Watch Innocence of Muslims – Controversial Anti Muhammad Movie

Watch Innocence of Muslims - Controversial Anti Muhammad Movie

It may be an ultra low budget, Israeli propaganda film, but Innocence of Muslims, aka the Anti Muhammad Film has secured itself with the enviable title of the most talked about movie of the week and its reign will likely extend beyond. Being cheap as they are, the Jews provided the filmmakers with budget similar to Sunni filmmakers in Syria so the quality of the production reflects it, plus the obvious Jewish propaganda is just as sickening but overall, Innocence of Muslims did exactly what the Zionists had hoped for – outraged Muslims all over the world and shit is hitting the fan.

Of course, to believe that the Innocence of Muslims film was the only reason why the Jihadists carried out the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya which left the US Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans dead would be toolish (yes, that’s a T not an F cause stupidity of the sheep goes beyond the fools), but it’s being used as an excuse the world over and the Muslims are protesting their asses off as a result.

Overall, Innocence of Muslims is not much – it’s just another Jewish propaganda, kind of like every lies laced documentary about the alleged Holocaust Jews feed the sheep with on a daily basis. The only reason why it’s worth a watch is so an aware individual stays up to date on where the Jews are taking their brainwash agendas these days.

Because Innocence of Muslims caused viral explosion, there’s quite a bit of talk about the people behind the film. They have nothing to worry about because in a world controlled by bigots, it’s only anti bigots who get prosecuted, not those who promote bigotry.

Sam Bacile

A 14 minute long trailer Innocence of Muslims was posted on YouTube by a person under a pseudonym of Sam Bacile in June of 2012. Jew controlled media pushed around the idea that Sam Bacile went into a hiding after Innocence of Muslims caused outraged throughout the Muslim world. Jew publications for total morons, including the Wall Street Journal even went as far as publishing interviews with Sam Bacile who allegedly told them he was a real estate agent in California and other pile of shit.

Independent journalists however debunked all that crap as search for California based Sam Bacile yielded no tangible results.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

This guy is much more likely the actual producer of the Anti Muhammad movie. His middle name sound bloody similar to the last name of Sam Bacile which would make it easy to associate with.

Nakoula has criminal history. He was involved in a fraud scheme with stolen SIN numbers, fake bank accounts and money laundering. In 1997 he was also charged with the intent to manufacture meth. Jews like to choose and finance criminals to do their dirty work – just look at Libya or Syria.

California cops were summoned to guard the house in Cerritos, California where Nakoula lives with his wife and kids.

Steve Klein

He alleges to have been a script consultant for Innocence of Muslims. He’s an anti-Mormon, anti-Muslim and anti-Jehovah’s Witness nut.

Cindy Lee Garcia

This woman says she played a role in the Anti Muhammad film.

Tim Dax

Male actor with shaved head covered in tattoos.

Alan Roberts

May not be his real name. He was supposed to be the director of the movie but Nakoula eventually got it.

Jimmy Israel

Someone who’s last name is the name of the world’s prominent terrorist organization is bound to be a complete loon. He is said to have been involved with the production of the movie.

Terry Jones

The Koran burning turd. Level of involvement is unknown, but he was screening the movie on the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks at the International Judge Muhammad Day.

Morris Sadek

Egyptian Christian and a buddy of Pastor Jones operating from out of Washington, D.C. He is said to have helped to get the Arabic translation of the movie on Egyptian TV, which is what set off the outrage among the Muslims.

Watch Innocence of Muslims below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Watch Innocence of Muslims – Controversial Anti Muhammad Movie”

    1. This movie was used a scapegoat for the attacks that occurred on 9-11-12. Wow look at that, what a coincidence!
      There was already a pre-planned attack on the embassy. Lots of intel on the embassy and they new where the secret hideout room was. All these savages need is a silly reason to do violence. Period.
      Then Obummer is trying to get Google to remove the vid from youtube. In essence, giving the support to the muslims.
      Thank god Google told the govt to go pound sand

    2. Well the stupid MusKey(Muslim+Monkey) did a good job making it talk of the world and famous too. I can’t stand watching it so I stop watching it halfway. Fucking stupid way to Publicize this movie make me think Muskey are very very Moronic People. 😛

      1. Humans (mainly the want it all moosilooms) are eager to be offended, just like your typical “datz racists” ppl and the “I’m queer and i’m here” folks (in other words: Gays,blacks,lib’s,rightwingers,jewsy,rednecks,feminist etc etc etc) they wait at the door of society just to see what they can find to be offended off. this is like the kony 2012 of the middle east. only difference is that they actually do something about it, hence the dead Cat Stevens or whatever his name is. allahu radio shackbar

  1. I read this a few days ago and thought it summed up the religion of peace quite nicely:

    Muslims believe that Mohammed was God’s messenger when really all he did was regurgitate Jewish and Christian bullshit and spew his own psychosis.

