Would-Be Car Thief Knocks Himself Out Trying to Break Into Mercedes

Would-Be Car Thief Knocks Himself Out Trying to Break Into Mercedes

Here’s a would-be car thief in Ireland who attempted to break into a Mercedes outside a bar using a brick. He made an earlier attempt (not shown in video) where he approaches the car from the other side, and the brick casually bounces off the window.

He then comes back to the Mercedes from the other side and launches the brick at the window, this time, the brick bounces off the window and straight into the criminals face, knocking him out cold. Only minutes later, the owner of the car (and business partner of the pub owner) found the thief and called police.

Gotta love instant karma. Props to Best Gore member rebelk for the video.

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  1. He layed himself to Waste due to his ignorance not knowing that the Mercedes had Shatterproof Windows, he should’ve Learned that the first time Around The Other Side but lucky for Him the “Owners” had Sympathy 😐 I would’ve had None. Now he can go back to Prison to Learn some more Education.

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  2. I read about this. The dozy twat had already spent half an hour trying to bust the glass with a smaller rock, buggered off to find a charlie ( Brick ), came back and Bob’s your fathers brother, this is the result !
    Oh, the luck of the Irish !

    1. Originally from Manchester, but moved across the water to become part of a pub fa?ade. Had been living a solitary life on some waste ground, finally gaining his 15 minutes after knocking out Ireland’s dumbest car thief ! 😀

    1. Booby traps are making a come back…..(If you can’t afford a mercedes)…..
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  3. Instant karma rules!!! But what a ding ding….. squaring up and throwing a brick straight on deserves exactly what he got. I’m guessing this dumbass failed at geometry…angles, trajectory etc. I’m sure this goof off has sealed his fate in the world’s dumbest criminals book. England’s new laughingstock!!

      1. Well that about sums it up. We’ve many shit head, thieving eastern Europeans all of a sudden, thanks to one Mr Tony Blair and his leftist, neo commie cronies.
        Those new labour fucks sat down and plotted the destruction back in 95. The notion being to give the right a bloody nose.
        I’ll leave it at that, my blood pressure is rising.

          1. I’d pay Big to see that. Hate is not an emotion I particularly like or have time for, but if there’s one person, just one, he would be it.
            Peter Hitchens has it spot on, he calls him ” The Blair Creature “.

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  6. On this episode of “When BMWs Fight Back”, a man, intent on experiencing the refinement of the worlds best driving machine, is knocked the fuck when he throws a brick at the window… The man was unaware of BMW’s new trampoline anti-theft device.

  7. Man I have the perfect idea for an advertisement..
    Seriously I’d buy that shit after watching this commercial.
    Could even come up with a little pitch:
    “Knock your competitor off the street with my new Mercedes – the fastest, most reliable vehicle that balance the forces of nature and bend the fabric of the universe!
    Drive the new Mercedes, before it drives you..”

  8. you cant really tell if he knocked himself out or not because video cut off and just replayed ‘falling down’ knocked out is out cold non responsive! we didnt see that in the video to agree with the headline of ‘knocked out’ Big difference! but i guess it sounds better saying knocked out!

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