Video of What Relatives of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victims Had to Say to Him During the Trial

Video of What Relatives of Jeffrey Dahmers Victims Had to Say to Him During the Trial

Relatives of some of the victims of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer give him a piece of their minds in this video, which was recorded at his trial, which lasted two weeks. Born in West Allis, Wisconsin, he murdered 17 young men (his victims were between the ages of 14 and 36) from 1978 and 1991, although most of the murders took place after 1987.

Although he was arrested for drugging and sexually abusing a 13 year old boy in 1988, became a registered sex offender and sentenced to 5 years’ probation, it wasn’t until 1991 that he was arrested for the murders. By the time of his arrest, he was already murdering approximately one person a week. He would often drug and rape his victims. In addition to this, he would also attempt to turn them into little sex zombies by drilling a hole into their skulls and injecting either hydrochloric acid or boiling water into the frontal lobe area of the brain โ€“ while they were alive. He also engaged in necrophiliac acts before dismembering the bodies and besides preserving some of the body parts, such as the penis, he would save some of the organs in the fridge for consumption later. At least he was getting his protein, right?

When he was finally arrested, Jeffrey Dahmer was originally indicted on 17 murder charges, which were later reduced to 15, and with the sheer amount of evidence against him, Jeffrey Dahmer pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. However, he was found quite sane and guilty on all murder charges, but because capital punishment had been abolished in Wisconsin, he was sentenced to 15 life terms in prison, which is equivalent to 957 years, the maximum penalty that was available.

Dahmer expressed remorse and “wished for his own death“… well, his wish came true when another inmate, Christopher Scarver (also a convicted murderer), bludgeoned him and yet another killer, Jesse Anderson, to death with a 20 inch metal bar when corrections officers had left the three of them to do janitorial work in 1994. Dahmer died of severe head trauma on the way to the hospital at the age of 34.

The mother of David Thomas, one of the victims, said in the video that she hoped that Jeffrey Dahmer should “never be able to walk the face of the earth or be able to harm anyone else again“. Most of the victims’ families were glad that Jeffrey Dahmer is dead and I certainly don’t blame them.

See what relatives of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims had to say to him during the trial in the video below. Some of them sounded like they should be the ones locked up:

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      1. @notdasilva,
        I noticed you used the word ‘regret’ twice in your comment. Quite frankly I think it’s an absolout disgrace and I never what to see you comment on here again. Lurking is all you deserve after that outrage.

      2. you are right… he probably didnt have any remorse, but, i think it should be allowed for the victims families to get to voice their pain to the killer because i think it is helpful for them-in my opinion i think that the family should get to kill them. but that s me

        1. Well I would be a torturing serial killer myself just to see true fear in the victims eyes as they realize the despair of pain. But knowing I’d be caught sooner or later I don’t act on my impulse. So I go to this website to release my urge by far. I doubt u would read my post. But if you do I can’t help my feelings all I can do is not act on them. Actions is what makes a villain not thoughts or feelings.

    1. This is almost Jerry Springer style especially with the last girl, they shouldv’e let Jeff loose in one of those Springer faux fights and have it broken up by Steve Wilkos. But your right Brazilian, as much as I understand how sad they are I doubt Jeff was sorry or could really understand remorse, so on point wasting your time really.

    2. I absolutely agree. He doesn’t feel a damn thing, and I’m sure if he had gotten the chance he would have done it again. Nevertheless, I think it was important for those families to let him know, what he had done to them. Maybe he would think about it later on, but I doubt it.

  1. anybody know if jeffery dumbass is buried somewhere? I want to piss on his grave ….. and if possible steal his gravestone. been a lurker on BG for a few months now. seen everything this site has to offer. the truth is addicting!

  2. Looks like he preferred dark meat… Jeffrey had his mom over for dinner one night. She said: “You know, I really don’t care for your neighbors son”, so he said: “That’s okay mom, just scrape them off the side of your plate, and eat your taters!”

  3. getting victims familiars to testify in trial, thats jury abuse, another America Fuck Yea tradition of US prosecutors, hahahaha…
    Anyway, this dude was so fucking un-defendable that probably the defense counsel didnt gave a fuck

  4. alright then, i met this asshole scum way back in the day, let me explain, i was in a gay bar in mke, it was quite busy, like a friday night,
    small bar but yet lots of people,
    i went up by the pool table , not many folks there at all, and i met this guy who was just standing against the wall, all by himself, basically staring at the table and off into space.
    i did not know then. . I made conversation, i tried anyhow, but this frozen stiff, with his ugly fat glasses, basically wrote me off. He was cold, i stood right there next to him and knew something was very wrong. Even before he was exposed, i knew , i felt, the cold horror of him… that night never left my mind.
    Within that year, he was arrested.

    Lesson learned.
    Shit, close call.

    ps i even have the family members pleading for the missing ones on video a year before the arrest.

          1. you awful ugly peice of shit.
            Go die w dahmer fuckhead.
            Who are you! who the h do you think you are, huh,
            jackass. i want to meet you in a back alley and speak the truth to you you stupid silly shithead.
            fine, just go out and swaddle your silly disgusting ass all about the town, and end up in the dump you schmuck.
            Silly teens.

      1. Maybe he wasn’t on the hunt that night, explaining the glasses, and the brush off. Maybe he just wanted a beer. And wasn’t looking to score that evening. That would certainly explain the lack of charm, and the glasses, as he was not trying to attract or charm anyone at that time. Just out for a regular evening, didn’t want to be bothered, and he was probably, um, “full”. I’m sure many ran into him over the years as a regular guy. Not every single person he came I’m contact with was murdered and eaten, just a few dozen. Sometimes a dude just wants to be left alone, after a long night of dismemberment, and a big, canabalistic meal. Wash it down with a beer, and off to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. “Dahmer didn’t wear glasses while out for victims.” Where did you hear this from and was it common, was it often? Is this a valid fact? Just curious.

        Also, when Dahmer was not out hunting for victims he was completely cut off from others. He *was* cold, he was quiet, he was a depressed not confident man who turned on the charm and showed interest where it counted because he had a goal in mind, had something to look forward to and that motivated him enough. It’s understandable, even.

        Otherwise, if he had that charm on constantly there wouldn’t be accounts from others he knew of his coldness, his distance, and he’d have people in his life. Lots more. Loneliness and not wanting the victims to leave as well as control were the main factors behind his murders.

        Should research a tad bit harder before entirely dismissing someone’s claim. It sounds like the Dahmer that was known of. Don’t see the point of making a false claim like that anyway. Dahmer wasn’t attempting to lure him in as a victim, he was doing the opposite. That’s the default Jeff that was typically known of. He appeared normal enough though. You should seriously research this. You’ll come upon people who knew Jeff back in his high school days that kept their distance even then, and described him as an oddity. And said that something was off about him even back then, “creepy.” And when he begin to get into alcohol? It even got scary looking for others. Because usually kids drank to party, let loose. This young man was doing it for dark reasons, making himself become numb.

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