Twitter Explodes with Pics of Support for ISIS from All Over the World

Twitter Explodes with Pics of Support for ISIS from All Over the World

Today – on June 20, 2014, the popular microblogging platform Twitter exploded with pics of support for ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham) from all over the world. The central theme of the support campaign was:

1 Billion Muslims in Support of the Islamic State

As ZOG servants rubbed their palms together expecting to have the public support for an all out aggression against Syria, they found themselves faced with an unexpected display of support for the people their mouthpiece mainstream media went out of their way to smear as terrorists. In other words, the Zionists pushed agenda of multiculturalism, which is an integral part of the Divide and Conquer strategy of enslavement, is now backfiring and creating roadblocks for their evil advancements. Nice!

With the mainstream press working around the clock to embed in the sheeple’s minds the negative image of ISIS, “The Hindu” became the only corporate publication to tell the truth about the Indian migrant workers who ended up trapped in Mosul after the city was taken over by ISIS. This story simply doesn’t fit the agenda hence it’s been completely ignored by the western press.

40 Indian migrant workers, who knew tensions in Iraq were high but didn’t want to pack up and leave because their Iraqi employer owed them money for 5 months of work, are held by ISIS in Mosul but not as hostages. ISIS advised them against leaving and asked them to stick around at least until the tensions ease, because it would be very risky for them to travel on their own. ISIS also told them that if Indian government sent military escort to get them out of Mosul safely, nobody would stand in their way. Further, ISIS told them they could stay with them for as long as they liked, and promised to get them the wages they were owed by the crooked employer.

Kudos to The Hindu for possessing the journalistic integrity and saying the truth even though it doesn’t agree with pro Zionist rhetoric. That ISIS are not mindless killers and that they only go after military targets is what we’ve seen at Best Gore too. The drive by shootings video contains a sequence of two men walking down a street but only one gets shot. The mujaheddin made sure no other pedestrians, or vehicles become targets. But that’s not what the western press would want the public to be aware of.

Seeing today’s immense support for ISIS on Twitter made me ask the million dollar question – are Muslims ready cut out the infighting and instead realize that they are not each other’s enemy? If ISIS joined with Hezbollah, Jabhat al Nusra, Iran’s Quds Force and other groups in a fight against their all’s common enemy, together they could solve their all’s problem and then look for a co-existence solution which would become attainable now that agent provocateurs that create tensions between them are gone. The whole world would breathe the freer air once more.

Today’s campaign of support for ISIS was a global phenomenon, but I only have photos mostly from supporters in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, because that’s where my contacts are from.

Another interesting Tweet made on June 20, 2014 was published by Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Affairs minister who tweeted on his Tweeter account that “ISIS is an objective ally of Bashar al-Assad and both mutually support each other“. That has got to be the lamest attempt at garnering the public support for attack on Syria yet. I don’t want to make a French joke, but that type of rabbiting nonsense battles even the crapola of Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Seems like they are all just as confused like the rest of the stinking muslims that roam this planet supporting a fucking peadophile and worshipping a worthless book that ain’t fit for wiping my ass with. Fuck The lot of em!

    1. They are the ultimate sheep . Yes they may be fighting the system as it were but , they are doing it all in the name of a fictional character who dwells in a twisted ideological book .

      As for only killing opposing fighters , well we’ve seen on here that pig who murdered the three Syrian truck drivers . He is nothing but a murderous psychopath who needs his blood fix . No different to a serial killer .

      1. Too true @ stomper.
        And I see all this alleged support but no fucker shows their face, funny that? you’d think if this “Isis” bunch were the saviour of the Islamic world that there would be lots of happy smiling happy faces. I smell a propaganda rat!

      2. I’m a psychopath and I don’t think those goat fuckers are anything like us. This is because we have no loyalty to any causes and they’re zealous fanatics and actually seem to care about their goats/Allah/pedo.

        Don’t put psychopathy on the same level as Islam. Fuck you.

      3. How can anyone be surprised they hate and wants to kill and destroy the system?
        They will kill anyone who is not exactly like them so its clear that they wanna hit some bad people at some time, but they will gladly take out innocent people too,, so fuck that shit.

