The Flames of War – IS Released Trailer for Upcoming Hollywood-esque Movie

The Flames of War - IS Released Trailer for Upcoming Hollywood-esque Movie

The Islamic State goes Hollywood with their latest release of a trailer for the upcoming movie The Flames of War. Although only 52 seconds long, the production quality on the trailer is insane – now not only in High Definition, but also in high frame rate for amazing slo mo.

Mossad is sure employing highly skilled individuals for their special ops. Hopefully, as has always been the case with similar special ops, these guys also end up turning against their former employers. Hopefully, this happens sooner rather than later.

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  1. bye bye sawarim 4 movie, here’s Flames of War by Baghadadi. sick editing. and it’s maybe done in Irak, they can do this type of movie.

    and this week, we heard that a website / jihadist forum in French, was now administered from Raqqa ! and no longer from France

  2. They’re full of piss and vinegar, right now.

    Eventually, they’ll engage an enemy who doesn’t throw down their weapons and let themselves be trotted off across the dunes in their underwear, who won’t meekly kneel to be beheaded, or shot in the back of the head. That’s when the real fighting will begin.
    Coming soon, IS.

      1. Ha. Ok man. It’s the end of an empire, I agree, but it was an inside job from the start. If this country were truly a United State, we would have no interest but our own survival, and these rock throwing apes certainly would not threaten us.. But as I said, we’re unraveling from the inside out.

  3. It’s so easy to see a certain group are having a huge wank with their Kojak like cocks all over the Middle East. So far this latest Islamic jihad has claimed how many tens of thousands off paki like people’s lives ? And 3 westerners. Yep Hello Akbar I love you little war keep it going

  4. Acneska, if you could please explain the relationship between IS, Mossad, British Intel and the CIA. I am still a bit fuzzy, and I’m sure others here are as well judging by the comments.

    And also why this connection is important in the role of overthrowing Syria. And the hype.

    1. The West and Israel have been sending support for the FSA and a lot of it ended up with IS, plus most of the IS leadership are Sunni Iraqi military leaders who got sacked by the Shia Iraqi government when the US left. So directly and indirectly , the West and Israel are to blame for IS.

  5. Did you notice the IDF hiding behind the wall…..I wonder if it was Hamas or Hezbollah firing on them….Flash back to the idf guy losing his arm while in a tank by a Hamas sniper….unlike Hollywood it’s not fake blood with people playing dead…

    1. Bwahahaha, this was obviously produced by Harvey Weinstein, and directed by Michael Moore who ironicly has the same name as the CEO of the studio lot I work for. upon watching this teaser, I was immediately and delightfully reminded of the A -Team’s opening credits. All that was missing was Mr.T and the Jeep doing a barrel roll. Good stuff!! Imma hold on to this cheesy vid until the sequel comes out, Honey,I blew up our kids..and myself as well. Or maybe the movie Run Akbar run

  6. Who bring an HD cam to a battlefield ?
    Why didn’t they bomb or snipe the cameraman ? looks like he was taking an exposed point, even american soldiers in iraq & afghanistan couldn’t do that ! in real battles a setting duck like that would be killed in no time.

    Why turn war into a movie ? to attract Muslim youth ? but wouldn’t a movie like this attract the hollywood arab fans ? isn’t it dangerous to isis’s extremist conservative thinking ?

    CIA & Mossad, this is what this video is.

    I love the commentators who still think this is real xD

    1. CIA and MOSSAD lol.

      This is what you get when your start attracting young men who were born and raised in rich countries like the UK and Australia.

      These kids have arrived with their DLSR camera’s, Macbook pro’s and university educations!!

      The fucker producing these videos probably has a media degree from some southern England based University!!

      Its only a matter of time now until the beheadings hit US/AUS/UK streets!

      Apparently they think they stopped one happing today in Sydney.

      1. @InJustice

        Please, don’t spread stereotypical lies. Do you think arabs live with camels ? Macbook pros hit the arab markets with symbolic prices since the 90s, we have internet connections that exceed 1 MG (that’s from 2005 btw ; it’s the average in the middle east to get a connection that fast ).

        Go to Saudi Arabia, the whole population owns expensive cellphones like iphone & Lumia ; above all HD cameras & photography are the cheapest forever ever fashion for arab college boys who play Casanova to attract girls.

        Don’t forget that Arabs are one of the biggest consumers in the world, oil money makes it easier for most of us to get the newest technologies..again, don’t forget that the standard of living in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar is higher than Europe itself, go read statistics or visit yourself if you don’t believe me.

        isis are cia. stop believing the media, please. Fool me once, shame on you..fool me twice ; well you complete.

        First it was wmd. Now isis. you still believe them ?

  7. Tyranny, if I have to say
    Is a kind of democracy in disarray
    In which a handful of people have
    Freedom of every aspect
    While the rest of the people suffer
    Those handful of beasts prosper
    So, tyranny as I know
    Is the democracy for people’s foe
    Han Min Ohn

  8. humans i just seem to laugh at them more and more fucking pathetic little worms fighting all over the planet for nothing. all wars are for nothing and lead to nothing but death. but its so glamourized like something mystical and magical is taking place. fucking send a comet and wipe us all the fuck out nothing changes in this pathetic human existence same same old century after century just looks different with new weaponry.

  9. Here’s something to think about. The media is reporting that this video is in response to Martin Dempsey saying “To be clear, if we reach the point where I believe our advisers should accompany Iraqi troops on attacks against specific ISIL targets, I will recommend that to the president.”
    He made that statement Tuesday. This video was released late Tuesday. Doesn’t that make it seem like whoever created this video knew what he was going to say before he said it? Or, are we to believe they heard his statement then produced this high quality, Hollywood style “commercial” in a matter of minutes?

  10. “Coming soon” at 00:32 they show footage of the white house, maybe this really is a threat, maybe this means that isis terrorists are already on US soil and are preparing an attack that is coming soon ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Maybe, just maybe

  11. I like how the explosion draws back in and goes back out again. Never seen that before.

    Seriously though, that looks like it would be a crazy movie. I think that all these extremists should stop killing people and become the next Hollywood for horror and war movies. We should be teaching them to make movies, not be assassins. Instead of billions in guns, a few mil on cameras and a big studio.

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