The Islamic State Training Camp Video

The Islamic State Training Camp Video

The Islamic State is not too eager to release any videos from training camps in Jordan where they were trained by the American thank-you-for-your-service terrorists, so instead they released this video of a training camp run by themselves.

The training camp has it all – the monkey bars, the hoop jump and barrels on fire. There even was a martial artist doing a presentation for the attendees.

Funny that Kenyan is looking to train 5,000 Syrian anti-Islamic State, anti-Assad fighters over the next year. It’s his way of training more terrorists who will eventually join ISIS to serve as proxy mercenaries for the advancement of Israeli objectives in the region. False Sarin attacks failed to deliver, so ISIS was given rise to pave the way for invasion of Syria. After that, it’s off to Iran.

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      1. What a bunch of clowns……they’ll get a free ride for another 2 to 3 years….then it will be a genocide. ….it’s that, or; its 10 bucks a gallon at the gas station…or more…’s not that complicated. …plus we get rid of “myriads” and myriads of wackos psychopaths …..I mean really …WHO wants a strong, united, and prosperous middle east…….

    1. Steel toe

      Were they not scarry in your opinion? They even had such pretty music. Oh and setting the children’s playground on fire was suppose to show us how physically fit and strong they are They want us to know that they are just as strong as any elementary student.

    1. ***Round up some kids from nearby playgrounds, arm them, and send them into battle. Same training, you know? Except they?ll have a height advantage. Lots of grown men would be getting their balls blown off.

      Good point!!

      The training, could be in the form of threatening to starve them to death…

      1. You don’t have to quote me to respond to me, man. I get who and what you’re responding to. Not trying to be an asshole. I just find it obnoxious when people nitpick comments. Just speak casually. Otherwise, I’ll ignore what you have to say.

        1. ***You don?t have to quote me to respond to me, man. I get who and what you?re responding to. Not trying to be an asshole. I just find it obnoxious when people nitpick comments. Just speak casually. Otherwise, I?ll ignore what you have to say.


          Just ignore me…

          I wasn’t trying to be rude to begin with… πŸ™‚

          1. I find it patronising and annoying to be honest. More to the point, it is needless, serves no purpose whatsoever. Maybe you weren’t trying to be rude, but, you are being rude. Or perhaps it is a bad habit.

          2. Having to reread your own comment in a direct reply to your comment is annoying as fuck. Imagine what the posts would look like if we all did it.

    2. To future days:
      I got it….and instead of ” throwing a dwarf ”
      A la ” humour noir ” farce …..the government should offer jobs to the little people community by being hyper creative. …and vigilant zealous characters……like oh…look officer at 3:30 …..A testicule is passing !….
      That would work…..

    1. @cheeky
      no kidding!
      ‘Off with their heads’ laundry detergent conquers those blood stains fast! Semen stains got you down? No problem! We have you looking fresh and clean for your next mouthful! ‘Off with their heads’ laundry detergent gets you back in the sand with your comrades! **brought to you by isis marketing division

    1. Duggery and skulls

      I think that is true. They have all of this testosterone built up. It is also causing them to be enraged. They need some pretty girls to have sex with instead of taking it all out on people’s heads and childrens playgrounds.

    1. @IWMe – they couldn’t even do a decent somersault, how on earth could they manage a cartwheel? I’m surprised a lot of them don’t drop dead of heatstroke with all those clothes and masks on. They really should be carrying those “cool” hats with a straw that connect directly to a beer or water bottle – hillbilly style. Hahaha!

          1. The more you guys gonna ask him not to quote …the more he’s gonna do it…
            it’s kinda funny. …And certainly entertaining. But above all condescendingly annoying.

  1. The only day I will smile is when each and every one of these people is dead and their Koran is banned from the entire world it is a false Religion and these people are not going to ever see God but have a one way waiting for them TO HELL!

    1. do you know anything about the orange volunteers? not Muslims.

      Timothy McVeigh bombed a building killing children in the process. not a Muslim.

      Adam Lanza, guns down 20 children, ages 6 and 7, and six adults. not a Muslim.

      Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. 23-year-old student Seung-Hui Cho, goes on a shooting spree killing 32 people. Not a Muslim.

      ?Columbine High School. 18-year-old Eric Harris and 17-year-old Dylan Klebold kill 12 fellow students and one teacher before committing suicide in the school. Not Muslim.

      Most killing sprees are not Muslim driven in the USA.

      If Muslims really wanted to kill you in your country. They would. it’s so easy a white kid can do it.
      I hardly doubt you’re going to heaven if that ride at the religion carnival even exists.
      you are nobody or nothing in this world, relevant enough to make your army or your government to Ban such a book. or even make them drop atomic bombs.

      stupid idiots here think that’s the answer. But one will blow up in your country before it does in theirs.

      stop worrying about what’s happening in their country. And worry about yours first.

      If a visitor gets killed
      it’s your fault for talking like an ignorant imbecile.
      you don’t want them in your country. stay the fuck out of theirs.