        1. Thats not true. I know lots of muslims who follow the quran as it should be.. these sick fucks take it to a whole new level.. muslims are not allowed to take anothers life. Its assholes like these that make us look like barbaric savages .. these extremists can go ahead and kill eachother.. its fucking disgusting

    2. Poor you saw few videos & pic then judged 1.6 billion people.

      Did you really believe what the Zionist & fox news have told you about Islam ?
      Or maybe you’re talking about the “Wahabi Saudi Islam” ?

      ISIS, al Qaida, and all these organizations do not even compose a million, how do you judge 1.6 billion because of the actions of 5 masked people on camera ?

      Your opinion support extremism & turns you into the western version of ISIS.

      1. You all believe the same thing, that’s how I judge 1.6 billion people! Exactly the same as each other because you follow one book. Which doesn’t change. Your all brainwashed and are too fucking stupid to realise it. And the funny thing is your openly supporting a prophet that fucked a 7 year old girl and tells you that it’s still alright to do it in today’s society. It also tells you to have nothing to do with anyone that doesn’t follow Islam.

        1. Not exactly. I’m an Arab & a Muslim, so I know my people pretty well. They don’t believe in the same thing.

          You see, Muslims are the most divided humans in the course of history, you have sunna muslims, shia muslims, and hell more of sects & cults within the middle east.

          Thus, we don’t all believe in the same thing. I , for example, believe in the Quran totally, studied it totally, and I can tell you fair & square : Sunna Muslims forged & twisted Islam to produce the version you see today, Shia did the same..something called “The Hadith”, divided Muslims & forced them to be slaves to their scholars & kings. If the king wants to fuck little children, he orders his men to forge a hadith & broadcast it throughout the land in mosques & cities, the scholars catch the word, write it down, now the king is totally innocent ! mohammed did it, why can’t the king do it too? on on islam was forged this way.

          People who call for unity & peace get chopped to peaces by the extremists, even though the Quran calls for it..

          There are calls to stop this madness but it gets silenced..

          Do you know by who ?
          By stereotypes like you who lead to hate crimes, accompanied with extremists with AKs, atop of them a Zionist fat chump laughing in satisfaction.

          But again don’t forget who produced & supported these extremists from the beginning & gave them media coverage alongside stinger missiles..

          You see, evil people are everywhere 🙂

          1. “Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people…They desire nothing but your ruin….You believe in the entire Book…When they meet you they say: ‘We, too, are believers.’ But when alone, they bite their finger-tips with rage.” (Surah 3:118, 119)

            “Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme.” (Surah 2:190-)

            “Forbidden to you are…married women, except those you own as slaves.” (Surah 4:20-, 24-)

            “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends.” (Surah 5:51)

            “Prophet make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home.” (Surah 9:73)

            “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them.” (Surah 9:121-)

            Need I say anymore???

            This is what you have studied and this is what you are compelled to do. Don’t blame other Muslims, all your doing is passing the blame off to someone else.

            Try taking responsibility for your actions and you can start by burning that stupid fucking book of yours and go see a therapist so you can be De-muslimised. 🙂

          2. Yeah why would I befriend with somebody who hates me & despises me for being a muslim ?

            Otherwise, if somebody don’t mind my faith I would of course be his friend.

            Somebody invaded my land & wanted to kill me or kick me out of it, like the Europeans did to the Native americans. Why wouldn’t you fightback & slay their soldiers who will slay you first if you didn’t act ?

            It was forbidden to Muslims to take slaves from somebody who doesn’t enslave them.
            Read this, from the same quran you misquote :
            Al-Balad 90:11 to 90:16
            But he has not broken through the difficult pass. ()
            And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass?()
            It is the freeing of a slave()Or feeding on a day of severe hunger()An orphan of near relationship()Or a needy person in misery().

            All the verses of war can be answered with this :

            Allah does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion and do not expel you from your homes – from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly.
            Surat Al-Mumtahanah 60:8

            So, why’s the hate ?

          3. Yea but isn’t that just all interpratation. The Christian world outlawed slavery hundreds and hundreds of years ago.. They also specified they could buy slaves where people were already being inslaved by thier own people. As the Africans chiefs were inslaving thier own people and selling them they felt it was fine.

      2. Maybe if you all lived by the rules by which you wish to oppress others , you may gain more respect . But that just isn’t going to happen . You know it , I know it and millions of other people know it .

        The day you all stop kidding Yourselves , will be the day of reckoning and a good day at that .

        1. I smell sarcasm & pot..

          Nobody is oppressing nobody, the Quran forbids it.

