The Caption This Photo Contest #75

The Caption This Photo Contest #75

I bet seeing that title surprised many of you as it’s been over a year since we’ve had a Caption This Photo Contest. But I have been given the blessing to carry the torch in Mark’s absence. This signals the return of a BG tradition and so this latest edition is dedicated to our founder and oppressed brother, Mark Marek. So SOB’s, caption this photo if you can…


Betty White’s artificial insemination by Bassett Hound was successful! – CrowKingonPS3


Here’s why you shouldn’t shove that vacuum hose up your ass – StephenR369

How to make your own pizza dough – TonySnafu

Duck Face, you’re doing it wrong – irisflower


Miss Israel 2014 – Svarg26

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          1. @ it was me. I am glad you caught on to that. It was the itty bitty titty committee. I didn’t realize I said it in a way that everyone else would think I meant BG thanx

          1. @ danielray, honestlyI have no idea where tthis picture came from. thanks for taking up for though. It was all a misunderstanding. I was agreeingwith closed casket when hesaid the woman is part of the itty tittie comcommittee. I was saying she was definately a member of the itty bitty tittie committee, not a best gore member.I should have been more sspecific. my

          1. @boozer..
            Have’nt you see it? We tossed and turn in the bed last night? Next time you should turn on the lights.. haha

            Pancakes? Oh sure.. but you have to bring the sausage.. 😀

          2. @boozer..
            Yes it was me.. are you satisfied? If yes.. thats good.. so do you have a stable job? Ill be asking for CHILD SUPPORT.. 9mos from now.. haha pmpl…

          3. Could be, I was with a philipino for a couple years…. she looked just like cheekyme…. exactly…. scary…. except she had that wicked muffin top belly, all stretched out from having pups with her ex….

          4. @TonySnafu..
            My hometown is just 2hrs ride from Pampanga.. got a friend over there with that surname.. maybe the one you knew is a relative of her.. not been there for a long time now..

        1. @ cheeky that is certainly not you. you are way to pretty for this to be you. I was agreeing with the guy about her being part of the itty bitty tittie committee and he thought I was saying this picture was a best gore. I was saying she, is definately a member of the itty bitty tittie committee. lol I am sure she is not a member of BG.

        1. @ steve bollox, I was agreeing with closed casket when he said she was part of the itty bitty tittie committee. when I said she is definately a member I was trying to say she is definately a member of the itty bitty tittie committee not a member of best gore. I should have been more clear about what I meant.I doubt this is a best gore member.

          1. Thank you for writing 6 comments all saying the same thing. After I read the 5th I was like “Hmmm, I still don’t quite understand what she meant. If only there was one more for clarification.” And then BAM, you totally came through for me! The power of prayer… 😉

    1. @Mikey Graves, I am glad that you know that there is power in prayer. Since you loved reading my comments so much, I will say it again just for you. I meant that she is part of the itty bitty tittie committee not a member of best gore. bless Jesus.

          1. @ your next ex blah blah blah, It’s the freaking twilight zone anymore…..hmm do I need to say anymore. Im not here to be loved, or to win a popularity contest.

        1. @Mikey just keep face palming yourself until the blessed rapture of unconsciousness occurs. Only then can one truly find peace. Truly blessed are the unconscious, as they shall suffer no more…..ZZZZZzzzz…. 😉

          1. Oh for fucks sake. I’m done after this. Yes, people do say PRAISE Jesus. (Because that would mean you are…ready?…PRAISING him.) People do not say BLESS Jesus. (Because…are you paying attention?…”we” can NOT bless our “God”. Only our “God” has the power to bless people.) That’s akin to us saying “I forgive you God.”

    1. @Obli, so glad to see this return to BG, thank you for it’s glorious return. I’m just kicking myself ’cause I couldn’t come up with anything better! Great job, you are the man! 😉

      1. thank you for the compliment @atucker! My natural color is brunette, like yours (which is beautiful by the way). I had some natural red highlights, but decided to go full on red around 15 years ago, I love having red hair because it goes so well with my green eyes. Hope you had a great vacation! Digging the new pic, you BG hottie (nothing homo intended)

  1. @mike, not sure how long you have been around, but “Caption This Photo” was something Mark used to do, usually at least once a week, and I am guessing most of the time it was on pics that have no backstory or information to make an entire post, so it creates a fun game for SOBs to see who can come up with the funniest title for the photo. So, let your imagination run wild! 😉

    1. Haha, I read this as if you were explaining something to a caveman and when you finally wrapped up your speech you asked, “Do you understand?” and the caveman just stares and says, “Me like you. Me think you pretty.” 😉

    1. Oh I dunno… maybe if she put her hair up, painted her face….. pulled the loose skin back and secured it to her ass cheeks with some safety pins….. walked back and forth down a really dark alley, and her attacker had really low self esteem….. maybe she could get raped.

      1. Hummmmm @tonysnafu maybe your right after all, like Mouse says “the urge to jizz is strong” lmfao… Oh! And if she did all that while mumbling to herself incoherently while smoking a cigarette then she would definitely get raped, people would just think shes not all there and give her a big rape ride.

    1. there was an episode where Homer Simpson pulled all of his fat to the bavk and tied it up to look sexy for marge . he had a six pack and all. until the bands pulling te fat back broke and his stomach busted loose in front of marge. It was hilarious.

      1. I would be too scared to get a nipple or belly button ring. after so many laproscopies my belly button is sensitive and my boobs are always sore. I have my nose pierced and my left eyebrow pierced. I had two eyebrow piercings but one closed shut. I would love to have my eyebrows done like Jonathan Davis but I would probably end up ripping some of them out in my sleep if I had that many.

    1. Hahaha. Wonder why on earth someone would put her own horribly disfigured body pic on the internet, but at least her face was not in the photo. It kind of looks like someone who has lost a lot of weight by the size of her thighs compared to her collar bones. Then had a bad boob job to top it off! Poor woman.

      1. 🙂 It looks like she could get that cut off. er body looks ike an older woman who dieted and her skin became loose. Im glad to be young. If I lose a few pounds my body bounces back and have no loose skin hanging. my grandma has a great body and no loose skin. she is in her seventies and that surprised me. It is funny because guys my age hit on her. my sexy grandma.

      1. She only has three stepchildren from her last husband’s first marriage. I have no idea if they are parents. It’s also possible due to her age that she could be a great-grandparent by now.

  2. *Girl pokes head out*
    Girl- “you called?”
    Nut case- “Yes”
    Girl- “lets have some fun!”
    Nut case- “WOOT”
    Girl- “close your eyes”
    Nut case- “fine”
    Girl- “ready Freddy”
    Nut case- “All right lets…..”
    Nut case- “Not even Jabba the Hutt who do you I’m out and you can keep the money”

    1. maybe the woman looks better in clothes. she needs to buy one of those skinny bitch shirts that suck your fat in and push your boobs up. They are aggravating as fuck but they are just the thing she needs.

  3. “Quack Quack”

    “All of a sudden the lights came on and I realized I was about to fuck my grandma!”

    “Would you like to fuck my pussy? Or my belly button? ”

    “I know…I smell it too.”

    “If you eat me out I’ll let you wear the gunt hat!”

    -s’all I got..

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