Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack

Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack

Islamic State’s Amaq Agency released the video of Berlin Christmas Market attacker Anis Amri of Tunisia, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State leader prior to the attack.

Conveniently, Anis Amri was killed in Milan, Italy, putting to bed yet another “terrorist attack” without the supposed terrorist answering questions about who his collaborators were, who trained him, who equipped him, who provided him with intelligence, etc. Dead people don’t speak.

With Anis Amri dead, sheeple can go on about their lives knowing that the real terrorist has been neutralized. I mean, they told us they found his fingerprints and his ID in the truck, so he’s got to be the real terrorist, right?

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Video of Anis Amri Pledging Allegiance to ISIS Before Berlin Attack”

  1. The news networks also said that he was shot and killed by two rookie cops who did not know who he was until after the fact in a completely random, but entirely normal stop and search operation at 3am.

    Being a bit of a night hawk myself and having travelled around Europe including Italy I have never once seen a regular, normal stop and search operation going on at those hours. I also doubt that the most wanted man in Europe got found by mere chance and by two rookie cops in low light conditions.

    The man also supposedly had six ID’s on him and yet opened fire when asked for proof of identity instead of trying to use one of them to bluff his way out before taking that course of action?, it doesn’t really make sense.

    There was also the initial arrest of a suspect wherein a member of the public actually followed the truck driver out of the vehicle and alerted the police to his presence and yet the police just let him go free because of….well…..reasons.

    What with the initial suspect’s quick release, the perpetrator’s ID “accidentally” dropped and left in the truck and this completely random stop and search that led to the most wanted man in Europe being found and killed I don’t believe a fucking word of this story.

  2. in response to the poster. I don’t think these terrorists are trained by anybody and they are not really in isis. Instead they are people that support isis and carry on these attacks. there is no training required to steal a truck and drive it into a crowd. that’s what makes isis and terrorism so dangerous and hard to predict.

  3. Best Gorians, this whole ISIS thing is an Ideology… it will never be erased! Extreme religion is a cancer to progression of society. I am an atheist but accept any person in religion. Why is it that Christian and especially Muslim believes do not accept atheism?

    1. And if I had two guesses i would say that you still live with your Muslim parents and have yet to find a girl to marry. Have fun at the cafe with no life and no job. Or are you on the animation team? I knew that was you yesterday

  4. ‘Blabberdiblabber achha achha achha’ the shit-skinned turd goes. The African/ Middle Eastern parasites are shit stains on European culture. Not because their skins have the color of shit, but because they behave like shit. They ooze disrespect and indifference, as well as greed and hatred, towards the countries they defile with their unwanted presence.

    1. NOPE!The problem is not maybe being ruled by Muslims in the future. The problem is that we are ruled by Jews now, which is the only reason we whites are surrounded by Muslims.

      And they import African Christians, Hindu Indians, Voodoo Caribbeans, and Asians by the millions as well. The elites are just using these people as guinea pigs, doesn’t mean they “love” them. The West is bombing nations in the Middle East that are opponents of Israel. Saudi Arabia is tied in with that as America’s client state, but the principal beneficiary is Israel. And Saudi is ruled by a monarchy that sells its people out for profit, supporting that regime doesn’t mean that the West supports “Muslims” in general. All Western governments support Israel and not the Palestinians, have invaded and/or bombed about 7 Muslim majority countries since 2001, killing millions.

  5. One of millions of toxic muslim pests in Europe. African/ Middle Eastern parasites are shit stains on European culture. Not because their skins have the color of shit ( which they have ), but because they behave like shit. They ooze disrespect and indifference, as well as greed and hatred, towards the countries they defile with their unwanted presence. They refuse to learn their host’s language, refuse to adapt, but only claim money and other benefits off said hosts. The hosts ( governments) are also to blame for cradling these pests instead of kicking them out.

    1. Of course the problem is not islam, it is race replacement. And it is not Muslim Arabs or Catholic Mexicans who are organizing our race replacement. It’s the Jews.

      immigration policy should be modelled on that of Austr…ops and Switz …ops , I said Israel.
      If it’s ok for Israel, it’s ok for Germany – or any other White country.

      And obviously compatible with our ”Judeo Values”.

  6. can you imagine any of this shit going down when hitler was running things? he would have sorted any terrorist within a day. the primary job of any leader is to protect his people, they might have gone into world war 2 but them boys had your back if you were german and the SS would have dealt with any filthy invader in a flash.

  7. we need to face facts that we are different country by country, continent by continent. we are talking cultures forming over thousands of years and like minded individuals breeding and growing as people. to mix all this without any hindsight has been a fucking disaster. yes we live in a globally connected world but technology is different to how things stack up in the flesh. we are not ready for this country hopping and sharing cultures. we are simply not ready or advanced as humans to do it. its destructive as fuck. we need to go back to nationalism and then look at the worlds problems and solve them country by country but stop mixing everybody. and we as humans need to abolish the federal reserve, we are all in debt to a Corporation that is fiction. it prints paper and uses numbers on a screen to keep humanity down and impoverished. fresh new world is needed with new strategys.

  8. Even IF I could understand what he was saying which I can’t, I don’t give two rats ass about shit that worthless scumbag has to say! Thank god he’s sleeping with the fishes and good fuck’in bye bitch!

  9. I’ve always thought technology was around the corner that would enable speed limit signs to control the speed of any vehicle in that zone to the max posted … Seems we’re getting to that point … Like that fuckwad in France … Hard to get away if you’re doing 25 mph … Hell I could run my mouth faster than that … Big Brother O’ Where Art Thou

    1. Atheist-Anarchists Eric and Dylan pulled off the deadliest massacre in High School History but that might’ve been a hoax like Sandyhoodwinked, Tucson, Charleston , and the Fake Fag-Attack in Orlando ….