          Some Muslims forged stories & tagged it to the Prophet, called “Hadith” in order to justify their oppression .

          Let’s not speak about oppression -cough cough- America dropping two atomic bombs -cough cough eeee- Agent orange vietnam -coughhhhhh- SILVER BULLETS ,IRAQ.

  2. Shame to be fucking Dutch. look at how great multiculturalism is. Everyone keeps going like “Oh yeah but not all Muslims are terrorists!”.

    Sooner or later in Europe there will be a massive religious war. Why don’t they fuck off to there shit country and get beheaded if they are such Isis fans anyways.

    1. that religious war will be better known as world war 3, and all itll take is one psycho who doesnt give a shit about the world or his life to start it, the muslims have 1 huge weakness-their holy sites

  3. It appears that the UK government is intent on closing down social media support for IsiL; it’s proposing to ban on-line ‘recruiting’ videos for IsiL et al.

    It will be interesting to see if they manage to do it; personally I think they stand as much chance as a chocolate ice cream in a crematoria.

    Update on events in Iraq, to follow.

  4. Regarding the Passports, all we see are the covers, so they could be attributed to multiple individuals by changing the background.

    Secondly, removing the document from the individual does make escaping the situation that they find themselves in slightly more problematic.

    Thirdly, my personal experience is that removal of Passports and ID cards from prisoners and corpses is all part of the fun for these guys; it makes identification of people in ditches very difficult, but does incriminate you when you get caught with a bundle in your pocket.

  5. I’ve always said that I am not against immigration, just uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism and the Muslims certainly do fit into the latter.

    They will not amalgamate at all because they view Islam to be superior to any other religion and/or people and that is why they recreate Islamic values, laws and way of life in every other country that they come across.

    It’s not just the Muslims however, Jews are much the same. A lot of Jewish people view Judaism in much the same way and promote it’s way of life in every other country that they come across as well.

    Therefore when you have a society that allows equality and you introduce one of the above into it you find that the society slowly but surly becomes dominated by the most aggressive group and then the society stops being equal.

    My point, ISIS and any other Islamic/and or aggressive religion based group appear to be acceptable when viewed from across the world but would be highly problematic and dangerous if they found their way onto our side of the football field.

    An enemy of an enemy is not a friend, merely a temporary colleague.

    That being said, as long as they keep to their side of the field and don’t encroach on ours fair play to them.

    1. Seems like most of these sand people will openly admit that unless you follow the same faith, they are merely tolerating you but will never be a real friend or have any respect for you unless you convert to their way of thinking.

      They are forbidden to even have anything to do with non believers and are told to kill anyone who insults their faith. What a bunch of fucking losers!

      Send them all back to where they belong, build a fucking huge wall and let them practise their faith in the confines of the stinking hole that they will inevitably make for themselves.

    2. It’s not that.. It’s “daddy beat me like a dog & now I’m evil”..

      Do you think they fight for Islam ? truly ? or do they fight for vengeance ?

      I’m an Arab, I know where these jihadist come from & how they become so bloodthirsty. The American prisons in iraq gave birth to a new kind wackos, the torture in prisons in other arab countries have also created them.

      It’s not about Islam & never was. Then, these guys who became crazy under torture & humiliation -like the thousands tortured in abu ghuraib- would be ready tools of mass destruction, anybody can use them & manipulate them.

      ISIS is being manipulated & all the arab world knows it. By who ? well, Saddam’s ex comrades..

      It’s not about conversion.

      1. Don’t blame it on your fellow people being locked away by foreign countries. What a total cop out! It’s got nothing to do with that. Your kind has followed these selfish, idiotic ideologies for thousands of years. I have seen scriptures from that moronic book of yours and it clearly states that unless you are a follower of Islam you are not to trust or live in harmony with anyone who doesn’t follow the same way of life and support the fucking peado Mohammed. You come into other peoples countries and set up like it was a fucking holiday camp and then try to convert anything with a pulse whilst slowly segregating yourselves and generating hatred towards you because your totally fucking brainwashed by a bullshit book. And you have the audacity to blame it on everyone else? LOL you gotta be fucking kidding me?? That’s the Muslim way of thinking right there isn’t it. Blame everyone else, hate everyone else when things don’t go your way and get angry and behead people for not agreeing with you. Fuck off you towel head cunt

      2. I wrote a reply which isn’t coming up! Lol probably because it was too sensitive for your Arabic ears! Well just in case it doesn’t appear let me give you the shorter version.

