The Caption This Photo Contest #17

Wooden Plank Impalement Through Head

[Wooden Plank Impalement Through Head

The caption this photo contest #16 had so many awesome responses I was totally lost on which ones to pick. You guys are way too good, I stand no chance with my sorry comments. Anyway, let’s keep it up. Give this photo your bestest damn caption.

Best Caption:

I love the fit…
But do you have this in Red Cedar? – Joe112358


There was a young man named Hank,
Who while driving was having a wank,
His car struck a tree,
He cried out “Fuck me!”
And his neck was soon fucked by a plank. – BigDanWad

There was a young man named Minter,
Who drove his car too fast in the winter,
He crashed through a yard,
Hit a fence real hard,
And wound up with a fucking huge splinter! – BigDanWad

There once was a man named Stan,
He drove with the top down for a tan,
He crashed into a fence,
His car got some dents,
And now he is half wood, half man. – themhowie

Ed,ed,n eddy, Best Gore edition – mastermind420

Brings a whole new meaning to board to death (ed. note – fixed spelling) – loser-by-choice

It’s true if you put a log upto your ear you can hear the forest! – gargy13

Frankenstein Jr. gets whacked by his dad. – maxal

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