    1. yerp yerp yerp! indeed!
      It’s an abrahamic religion, it’s like an emo teen that hates his own dad because he doesn’t let him play with his gameboy.
      lets see which religions will be jizzed onto our ears within 3000 years.
      The grand religion of the Goatse people.

  2. Muslims need to chill the fuck out and quit being such sensitive pussys about their bitch ass fake ass prophet Muhammad fuck him! they can’t go to other peoples countries and expect for other people not to judge or make fun of their religion and if they do then they decide they’re gunna act like the fucking assholes they are and go ape shit its ridiculous and they need to get the fuck over themselves fuck Muhammad and fuck any Muslim who has a problem with me saying…I don’t follow shitty ass sharia diarrhea law or pretend to like most Muslims do so I get to say whatever the fuck I want about who ever the fuck i want and that includes your fake shitty prophet…now go cry about it bitch

  3. Like people in the Middle East really need an excuse to riot. They thrive off of violence and bomb their own buildings and hospitals for a quick laugh. I’m starting to think they would behave more if they were intoxicated and had more intercourse with the opposite sex for a change.

    1. @Grave,

      Noooooo, intoxicated muslims is the last thing we need. Recently there was a case here where some muslim young women got drunk and beat up a white women in the street in an unprovoked attack, calling her a white bitch etc. They got off with a slap on the wrists, the judge said because of the thier culture they weren’t used to drinking and so couldn’t control themselves. Yea, I know.

  4. It portrays their most holyperson as just a man. Disrespected him in so many ways; taking orders from women and such. But Christianity was invented to oppress the weak and lowly when 90% of the population were in service of the elite. Your reward ain’t now right… its when you die that your life is good. But you got to take the lumps and smile, okay? The toadmonkeys have been brainwashed similarlyand I worry that we are seeing something that cant be stopped. We cant exist with them. Them or us. Nobody understands or is prepared

  5. i always think back to monthy python when it comes to religious nuts killing people over dumb shit.
    I will create the biggest of all Holy Burger Grenades, pull the onion pin, then i will count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number i shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou I not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then i proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then i will lobbest thy Holy Burger Grenade of the Burgler, towards thy foe, who, being naughty in my sight by being stupidly lead by religion, shall suffer severe McGurgles, and then proceeding to thy toilet for immediate McShits.

  6. Lulz, all these tantrums for this?? 🙂 GET OVER YOURSELVES! And what pissess me off the most is they are protesting in the likes if Australia, they are in there fucking country, not theirs, if they don’t like it fuck off then! *steam offloaded*

      1. Thanks baked, I’ll take that as a complitment 🙂 I’m sure many of the chickies on here have nice titties, some choose not to flaunt them, some choose to show thier faces, I choose to hide my face and show my tits, happy days 🙂 :)Not saying I’m ugly btw just for privacy reasons really, I know some of my associates come on this page quite alot 🙂

          1. Haha no its our Neighbour, No offence taken but if you say that to a born and bred kiwi or Aussie you can expect a fight lol, more than likey over the rugby, I was born in England and immigrated here so yes I’m an immigrant.

  7. im kinda tired of these fucking allahuakburs and their constant bitching, they behave like histerical teeny girls. Even if I were a goddamn retarded akbur, what the fuck do I care about this crap? I mean, if alluh is an omnipotent deity as these faggots believe, he is, at the very least, tolerating all this shit, so if your all-powerful god tolerates it, you, being just a shitty little piece of towel headed dune money, should shut the fuck up and live with this shit. They already live with worse shit in their homecountries, like alluhakburing mullahs molesting little children, and petty dictators mass murdering them, so time to grow up fuckers

  8. Good God/Allah/Buddha/Krishna! That was the worst shit I ever saw on a TV screen. It is even worse than the movie Gigli! I never thought that was possible. Maybe Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can be the next US Ambassadors to Libya and Tunisia.