        You trying to blame everyone else for your problems is a typical Muslim thing to do. In fact you must be joking when you say it’s out of vengeance. You infest other countries like fucking cockroaches and try to force sharia law on native people in their homeland.

        Islam IS the problem and the ideologies you follow are the problem. You think it’s ok to kill people for not following your religion, treat woman like slaves, sleep with underage children, solve all disputes with pure aggression and deploy eye for an eye tactics when hurt or feel threatened, and will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t follow the same belief. And yet you call yourselves peaceful.

        Have you ever stopped to think about why everyone hates you? Well scroll up and take a look at the little list of things you may want to correct before you earn any kind of respect from another race. Your all a disgusting joke to the human race and we would be better off without you people on the earth.

        Jihad is not against other people, it’s against yourself because of the guilt you feel for being such utter failures. You have successfully turned the other 5.4 billion people against you for what you believe in and the peadophile Mohammed which for your information does not and has not ever existed is theoretically laughing in his curry stinking grave.

        Do us all a favour and FUCK OFF!

  6. I still can’t believe the stupidity of people, believing and supporting masked men led by an invisible Baghdadi..

    A lot of Muslims & Arabs now truly believe that ISIS is infiltrated by “Ba’ath party” ; u got that right, the same party that gave birth to Saddam Hussain & never gave up ambition to rule iraq.

    ISIS is well known to all muslims as ruthless & bloody even against fellow sunnah, they wouldn’t allow women to go out without Higab, they would form a Sharia court to execute people…etc.. that didn’t take place in Mousel ! they didn’t do any of that.

    ISIS just didn’t act like ISIS during this armed movement ! ask yourself : WHY ?

    Al-Ba’ath party is coming to rule iraq again. ISIS got infiltrated by it, they are just wild wolfs that the party use to rain vengeance on enemies.

    I miss Saddam..

          1. Yeah well he seems to have gone quiet after the truth about his religion comes out for everyone to see and read. There’s not a lot one can do when the prophet you idolise is a fucking blatant peadophile and everything about your religion is based on revenge and oppression! Evil cunts the lot of em

          2. Do you have psychic powers to predict how we all act ? weird..

            I mean why’s the hate? Islam is a message, believe in it or don’t believe in it, it’s up to you my dear..

            Don’t let any muslim convince you islam teaches us to convert people by the sword.

            Believe, or don’t believe. Up to you 🙂

        1. Whatever nice to meet you, you sound like a nice guy but sadly too stereotype.

          Btw there is beef bacon I ate it before, what we don’t eat as Muslims is anything Pig, Samuel L. Jackson had a point in Pulp Fiction..

          As you advised me to eat bacon, why don’t you try taboola & taheeny ? along with some falafel ? these are delicious middle eastern foods, and they don’t contain filthy creatures.

          1. I like it when you get the plate of mixed dishes, tons of different starters on the same plate. Were not as knowledgable about middle Eastern food here as Indian food Etc. But I do enjoy me some middle Eastern or Arabic food.

          2. I have a sweet tooth , so Baklava is a real favourite of mine .

            Nothing beats my mothers treacle sponge with custard or jam roly poly though .

          1. No worries, moments of outrage happens to all of us once in a while. I know its not Muslims fault to what is happening in the middle east, zionist instigators/mercenaries have been poking them to create instability, making them belive they are doing it for the cause of Islam, so they can be soften up and give reasons for Israel and US to take over, just like how they did in Lybia, Iraq, Pakistan, and doing in Syria. But anyways, dont worry about it. 🙂 Also… 90% of the Call of Duty community is made of 7 to 11 year old kids… Youre wasting your time going there. 😐

  7. Shiite or Sunni? Just pick a form of Islam and get on with with your fucking lives. Either one will do, it doesn’t really matter. Trust me on this one.

    ISIS – I’m Sick of Iraq and Syria : (

    1. The definition of interracial is the relating and/or representation of different races but judging by your comments and choice of avatar you actually mean black men with white women which is not truly interracial, merely preferential action and representation.

      The trolling would go much better if you actually changed your avatar every now and then to represent other races apart from the above. How about white men with black women, or Chinese men with Indian women, or Mexican women with Pakistani men.

      You could even throw in a few midgets as well and have a interracial/special Olympics style gangbang, your options need not be so limited.

