You Heard It Here First

I Got Stabbed - BRB, Taking Picture

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Best Gore community for support over the years. It’s been an interesting, although at times bumpy ride. We have reached a cool milestone of one million unique readers a month and I thought this membership in the 6 figures club deserved a high five so here it goes. This is truly fascinating because I’m quite easily the worst writer on teh interweb. I have no writing talent, I speak senseless, incoherent bullshit, my grammar is worse than that of a third grader and my lame jokes never funny – so I resort to assholism cause that’s about the only thing someone this incompetent has left for him. I’m basically a keyboard warrior with no life yet it still attracts a growing number of readers. Go figure!

I have a confession to make: Those of you who have been reading Best Gore for a while would know that for almost two years, I’ve been travelling around the world. I reached a stage in my life when I realized that being a corporate slave was not for me so I quit work and started to travel. The site had already been populated with hundreds of thousands of readers so I continued updating it as much as I could. Sometimes I would come to places with no internet, or with internet so unstable I couldn’t get anything done – which made retention of the site challenging but I did my best nevertheless.

This long term travel opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and since travelling afforded me to scratch some of the lines off my bucket list, I decided to start taking steps towards fulfilling some of the bigger ones because you never know when your time to kick that bucket comes. Below three items from my bucket list are my main focus for the next few years:

  • Film an hour long documentary on any topic and take it to public screenings
  • Retract to the wilderness and live in complete isolation and solitude like a hermit for at least a year
  • Sail around the world in a yacht

I’m pretty committed to making each of these come true but as you can imagine, they would be impossible to fulfill or to take on all together if I had internet based obligations to take care of on the daily basis. When things get to such stage, there’s only one outcome – something has to give.

I’ve written this post to make it publically known that I’m playing with an idea to cease the operation of Best Gore. I believe that being straightforward and honest is what you deserve for years of loyalty you have shown to the site. It would be much easier to just work on my next project and when it’s ready for a go, shut the site down, or have it redirect to some other, unrelated site and leave everyone without answers, but that’s not how I want to end this.

Before I get any further, I need to clarify one thing – at this point, all I’m doing is being as straightforward with you as can be. Nothing whatsoever is definite yet. I’m just looking to take on some of the bigger things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime and should everything fall into place, I will go ahead with them which will likely result in some form of significant change to the site. If not, then I will pretend I have never written this and Best Gore will continue on with its regular programming.

I also need to make clear that even if things got to a point of imminent change, it will not happen in any immediate future. The site will normally continue on for a good while as I still have a lot to take care of to get any of the other wheels in motion. Plus… I do not know what exactly will happen with the site if I do move on with my other projects. There will be some major change as I will no longer be able to dedicate time to the site, but not sure what exactly it ends up being.

One of the options is to leave the site as is, but make it read-only. All old content, including existing comments would stay, but no new posts or comments would be accepted. Anyone would still be able to come and access all existing photos and videos (the same way it is at the moment), but nothing new would be added. The catch with this option is, that because of high traffic (15 Million page views a month with a lot of hosted media) the site gets at the moment, it takes an expensive server to run. So in order to keep the site on line, I would need to continue paying $400 a month for the server (provided traffic won’t grow too much, in which case an upgrade would be required).

Shutting site down completely would be much more economical, but there are options in between which I will be entertaining should it come to it. Let me ask you – what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Oh… to my fellow Canucks – Happy Canada Day, Eh!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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129 thoughts on “You Heard It Here First”

  1. If I were you, I’d blow my head off with a shotgun and ask my best bud to post the video after, under the title “Good-Bye Best Gore!”

    But since you don’t have the balls to do it, how about zipping the contents and putting them in some repository? It’d be a lot cheaper. And you can just zip the original stuff, pics and vids we cannot get anywhere else, as fapping material to the gorefiends.

    1. Out of all the options available to you Mark… I find this one the best (minus the, minus the head option).

      Zip the contents and stick the .rar file on a torrenting website. As long as their are people seeding the file, it will be available to all and wont cost you a penny.

      I am sure whichever choice you choose to make will be the right one.



  2. You could just get somebody that you trust to keep the site going in your stead. That’s what I would do if I were in your place. Plus, you could always pick back up where you left off if you wanted to come back to it.

