Videos of Chinese Women Shitting in Public Places

Videos of Chinese Women Shitting in Public Places

When I posted the video of Chinese nurse who was decapitated by an elevator, I threw in the video of a woman shitting in a public place as an added bonus cause the elevator decapitation video was censored. Since shitting in public in China became such an interesting topic to discuss, here are two more videos, this time uncensored, of women taking a shameless dump in public places in China.

First video was captured by a CCTV camera in some kind of supermarket. There was nobody in the isle so the woman pulled her pants down, dumped her load on the floor, shook her booty a little, pulled her pants back up and continued with her daily routine like nothing out of the ordinary had happened:

Second video was caught on CCTV in the Shenzhen subway station elevator. The man in the elevator is apparently some kind of guard that presses the buttons to take people up and down. The woman who took the ride had no problem with that. She pulled her pants down and dumped her stinky load on the elevator floor while locked in the small place with male stranger:

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115 thoughts on “Videos of Chinese Women Shitting in Public Places”

          1. It’s a disease called Crohns imagine having 5 seconds from the moment you thought ” I need a shit” till you shit your pants

          2. I and my daughter both have Crohns disease as well as Irritable Bowel syndrome and ulcerative Colitis (the three seem to run together) and you are right about the 5 second warning. We have to carry a fanny pack with spare shorts to cover our fannies in an emergency. It’s a really shitty situation.

  1. Jeez my 3 year old daughter wouldn’t do that.
    But then again I’ve seen some of the toilets in China and they’re generally not pretty, I remember I had to run out of one that was so rancid it made me puke…

          1. I concur, human beings are dirty animals. Not just the Chinese! But if you have to go…you have to go. It’s astonishing how this simple matter reflects how complex human society is. We are animals, but we have developed this system where we can’t defecate in public. It’s natural, but wrong.

            Closest I’ve come to pooping in public was on a interstate freeway. I was still miles away from a rest stop and I needed to drop a massive shit! I pulled over to the side when I found a nice wooded area and hid behind a brush and unleashed my load.

          2. @darkice- in situations like the one you had on the freeway, I think it’s a little more understandable. Like you said, you found a bush and handled business! Lol, quite different from pulling your panties down in an elevator WITH other people in there or an aisle of the grocery store! Then these nasty beezy’s just left it there for some employee to clean up! What appalledme most is that it’s only women doing this crap! Everyone shits- including myself but if I had to go- I’d at least do it outside in private and I’d pick up the papers with a bag or something! If all else failed, I think it’s rather dooky my pants than shit like these nasty fucks did! Just sayin’ lol.

          3. Got a good one for you ICE, i had the runs while taking my dogs out to walk, had my girl at the time walk them away from me as I had to shit ASAP. So i dropped a goey brown load in the park parking lot. As it just so happened, my dog walk involved coming across the place i just took a shit. My dog was trained to walk off the leash, so my girl let him walk. He smelled the shit walked towards it and ate my shit! What was worse was the ride home with his shit breath and head out the window (true story, if kitty was here she would back me up!)

  2. WTF who does that? They have to be getting paid for this. And they go on some type of brown showers website. Have to. They can’t be worried bout shitting in their pants. Cause even when you pull your pants back up they are going to be shitty.

  3. The truth is there is not enough rest rooms in many cities of china. Most of public rest room need to be paid for using. Anyway, those ppl who took shit in public just like a pet dog which is doing same thing outside.

  4. Chinese immigrants are horrible. They have filthy hygiene standards, particularly the rural peasant types that often migrate out of China, they can’t drive worth a shit, they’re ignorant and often rude and they breed like fucking rabbits…I wish they’d all fuck off back to slope land.

    1. I agree with you!!! I live on the New England area and going to the Chinatown in Boston is horrible!! Even the damn supermarkets reeks as heck. I’ll stay in Boston’s little Italia then.

