Ukrainian Parliament Erupts in a Fist Fight – Again!

Ukrainian Parliament Erupts in a Fist Fight - Again!

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) is notorious for brawls. The country used to be part of Soviet Union and as such was under the rule of communism for a few decades and as we’ve seen in videos from Russia and other former communist countries, people from these parts of the world tend to resort to violence in response to just about every day to day situation.

On March 19, 2013, Verkhovna Rada was scheduled to debate the date of a mayoral election in Kiev. But because Olexander Yefremov of the leading party spoke to the MPs in Russian instead of Ukrainian, he got booed by far-right wingers to which he responded in a very Zio way – by calling them “fascists”. This lead to a brawl which involved punches throwing, hair pulling, pencil throwing and headlocks.

A WBC heavyweight boxing champion and member of Ukrainian Parliament Vitaly Klitschko was reportedly in attendance, but did not get involved in the scuffle.

I have to give to Ukrainian far righters for having the balls to put on a fight when it’s warranted. If their language is Ukrainian, then members of the parliament should speak Ukrainian and not a foreign language. It’s as if Canadian leaders spoke Hebrew at Parliamentary meetings – which is where their real allegiances lie. I doubt Canada’s far right would man up to punch the prime minister in the face for being the traitor of the nation.

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55 thoughts on “Ukrainian Parliament Erupts in a Fist Fight – Again!”

    1. These guys make the 3guys1hammer kids seem.. I don’t know. With the adults acting this stupid, how do they NOT expect their kids to kill people? Can’t even have a cival meeting without throwing pens.

  1. Not so much of a “Ukrainian” govt. More like the result of the Rooskies being in charge of the country forever. Heck! Hardly anyone speaks actual Ukrainian any more. It is mostly Russian. :-/ Only the pre-war survivors speak Ukrainian. It was not allowed to be taught in schools after Russia invaded.

  2. hahahaha ,well first of all ,ukrainians are a bunch of nations put toghether by Lenin and other russsian imperialist/ideologists that wanted to create an artificial country in order to expand to the west. and because the inhabitants of ukraine are an amalgam of poles,lithuanians ,ruthenians,romanians,khazars,hungarians and russians this language of theirs , “ukrainian” is actually just badly spoken russian, there is no “ukrainian” ,that`s why I find this video so hilarious or anything related to this so called ukrainan nationalists.they don`t realize that they`re just the product of rusification and denationalization ,also this process continues to this day,so why are they so angry?lol

  3. Politics at its finest. Unfortunately, their so jammed up, they can’t land any real punches, but hilarious none the less. These are the men who are going to solve the problems of their country!? lol

  4. haha, check the chick at 0:42 getting the digg’s in!! Those are the top echelons of Ukrainian society, politicians who are voted in by and represent the people. Kind of reflective of the Eastern European society as a whole if you ask me

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