. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever!!

  15. Being half German/American with a bit of Thai/Irish, I’ve lived in Thailand all my life. I went to an American school, an international school so to say. I grew up with International people, Thais included. Hung out with them. American,Australian, Denmark, Paraguay, Thais, Vietnamese, Russian, you name it, chances are I’ve already met them and got to know them, and some I’ve stuck my finger in their slits.

    But that aside, being practically a local here, I’ve never heard of Thais being taught as a kid to hate foreigners. I’ve known Thai families and they have no problem with me being not Thai, in fact, it gets annoying when they insist on you coming over and feeding you like they were you grandma. Yes, there are xenophobic. But they only hate a few other races. Some hate chinese. Others hate African while others hate French, the US or the UK. They have their reasons, but I’ve dont think they were born, bred and rice fed to hate them. I have to say there are some Thais I hate with a passion, but those are the ones from the slummy part of town and the ones that goes to “techno college” whatever that is. It’s only natural to hate them when they tried are all assholes when in a group.

    I admit the officials may not be as straight as one would like it. Dirty cops are there, as with everywhere else in the world. There will be cover ups on foreigner deaths, and there are coverups in Thai deaths as well if you can believe it.

    And the hos? They are a leech I admit. Never had personal experience with them but I do have an American friend who have been tricked. He got tricked into knocking up a Russian ho in Pattaya because he couldnt keep his dick to himself and the ho wanted him all for herself. Later she stole his money and took the child. Most Hos will trick you because they dont love you, and they will make you believe that they love you. And if youre dumb enough to believe that, then good buttfucking luck because youre one dumb fuck…fuck.

    Basically, it all comes down to Thailand not being dangerous if youre smart and dont easily fall into the seat of a victim. If youre dumb and ignorant and think the world as a pussy pink pretty place, then yes, you will get scammed when you come to Thailand, and yes, you might get killed if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone who wishes to come to Thailand better be prepared and learn the Thai ways as with every other country in the world because there’s always someone who wants to scam you where ever country you might go.

  16. Yeah, my piano teacher told me about the incessant deception and begging in Thailand. She said that every time she left her hotel, beggars to her left and transport workers to her right would swarm her. Thanks for the additional info Mark. I ain’t ever goin’ der. Ever.

  17. Just watching the ” Foreigner introduced Thailand ” video on You Tube make me puke.
    Before i come to BG i see all propaganda about “beautiful Thailand” shit and whenever they mention that shit land they speak with respect. Wtf is wrong with them?

  18. i fucking hate thais, and pretty much all of south (east) asia eventhough i was born there and lived there for 7 years.

    bomb the fucking shitty animal abusing, scamming, xenophobic, terrorist, foreign murderers. kill them all. fucking thai tranny cunts.

  19. Best Gore, Mark and my fellow Gored Members, it’s stories like this that truly opens your eyes to how the world really is. We must all know what happens in life and that it is not all lollypops and whistles. Always, know what is behind you. Thank you Best Gore for making me a better person (I think). FS

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