  2. I enjoyed their group duck walk…showed great prowess…

    as far as im concerned they looked like a bunch of fags in their black leotard outfits and dollar store matching shoes…no wonder they have to rape people, animals, vegetation…they couldn’t pull an apple pie if they tried

    1. Thanks for the laugh… people to death….btw you notice that ever since the photos of cockpit riddled with bullet holes the media has dropped news coverage on mh17 ….Ukraine military jet trailing it shot it down….another btw…how ironic is it that Dutch Shell was drilling for gas near the plane crash after the new regime in Kiev signed a gas deal with them….

      1. @mike11111

        btw you notice that ever since the photos of cockpit riddled with bullet holes the media has dropped news coverage on mh17

        No doubt…

        No black box, no release on the amount of any residue, that was left on the plane after impact with the ground, no hi-resolution photos of Russian military deployment, no (unedited) voice recordings of the cockpit crew with ground control.

        As far as Dutch Shell…

        We can’t call the next contractor Blackwater. That’s a DEAD giveaway.

        However, most people look at “The Beverly Hillbillies” quite favorably…

        How about our fascist media showing “Ole Jed,” shottin’ at some bublin’ crude, instead of another MH17?

        …just a thought

  3. as if they didn’t get enough training from usa and mossad, I still think that el baghdadi guy is not real and his real name Shimon eliot a mossad agent or probably a leader somehow. I am algerian and I know that there is a big relation between islamic groups and Talmud.

    1. hollyeat please dont disrespect all of us for what they do, you disresct us and god almighty by saying that, please be sure that they dont represent islam anyhow, and we muslim and also allah are innocents of what they do, they are exactly the same with los zetas the only different is los zetas dont use religious symbols most of time. I really really hope you and others change your minds about us muslims, hitler and kenyan are not muslims but they killed millions and millions and only few condemn them. I really hope you understand, and allah is an arabic word stands for god the creator of universe, and we say allah akbar because we respect allah so much, and alot of people dont respect almighty that is way they use islam to uncrease their numbers and to destroy the image of islam anyway. so please dont disrespect us for what others did. best regards.

      1. @Dudumtss
        Hey brother, I’m a Christian, so I know where you’re coming from.
        No, not all Muslims are evil, not all blacks are niggers, and not all Jews are out to conquer the World nor are all Christians religious whackos.
        Each person must be looked at individually-not just as “part of a group”.
        Welcome to Best Gore-we need a little diversity here.

      2. whats the problem ?
        i say “one of them”…
        do you recognize yourself in this video ? .. if no, then be cool.

        these guys not represant the islam .
        and for me (maybe i m wrong but its my pov) , islam is not muslim. for me there are a difference, i never have see any “muslim” guy make a terrorist or barbaric act, they all pretend to be islam when they do something like that.
        so, no, this is not an insult to muslim guys, its an insult to islamic guys, and not all of them, only that snackbar shitbag make war because pretend all the world must be islamic land…thats wrong, the world is not islamic land, islam is too young religious for pretend to have something in world.. yeah i m racist, not versus the islam itself. i m racist versus that false islam and all his idiots follow it.
        if you are a “real” muslim or islamic, you see what i mean and you understand thats not affect you.
        about allah wahkbar, its not my fault if these idiots have transform this words into an war cry idiotic sound. for them “allah wahkbar = kill them all”.
        again, i hate these idiots, like i hate nazi (thats not mean i hate germans) , so, little advice, dont take this for you, or you present yourself like one of them. just ignore this comment if you are good guy. cheers !

    1. saddam had many inside enemies and also neighbors like kuwait and ksa and you know us/eu cant see colors but black (black liquid)
      irak is a war place since thousands of years, it is cursed forever, thats not a new thing, it will be like that until the end of times.
      back to saddam hussein, he was a victim of the west greedy ways of ruining (ruling) the planet and to secure zog.

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      We would get the button in no time!!!….garanteed.
      I would like to remind the Bg community that this site depends largely on donation. my opinion! … don’t want to lose your bg…
      Bet you like it more than life itself. ..

  4. This is what we have been saying…his hypocrisy knows absolutely no bounds. Dangerous man. My homeland has gone from “The united states of America” to “the United States of Obama”. We are very sick of War and the double standard of that fascist and his goon squads.

    1. OMG. My grandma told me that my aunt was so upset when they announced Obama president she got sick and threw up all day at work. She has quite a temper and got so made she became very I’ll. She already has stomach ulcers and I am sure that didn’t help. Her coworkers were laughing at her. My aunt hates black people very much. She actually got damn sick to her stomach. Everybody got mad and cussed one of my sisters out because she voted for Obama. I just sit back and laugh at them.

  5. Speaking of soldiers training. Well this past week there were about 250 soldiers from different parts of the world training here where I live. These soldiers were allowed to go off base at anytime. So when it’s time to be sent home they noticed 3 Afghan soldiers were missing. Last seen at the Cape Cod Mall having a good time. Well a few days pass and the search continues until Monday when they were found at the Canadian border trying to flee. They didn’t want to be sent home.
    I guess they stopped at a bunch of places on the way and had fun. One place was a strip club. The stripper was on the news saying these guys were nice and they tipped and were very generous. She said she did a lap dance for one of them and he stayed as still as a statue…

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