Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train

Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train

Vietnamese Woman Vs. Train

A short and not very gory video shows a Vietnamese woman riding a bike over some train tracks, when wham, a train comes out of no where.

Man, no one expected this, those sneaky trains. They always seem to be on the tracks though, lets spread awareness. Train accidents usually happen on the actual train tracks themselves, no where else, if we could all just be a little more cautious.

No but seriously the lady didn’t even look from side to side. I would feel so dumb if I was killed by a train, unless that was my intention 😉

Props to Best Gore member @maoichoconvao for the video:

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        1. Well it’s strange to me how people just walk into death with open hands for no reason i can hear a bicycle tens of meters away and these cunts can’t hear a fucking train fuck i think they are suicidal but they don’t want anyone to know for their families sake

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