      1. This shit just triggered me.

        The Orlando attack was not fake I live here & my childhood friend was killed .

        She was not gay She had a Husband & 2 kids.

        At her funeral I was going to record it & take pictures of her in the casket but it was going to be obvious and there were at least 270 people there .

        I couldn’t believe it myself till I saw her I the casket lifeless.

        She was shot 2x .
        She was shot in the upper back and the fatal shot that caused her death was the one in the neck which led her to bleed out .

        1. If there was an actual shooting with real casualties, I’m sorry for your loss. But it’s indisputable there were actors on the scene making lies for the government. For example, does a Matthew Lube M.D even exist? Look up his review page and you’ll see many skeptical doubters with not one genuine review regarding any actual operations from former patients . And that Black Hispanic guy who goes by the name Colon is another example of a fraud in this entire scheme. Lube and Colon (Not Còlon) are homoerotic aptronyms assigned to such actors for the PTB to laugh backstage at the gullible masses. Also, Orlando Mom who spoke in the DNC is full of shit going after inanimate objects like guns rather than Islamic Terrorists..Here’s a Twitter status link of one such actor who was interviewed with a script obviously right in front of him

          1. Its a well known fact that the CIA has puppets on scene to feed the lie to the media so it spreads to the sheep.
            The same man who dubbed the term ‘ground zero’ during 9/11 (and can be seen with a suited handler lurking in shot behind him til he has spun the story) was also on scene as a travelling business man who just happened to be passing through the area and witnessed the pentagon incident. Phew, lucky he was around for the media to interview.
            Same with a dark haired woman who was witness to the Boston bombings. She just happens to pop up at a few other scenes over the years to give witness accounts and coin phrases.
            Doesn’t mean the event didn’t happen, just means the government has people on hand to distribute the lie, that we the sheeple swallow.

  10. Of course he has to be the real terrorist. Because fingerprints and an ID is 100% proof it was him. False accusations never occur. The other guy detained and questioned before Amri – that was a 1 in a million mistake. A scare tactic if you will.

    Now Amri is dead, and this attack will become a distant memory, as all the others.


  11. Daesh AKA “ISIS” can claim responsibility for anything, and they do, to add credibility to their name. I smelled bullshit on this one as soon as they said they found his papers in the truck. How convenient. Now fingerprints? Kiss my ass. The only thing you don’t see in this video is the man who’s recording, pointing a gun at him.

  12. Let me start by saying fuck this motherfucker whether he did it or not. If he did it I hope he suffers more than his victims did before he dies and if he didn’t do it and was pushed in front so the sheeple can move on knowing the culprit has been dealt with well, FUCK him and the likes of him regardless. I mean the same shit happened in France and other places over and over with the same scenario but the sheeple keep failing to recognize the pattern there.
    No matter how many times you stress the fact that Muslims don’t have any problem with non Muslims, atheists, Christians, jews(the ones who mind their own business), Hindus or whoever the fuck, people don’t wanna hear it. Why would they if they’re fed every fucking day with a “Thou shalt hate all muslims wherever you find them” agenda and millions of platforms are made available to strengthen that ideology. On the flip side, no platforms are given to those who wanna defend themselves to the point of no one wanting to hear what they have to say. It’s as if people are listening to one side and refusing to listen to the other one which is irrational. The same idiots who supported their government bombing middle east countries and allowing non checked massive immigration complain later about the consequences. If you don’t check who’s entering your country, of course you gonna have to deal with the criminals and the sick fucks among them. Who’s to blame? of course blame yourselves and your corrupted government. My message is clear, FUCK those who pretend to be muslims and commits mass murders, FUCK ISIS and their ideology, FUCK the in the background orchestrators, FUCK the USA and Israel government, FUCK the media, FUCK Hollywood, FUCK NASA, FUCK the sheeple wherever they are, FUCK y’all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays motherfuckers.

  13. The Canadian (I always laugh when I hear Canada or Canadian) that hosts this website is always talking about Israel but this animal here is the enemy. All Muslims are suspect! I’m thankful the U.S. and Russia woke up and Trump will clean house!

  14. There is sooo many red flags in this attack and I’ll easily break it down for you.
    When the attack happend, they searched the truck and found a dead body but arrested a pakistani man that matched the description but later released. ISIS News agency makes a statement claiming the attack but didn’t know who the attacker was. A day or 2 after searching the truck, they finally find the attackers ID and fingerprints. If they have already searched the truck how come they find the ID later on? In this video since I’m a Muslim, he is reciting some typical prayer and you guys can find the translation online. I don’t know arabic and some parts I don’t understand what he’s saying but also he didn’t pleadge no allegiance to ISIS because they usually mention it’s leady Abu Bakr Al Sadadi wtv his name is. Also finding him in Milan by rookie cops is suspicious too. If he had fake IDs and terrorism training, he must know how to break the system and go on undetected. This seem like an attack coordinated by the Mossad Agency to tarnish Islam and take over the Middle East with the support of U.S and it’s media.

  15. Ok. Now i must say something. I won’t reveal in which country i live in, but, i lost 3 of my muslim friends because they joined ISIS, and they are dead. Joined to army, or doing stuff like that guy does not matter. But i have lost them. And every Muslim in my country is supporter of Islamic State. Soon or later, if they take control, they will join their side, i guarantee, because they are unpredictable!

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