Thief Shot in Face During Attempted Robbery

Robber Shot in the Face featured img
Robber Shot in the Face featured img
Robber Shot in the Face featured img

So what we thought to be the aftermath of a tree branch shoved down his throat, is actually the aftermath of pure irony, face fucking this guy while completely fucking his face off. The video shows a man walk down the street and approach a parked vehicle with a single man inside. He has a bag on his back and a gun in his hand.

He fearlessly walks straight to the driver side and points the gun at the man. However, when the passenger opens the door, the robber gets more than he bargained for. The Man he was trying to rob happened to have a gun of his own and immediately shoots him in the face. The would-be thief runs for his life.

The second part of the video is the aftermath of the incident, he is looking a little more sheepish and a lot more bloody at this point, as the doctor handles his freaky face flaps. He will be a lot easier to identify now, should he continue to play around.

Props to Best Gore member @surgetitan for the video:

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    1. I don’t think the first and second clips are connected. Maybe an exit wound from a large caliber handgun could’ve done that sort of damage, but I’m pretty sure the guy would’ve died if that was the case.

          1. We’ll never really know. we can only speculate. That’s what these snippets of life do, they leave too many questions. one thing’s for sure, no bitch will ever look at him again, not even a mad black nigger bitch.

          2. Yeah because hollow-points do fuck all (sarcasm in brackets, because i’m assuming you’re to fucking thick to get it otherwise)

  1. When the doctors gloved hand disappears into your face……That’s the moment you realize you should of stayed in bed that morning! But all of that I just said…… FUCK THAT CUNT HE’S A THIEF AND DESERVES ALL THE AGONY HE GOES THROUGH!

  2. Still I don’t think its the gun that did this shit of damage, neither the tree. People these days are fond of merging different clips from different events to gain likes on sheepy media. I cant buy this either.

    1. He was shot at close range. When this happens a large amount of expanding gasses exits the barrel. That can cause the type of damage seen in the video, especially in hollow cavities like the mouth, nasal, and sinus cavities.

      1. exactly!!! im not saying the 2 vids are linked but the guy at the hospital could very easily be a large caliber handgun at close range.

        you face if filled with all sorts of voids(sinuses, mouth, airway etc. and when you get shot a close range with a high power weapon AND the round used expands on impact it will look alot like this.

        look at a skull in 3d but its best if you can hold a model or even a real one, there is something called hydrodynamic shock. a body is made up of ALLLOT of goopy-liquid like stuff and when a expanded round impacts and penitrates the stuff in your head will transmit the shocikwave amazingly well and not to menton the stuff hit but the round or shouckwave has to move i.e this effect.

        he has allot of jaw and pallet damage so that kind of makes me sectical the 2 vids are linked because the guy in the hospital looks more like a small round ‘thing’ like a biiiger piece of rebar or something hit him in the face to cause that much bone damage.

        but being so close the bullet may have done the bone crushing and the hydra shok and gasses from the gun separating the soft tissue.

          1. looks like i was right, thank you.

            ive seen alot of facial wounds like the tree guy, you would be surprised how normal(as in pre incedend). other than the cool scars and story most people live as long as they get to the hospital and there is no major brain involvement.

            looking at the tree video the guy is more lucky he didn’t get impaled, looks like the branch just hit his mouth and ripped it open

        1. the gun was a foot away. The gases won’t enter your mouth under pressure in that circumstance. It actually looks like a rifle bullet wound, although if a person places a large pistol inside their mouth they get massive tissue destruction.

    2. @African Angel
      Really B G Sister?? I never knew that they could even do such complicated stuff by simply utilizing the photo-shop Application,,, Wild Man. You learn something new everyday on here, this has always been one of the reasons why i love this place so much. And one of my other top reasons is because i get to chat with such lovely Ladies as Yourself. 🙂

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  3. If this happened here in Australia the driver would go to jail for 30 yrs for attempted murder and robber would get 300hrs community service for attempted armed robbery.
    Is it the same deal elsewhere? Like USA or UK – would driver go to jail?.

    1. I live in in Texas. You can legally keep a loaded handgun in your vehicle and legally shoot someone under those circumstances. Not only would the shooter not go to jail, he’d prob get an accommodation. We have a stand your ground law. If you feel your life is in danger with no way out, you have the right to use leathal force.
      Contrary to what the eastern liberals say, it’s not the Wild West here, very rarely is there a case where a law abiding person shoots someone illegally, but the there are many cases of law abiding people defending themselves from the mercy of vicious criminals.
      Btw: we can open carry weapons in Texas without a permit except schools, where alcohol is served etc. You only need a permit to conceal.

      1. We are open carry in Maine, and you can carry in a bar unless there is a sign saying you can’t in that establishment, which is decided by said establishment. However, you can’t be under the influence and legally carry. No SYG law, but what referred to as “Castle Doctrine”, basically saying if you’re in your home and feel threatened by someone trying to enter your dwelling you can use lethal force. However, if You do not reasonably believe that the intruder intends arson or bodily harm, You must first demand the intruder to terminate the criminal trespass and if the trespasser fails to immediately comply with the demand…..CHOOT ‘EM! LOL.

      2. Now that was interesting. So i can walk around like a cowboy legally in Texas ? Go to work ,go to a restaurant ,put petrol in my car etc all with a pistol openly seen on my belt?

        Does the average Texan do this though or is it mainly rural , conservative, Rifle Association types who do it and are noticed in the big cities? Iheard Houston is very liberal -looking like any Eastern city.

        Professional ,educated people in suits or scrubs? Does a significant proportion of them openly carry when out and about ?

        Sounds cool.

        Without compromising your safety ,do you two openly carry? So if we were to have a beer would I expect you two to have guns slung on your hips? Sounds exciting.

        1. I keep a .38 in my truck most of the time. Like most people I don’t carry it on my body, although you do see it at times. Most people who carry do so concealed, esp women in their purse.
          We believe in personal protection in the U.S. and it’s guaranteed by our constitution.

  4. Not to burst any bubbles, but the original origin of this guy and his mangled jaw and face is actually from a truck that tried to tow another truck with a chain…no bullets this time guys… As you can guess… Chain snapped or broke where it was connected to the truck being pulled out and whacked this bloke solid in the face. I saw the original video a few years ago…

  5. at :41 you can see a rather large puncture wound that doesn’t look like a gunshot entrance wound but that might be the skin stretching in a strange way.

    it appears there is no exit wound or damage to any other part of his face,hear or neck.

    not uncommon but strange at such close range for it not to have an exit point hollow point or not.

    and lastly there is no blood on the ground in the truck video, with MASSIVE facial trauma there is ALWAYS heavy bleeding when it happens.

  6. Bro. One video has nothing to do with the other. stop cropping shit to make people believe these are the same video. The second video is an accident a guy cutting a tree had when the tree came back to him. Go fuck yourself motherfucker…

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