Video of Syrian Rebels Burning the US Flag

Video of Syrian Rebels Burning the US Flag

These are Hillary’s favorite boys. Financed, armed and trained by all the countries of the Axis of Evil (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the USA) as well as a whole whack of other countries with blood of the innocent on their hands, which includes Canada. These Salafi and Wahhabi cutthroats have been picked for the genocide because throughout their existence, killing non Sunnis has been all they’ve done. But what can you expect from cutthroats – one day they smile in your face cause you’re writing their name on a pay cheque, the next they stab you in the back.

This is not the first time the Syrian rebels burned a flag of one of their major sponsors. On the pages of Best Gore we have a video of FSA terrorists also burning the Israeli flag. Hiring career murderers to overthrow a government may seem like a good plan, but at the end of the day it’s career criminals you have to deal with.

Not once since this fraudulent revolution started has anyone opposing the West backed Sunni genocide in Syria burned a flag of any nation, even though many of these nations are directly responsible for countless deaths and suffering in their country. Yet it’s the FSA terrorists, the known child killers and genocidal maniacs who receive unlimited financial, logistic and arming support from countries they abhor. Video of Syrian rebels burning the US flag is below:

My American friends – you can thank Hillary the Obtuse and Kenyan for this:

And let’s not forget the terrorist organization of Israel, one of the chief supporters of the terrorism in Syria. Here’s a video of recovered Israeli weapons sent to the rebels by their terrorist Jew friends:

Also check out the video below which shows a military training camp built with the money of western taxpayers so hired mercenaries get proper training before being sent to kill civilians in Syria:

So what’s up, Fake Syrian Army? Where’s burning of the Canadian flag. Like the US government, my government also took my taxes and sent it to you so you can kill innocent children and elderly. When are you gonna thank us by burning down our flag you pieces of subhuman shit?

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52 thoughts on “Video of Syrian Rebels Burning the US Flag”

    1. Umm……yeah…….
      So there’s a few grenades and RPG rounds and a German G3 and this is the big smoking gun evidence that Israel is funding this? Geeze, give me a break.
      You guys are the same ones who probably think the moon landing was all done on a Hollywood set too.

    1. @6456257, we don’t have to piss the snackbarists off, we can leave it to the fucking jews to do that.
      This protest is over the ‘Innocence of the muslims’ film, planned and funded by those devious pieces of kike shit.

  1. I do the same, every time I read in the newspaper that our government are going to let in more immigrants whilst at the same time increasing taxes to pay for them I throw the paper to the floor and jump up and down on top of it before setting fire to it, much to the utter chagrin of my fellow bus passengers.

    1. To ms meth ripper, *I bare my broad buttocks in your general direction* and say “today you
      are most welcome to kiss my cheek,and as a good tolerant christian……………i am commanded to offer you the other as well”

  2. So this is who the west want to support?
    Those poor Syrian Civilians who do not bye into the extremist religious dogma of the Salafi and Sunni Extremists of the FSA power grabbers, nor would they offer to indiscriminately kill their neighbours or other peace loving civilians under Sunni orders, nor do they want to falsely bitch and whine and make up propaganda about how cruel Assad’s Forces are.
    No, they just want to be left alone to live in peace. “Lol that will be the day”. I guess these poor Syrian Civilians have been marked for death.

  3. I could care less over flag burning, either, but loved it anyway when those Americans burned an Iranian flag during the hostage crisis back around 1980. It was in New York, I believe, and seen all over the news. Stupid symbology, but somehow made people here feel better.

  4. You idiots do know that America runs from Canada all the way down to Chile and Argentina. So when you want to kill Americans, you’re talking about all countries, all peoples and all nationalities and religions in America!

  5. What’s the point of rebellion? A flower always blossoms to its pure essence of idealist gratitude, but eventually the leaves will dry out, the flower will fall, and soon to be surrounded by weeds… A rebellion starts strong, with promises, but it will soon rot. it will turn into a disease…so you fight for whats right just to end up turning into the thing you fought against… humanity is a living contradiction. It’s not a fleshy virus, but a fleshy plague that spreads to the roots… Rotten stench is needed back on here.

  6. I bet that Hillary is also sending them the flags to burn. The other day I read an article by hawk’s best friend, Henry Kissinger, he was saying basically “wtf is that retarded bitch doing in the middle east? are they nuts?”

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