  9. It’s hard to believe people died over this crap, actually no it’s not these are muslims after all and I could die of boredom just watching this steaming pile of shit. It’s also embarrassing that people belonging to other religions are holding screening events so they can all get together sit around and watch this terribly boring film while chatting about how their religion is superior and what not.

      1. Christianity, Islam, communism, feminism, gay rights, liberalism, equality of races, etc.
        All inventions of the jews to control the world.
        The only real godsend is Adolf Hitler and the only holy scriptures are in Mein Kampf.
        Anything else is a jewish hoax.

  10. Damn, must have fucked up my post before… aaah. It looks like any YouTube video put up for a cheap laugh, but because of the names Mark listed and the fact that efforts were made to broadcast it in Egypt (the One place where most viewers were Gauranteed to be offended by it’s content) -make this something much more insidious. I’m no Muslim, but I want to see these people (listed above) -especially Morris Sadek -put on trial & made to answer for this! I want to see them made to reveal their agenda (read: the timing of the video broadcast) revealed.

  11. I thought I was watching a knock off of Passion of the Christ.

    Holy Allah FUCK what did I just watch..

    I mean, it was so bad that I found myself staring at the screen wondering what the fuck and why my hands wouldn’t move to the mouse to turn it off.

    My goddamn brain was screaming at my hands to DO SOMETHING!

    All the build up about this movie and it belongs on the 100th page of netflix after you’ve clicked the Rating’s tab for Best to worse.

    OK.. Can I do one more “It was so bad” joke?

    It was so bad my dick started itching so I checked for signs and for the first time in my life my dick spat out green, stringy puss…

    Yeah, THAT just happened.. I mean the fucking movie was actually worse than that movie where David Spade tried to replace a dead Chris Farley with an even more fat and disgusting white dude with bleach blonde hair who managed to take retardation to a whole new level.

  12. geez, i assumed this (conspiracy) theory would have been brought up already: Republicans are behind all this. They’re trying to play the “Obama is bad for the safety of the nation” card with a backdrop of all this unrest going on.
    i mean, since it worked so well for GW Bush when he crashed the planes on 9/11 why not try it again. [ <—- SARCASM ]

  13. The jews are clever creatures.
    They import all these diaperheads into the west, make a video about the diaperheads prophet knowing that it will piss them off and make them chimpout (most muslims have 30% nigger genes), the jewish controlled media shows diaperheads burning the american embassy knowing that it will piss the americans off and now, the jews are probably planining to send the americans in the middle east again to do the dirty work.

    Are americans this retarded ? How many times are you gonna fall into the jews trap ? They tricked you into fighting WWI, WWII, Korea, Vitenam and the middle east.
    Trick you once, shame on them, trick you twice you’re the fool, trick you 3, 4, 5 times you having fucking down syndrome.

  14. The scary part is that almost none of the people outraged by this video even saw it!
    The same thing happened with Salman Rushdie’s novel. Even though almost nobody read it, the head diaperheads told their mindless followers to hate, and they obeyed completely.

    I personally believe that a muslim made this video to inflame other muslims into taking drastic actions. Ironically, everything in the video is based on facts that are presented in a crude manner.

  15. The scary part is that almost none of the people outraged by this video even saw it!
    The same thing happened with Salman Rushdie’s novel. Even though almost nobody read it, the head diaperheads told their mindless followers to hate, and they obeyed completely.

    I personally believe that a muslim made this video to incite other muslims into taking drastic actions. Ironically, everything in the video is based on facts that are presented in a crude manner.

  16. “peace be upon you”
    Islam is not guilty, the one who practices Islam in a wrong way is guilty. Al-Quran is a book of fact that we have to guide our way. however, sadly the other side used it in a rude way.
    why would we protest against this video? one, we never make this type of video against others so why should we accept this? two, put yourself in our shoes, why should we accept the one who judge badly about us when others cant even accept when they are badly judge by others? three, we humans are beautiful creatures, but how sad it is to accept that the beautiful creatures cant think beautifully and express it in beautiful manners.
    if it disturbs you with all these outrage against this video, and make u critically think a “beautiful” words to judge us badly, why don’t we stop making the causes (stop doing this).
    this is little help from us just for u and us, read the Quran if u want to know the true story about our Prophet Muhammad, Messenger of God, bless upon Him. don’t judge badly if we don’t want to hurt badly.
    peace be upon you…. 😉

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