  8. I love how everyone jumps on anothers religion while they believe their own mythical fairytale bullshit. Dont just rid the world of muslims n jew, xtians have cut their own bloody paths thru history. The prob isnt one religion, its ALL of them. Believing in fairytales written by mentally ill ppl who hear voices of imaginary dieties, no matter which one, makes you weak and provides the foundation to become sheep, following the masses.
    In history, more peole have been killed in a gods name than all other causes in history. Dont try to shit on ppl who have imaginary friends when you have one yourself. Logic. No matter the teachings, beliefs, origins, if you believe in a invisible ‘all powerful’ diety you’re just as much as an idiot as any other religion you despise. Time to wake up!!! Any and all religions will (and are) cause the demise of humanity. Droo the thousand yr old fairytales and pick up a science book. Shove your” belief without evidence” ways of life up your asses. Live your life without imaginary boundaries and punishments, there are no requirements or ssacrifices needed when u let go of all that indoctrinated bs. P.S. i love all you bg fans, we are a dying breed 🙂

    1. “There are no requirements or sacrifices needed when you let go of all that indoctrinated bs”.

      There are always sacrifices needed in a world run by human beings.

      When religion and the pursuit of God was the main direction in life we human beings used this God/Devil, bad vs good reasoning to control, manipulate, hurt and kill each other and now that we have science, economics and consumerism to lead us we human beings use it to control, manipulate, hurt and kill each other as well.

      I am not religious in the slightest but we had then, in time past, a society run by the few at the expense of the many and we still have that now today, so what does that tell us, it tells us that greedy people will always use what ever system of governance exists in their present to feed their insatiable egos and thus the few live in luxury at the expense of the many.

      Systems of control, devious wolves and non questioning sheep seems to be humanity’s equilibrium regardless of historical standpoint.

    2. as soon as you apply logic to religion and god, they stop making sense. the fact that each religion has the “one true god” and the “one true book of the law” and that all other religions are wrong and its followers will burn in hell unless they join the “right one” proves (to me) beyond any doubt that there is no god. The fact that there can be so many different sects and versions of the same religion (despite being specifically dictated one single way by an immortal, omnipotent entity to one “prophet” who wrote one version of this infallible, unquestioned law) is proof that there is no such supreme entity.

      a thousand years ago, people hearing voices were “divinely inspired”. today, it’s been proven that they have tumors or lesions or are suffering any number of psychological disorders.

      however, i disagree on one point, @secular. we here at BG are not a dying breed. we are growing.

      1. Ty @ empty, the greed and piwer will always be there and always will. I just think that realizing the whole concept is bs, will give those with hunger for power and greed less tools to manipulate ppl or events. With those tools and “smokescreens” taken away, their bs would be more easily seen, well in my opinion.
        @ obli, i hope so. Anyone i know doesn’t” get”BG, would love to know any of you or like you in person. Lets apply the “BG fans dont die, we multiply” 🙂 i hope you’re a millions times right over me on that!

    3. @secular I don’t believe in mythical fairy tale bullshit, I believe in Nature, in ballance. God is indoctrinated into you at a a young age. Hahaha Nature is way more believable then god! Nature doesn’t have lying prophets or books to follow. She speaks for herself and yet She doesn’t even have a voice hahaha she needs no messengers! anyone can test natures laws and observe it. Open your third eye for you don’t need your original 2eyes too see how the world works..

      1. That’s not only respectable, but understandable @ 3rd. Science is our true source for the answers of how, when, etc we came to be. We should be aware of the fact anything man touches or interferes with has a high probability of being faulted, like u said, no messengers. If these gods are all so powerful why do they need us mere humans to interpret and spread a message?

        1. @Secular See I lean more on the side that man observed and asked himself where all this shit came from. Animals, trees, rocks, dirt, the sky, the moon, the sun. Man created words and then also created the word “God” and he gave it power. Man created and manifested what he watend to see or what he “saw” was a mirrored image of himself creating. so man thought himself as “god” and gave his creations Power his words and actions power. Man saw how his unspoken knowledge could create ideas and even manipulate thoughts and actually control people. The Power “god” had was used as a tool for the one with unspoken knowledge to have control over others who couldn’t think for them selfs. Simply the ones who lacked third eye awareness.