  5. There was an empty block in the street I used to live in, and one day this old mentally disabled woman walked a few kilometers from the care center, and took a shit in the block. It’s as if she walked this massive distance just to take a shit in it XD. It just. doesn’t. make. sense.

  6. I was impressed with the speed the first woman expelled her fast she didn’t leave any residue being she had no need to wipe…ahh.
    The dude in the elevator had to be thinking this woman is a real pig when he realizes she’s dropping a duece. But hey she did wipe so lets give her some credit there…maybe they could do as dog owners do here in the states, bring a plastic bag and clean up after yourself you disgusting fuck.

  7. I want to see the video of when they’re deeds are discovered. That has to be really amusing if someone walks into a fresh loaf and looks down to see what it is …oh shit…oh shit ..its is shit..ahh fuck..

  8. Oh come on, we’ve all done it if we’re honest! I took a dump right outside someone’s front door one night on the way back from the pub. I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Shitting is one of the most natural things in the world, we just don’t like to acknowledge it. Even the Queen shits occasionally you know.

  9. gotta drop my load quick.

    that first step is a bitch.

    its a shitty country anyway.

    dropping deuces like nobodies buisness.

    going to that country you might slip on shit.

    jimmy crack corn 1 2 3 4 5.

    officer whats the charge don’t drop a deuce in public.

  10. It never ceases to fascinate me how much the Chinese despise and detest niggers – considering they behave *exactly* the same way! I guess it must be like looking in a mirror and finding what you see abhorrent, which is why they hate them so much. Smh.

  11. I read somewhere that the Chinese believe that bodily wastes such as spit, phlegm, urine, and feces must be excreted as soon as possible as they disrupt the “balance” or good forces or something like that in the body. That’s probably the reason why they go on shitting, pissing, and spitting in public without shame.

  12. I’ve lost a great deal of respect. Just nastiness! I mean who does shit like this?! I had seen the first one. I think its a fake. The second one disgusts me! She wiped wiped from back to front and that’s just gross in itself! Then she leaves her little crapper-dapper AND paper there?! If I would’ve stepped in it- I would’ve been one pissed off bitch! I don’t know if I can look at these people the same! Find me some Americans doing this shit please!!

    1. This isn’t something exclusive to China. I’ve seen a few videos depicting White women doing the same thing in stairways and the like.

      Now.. they aren’t as… umm.. Shameless? as these Chinese women seem to be, just wiping their asses out wherever and blessing the ground, but still..

      1. I’d love to see these other ones on here. Maybe I’ll search for some American versions because I’ve seen a lot of things- especially in the city (San Francisco) and I’ve yet to see people just pop a squat to dookie like this! Pee- yes. I’m guilty of that my own self, but never to crap?! No..

  13. These women are part of a sophisticated diamond smuggling operation run by the Judeo-Chinese mafia. Often referred to as “mules” , the women swallow the precious gems, and then dump the payload at disclosed locations where one of the mob’s low-ranking foot soldiers is employed as a janitor.

  14. Use to be a lady in West Hollywood who would always shit at a bus stop on Sunset. My favorite thing was she would always wait for a a public bus or a Tour bus to come by. Then she would face her fat ass in full view of her crappy audience and let her fly…..or spew…or drip.
    The neighbors named her Shitting Sally and would give her leftover Mexican food so the tourist could be better entertained.
    She never wiped. So the joke became…I am so hungry I would eat Shitting Sally’s Ass…

    Scatology Today.

  15. wtf is up with all this pooing?????

    seriously….i would self combust before i dropped my drawers and laid a loaf anywhere in public never mind in a freakin elevator with a dude….well there goes another country off my “to visit” list….(like it was ever on it in the 1st place hehehe )

  16. I worked at a thrift store a few years ago and a woman left a trail, rather a river, of diarrhea from the dressing rooms to the bathroom; all over the bathroom floor mind you. It was like The Shining but with liquid shit. She then returned and went about trying on clothes and shopping. I’ve been asked before while working there if they wash the clothing before they put it out. All I could do is laugh and recommend washing before wearing.

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