US Paratrooper Sucked Out of Plane As His Parachute Deploys

US Paratrooper Sucked Out of Plane As His Parachute Deploys

You know, this looked like it was a lot of fun. The paratrooper was probably thinking to himself – damn, I got to do this again someday.

The footage shows a crouching US paratrooper on a military plane being accidently sucked out of the bay doors by his parachute whilst airborn (Gary Oldman in Air Force 1 style). Needless to say, being a paratrooper, ie used to free falling and not afraid of heights, the serviceman landed safely and was not injured. The parachute deployed – accidentally, but it did so he was not left to freefall all the way to the ground. The serviceman belonged to the 5th Special Forces Group and reportedly landed 50km away from the intended drop zone.

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44 thoughts on “US Paratrooper Sucked Out of Plane As His Parachute Deploys”

  1. Hahaha! I imagine he was sore the next day, but that has to be one of the funniest things involving a parachute I’ve ever seen! I love the way the soldier that was behind him, stepped back a bit like “What the…?” Only one question, how far in miles is 50km? Thanks for the laugh!!

    1. He was soooo lucky that he was facing the bay with his back. This way, it didn’t twist his body around, like stuntmen get jerked backwards in explosion scenes.

      At that speed it could have easily snapped his necked facing the other way…

      Lucky bastard.

  2. You know what would have been more funny? If the parachute got caught in the plane’s jet stream and he was sucked into the propellers. Not instantly killed. Just sent home with all useful limbs including the penis amputated so the ZOG little shit will be of no use to anyone anymore.

  3. I knew a guy who used to be a paratrooper. So, I asked him “what is like to jump out the ass end of a plane?” He succinctly replied “You ever throw a piece of paper out of your rolled down car’s window? It is pretty much the same as to what happens to the litter you just tossed.”

  4. Looks like a setup to me and nobody seemed to concerned about it.

    That chute looked like it came from around his feet ?

    Did he actually have it in his hands and just let it go ?

    1. I don’t think anyone noticed that, good eye Spiderman! By watching it again, after reading your comment, it’s the parachute on his stomach (reserve chute?) that opens, not the one on his back.

  5. I was a paratrooper for 5 years. This guy was a Jump Master. They are the ones who are responsible for the safety and correct spot on where to drop paratroops. His reserve activated. It’s a risk on tail jumps. That’s a jump from the rear door of the aircraft instead of side paratrooper doors. Had he been in the front of the aircraft he’d a fucked everybody. Cuz they train you that any accidental deployment of the reserve and you are in front or near that person you have to jump immediately. Five years with Airborne it never happened. Poor guy is probably accidentalshamed as he’ll haha

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