    4. @secular.anti-theist, There is no proof that God doesn’t exist, either. Belief is a personal choice and a matter of faith. I believe in God. It hasn’t made me weak, it’s given me strength and comfort. If your belief in only what you can see or prove does the same for you, I would never ridicule you for that. I don’t believe that we here are a dying breed, either. I’ve seen the ranks of the aware increase on this site, rather than decrease.
      I mean no offence by disagreeing with you, just expressing an opposing view.

      1. @itwasme, I LOVE you have your own point of view and do not take offense whatsoever (too sweet!) As you said a belief in a god is used for comfort, but there is comfort in our reality around us. Theres more proof in our existence without a divine intervention than with one. It seems like just using ya belief as a comfort is innocent enough but how much comfort is there really knowing that those beliefs are conceived with no evidence? Just a question, not an attack. Faith is belief w/o evidence, does something like that deserve your time, devotion, thought and energy if its all based on something that literally appeared out of nowhere? Like i said, not takin a slight, just curious to your interpretation of it. We went from polytheism(which is now taught as mythology) to monotheism, i just hope the nxt step is atheism. Let them get more creative on why to hate each other lol (big feet, lil tits, long nipples, more entertaining)

        1. now now, she didn’t get into religion, she just merely stated that she believes in a god and that belief helps her.

          personally, i believe in nature/energy. something cannot come from nothing. there is something to life and reality.

          interestingly, i have in my possession a bison tooth from the pleistocene era. its been dated at approx. 50,000 years.

        2. Dont forget talkin bushes of fire or talkin donkeys! And zombies!! Gotta believe in zombies, their jesus was the best known zombie. This is why i question believers, hopefully in doing so they can see how silly it all sounds coming from their own mouths *fingers crossed*

          1. I know what you mean, you should see the faces of the believers when they explain them selfs about there believe system. And I tell them about the third eye and dmt and my believe system. I think they are nuts. But they look at me like I’m more nuts.

        3. There’s a huge difference between believing in God, and believing in divine intervention. Think about how many ways “god” can be interpreted. “god” and science, are becoming closer and closer each day, in my opinion. I don’t use a belief in god to shelter myself from the truth, science, or nature. It is simply a wonderment of the unknown. The vastness of space time, and the breathtaking beauty within. The life systems all around us, and the joy and complexity of being alive. It’s energy, not a dude wi th a white beard. We should be happy to experience everything here. It is all a gift, and a test. Right there’s the door..

          1. @killosipher.
            Like your thinking, the human race has been corrupted by religion and I fear for the future, we are all connected, all people and all things. “The universe can be found in a grain of sand ” like electrons spin around a nucleus, we spin around the sun and our galaxy spins. It’s like a fractal, infinitely repeating.

          2. There is a good reason why throughout history , religious leaders have sought to destroy and ridicule scientific breakthroughs and the scientists behind those breakthroughs .

            Religion and science are akin to oil and
            water… none miscible , they do not mix.

            Personally , I am a firm believer in the appliance of science , things that can be proven to occur and exist . Having said that , I do hold faith , but it is a faith from within and is not beholden to any form of idol or icon .

            Science will always trump religious myth and legend in my book , but I do believe that we can all benefit from a spirituality that comes from within ourselves .

          3. “The nitrogen in our DNA. The calcium in our teeth. The iron in our blood. The carbon in our apple pies were made in the interior of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff.”

            -Carl Sagan

    1. my grandfather bought it for me when i was little, some “natural wonders” or “world of science” shop that had some fossils. still have the certificate of authenticity, too. i love dinosaurs and other prehistoric shit. i think it was fifty dollars, but to me it is priceless.

  9. @stomper.
    Religion has created a myth that science is refuting but people indoctrinate their children rather than letting them work it out for themselves. We need to open our minds more and forget material things, when you close your eyes for the last time, your wealth will not be uploaded to the cloud.

  10. What is life and what is death? What causes our cells to go through mitosis and meiosis? We know electrical currents run through our body and brain, and it’s a scientific fact that energy never dies or dissipates it just changes form. I believe that God IS energy. He didn’t just create the universe, he is the universe, the driving force behind everything and when we die, we are reunited with that energy. So to me, “proof” of God’s existence is in us and all around us, and that gives me comfort.

  11. This makes me want to create a twitter account, just to see if I can generate an “explosion” of “dick on Allah” pics worldwide. I don’t understand why all of these douches live in the comfort of all of these other countries if they feel that ISIS is so right and needs their support. Fucking dildos, all of them.

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