    1. I totally agree with you man. Why not have a buddy of yours run the site while you fuffil your dreams. Heck I bet ya that the great people of Best Gore will chip in money to keep it running. If he does shut it down…we had a good run didn’t we. 🙂

    2. Why don’t you take a look, at the comments, or the ones who have been members the longest, or those who have experience at being mods, and assign a shit ton of mods, that way, the site can’t be violated, censored, or inappropriately used, each mod will have equal access and banning power, as they would for any other site, such as IMVU, and Demotivational or even Vampirefreaks, they all have moderators and it keeps the people happy. But I advise, be careful who you pick, because people who are prejudiced against others, will be offenders and abusers of their placement of power, and a lot of people could be turned off from entering the site anymore. Besides a group of moderators, can decide as a whole, rather then one. That way the power has some sort of a balance. Thats how the owners of the Rooms and chats I have moderated do it anyway. But in my personal opinion, I would be a very sad panda, if this site was taken down. This inspires alot of the art that I do.

      1. Ask yourself – are the owners of the sites you listed always around to take speedy action should one of their moderators turn rogue? Do you think a moderator would behave the same knowing that the owner will not be around for a year hence there is no one to take away his moderating powers regardless of what he/she does?

        He must have not been around people long enough who thinks people are honest creatures who always do the right thing and never looks to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit at the expense of others.

        Power without a need to answer to anyone is an invitation to abuse it. It has been so since the dawn of mankind. Humans perfected the art of backstabbing.

    3. I guess I came in at the wrong time! I came here for truth and logic of this world which has neither. The picture and videos are a plus. You do a tremendous job mark. And I would truly hate to see you go. This site is needed. I call it a necessary evil. Do you think we can get this kind of truth on CNN? Or any other government paid news networks? You started a good thing and its kind of hard to shut it down,w with all the support you started. You brought people together. You started friendships here. I’m sure you can find somebody who has the money to pay the cost monthly and could keep things the way you started. If not one person, perhaps several. Please don’t shut it down! Find somebody if you have the need to go. I just started to make friends here who has the same interest as I do. I know I can’t talk you out of it but you gave us options of our thoughts. And there it is, we want everything to remain the same, but how to accomplish this is up to you. Would you give us a chance to run it? Is there somebody YOU can trust to run with the option of coming back if you wanted to? Four hundred hundred a month sounds frivolous to some folks here. Have you ever consider to talk with a cooperate lawyer and making the site into profits and gains instead of a burden? You can make yourself into an editor with chiefs below you. You may not have the knowledge to do it but you have the experience. That way you can fulfill both! Keep it running and have your dream vacation or whatever you want to do. But, when it comes down to one thing, its all up to you. And I hope you make the right decision.

  3. Except that you don’t have a best bud, chancho so that can’t be what “you’d do”. You come here to play a tough guy cause you’re a down-and-outer otherwise. Real tough guys don’t need to play tough on the web because they are tough. Down-and-outers like yourself compensate for their outie sized penis by try hard attempts to establishment big e-penis.

  4. Hi Mark,

    I made a Word Press account just to write this message….
    Since the beginning I have been watching Bestgore and have seen your site become a big famous goresite. After the collapse of Ogrish and Rotten, Bestgore became my favorite.
    It is sad to hear that Bestgore will probably stop. Looks like it’s time to find another quality goresite.

    I think YOU should make the decision. After all, it is your life. You could also archive everything in a zip, just like the first comment said. I think that is fair to all the readers of Bestgore.

    Well, if this is the end, good luck with your life and thanks for the gore!


  5. Happy Canada Day bud, I too say you must have somebody you can trust to continue the site, I would miss my daily visits to the site. But you also need to follow your heart.
    I wish you well with your tough decision….and your quests. Oxy

  6. @oxymoron and @ThePieGuyIsI

    Thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately it’s not that easy. I am still the owner of the domain and as such, I would bear some responsibility for its content. Imagine I would go to spend a year sailing around the world. In a year’s time, anything can happen. People can change and if whomever was given access to the site realized that they could pretty much do anything with it, even post illegal stuff, there would be little there to stop them. It’s often the opportunity that makes people do evil things.

    In a year’s time, the culprit could move to a country with no rule of law, like Thailand or Cambodia and I would return from my trip into needless legal trouble. Last thing I want to worry about when away for such a long time is the potential to return into a big mess.

    1. Then you should have people give you a way to contact them, make it several mods, talk to them get to know them and then determine, also have a contract done, saying that in that span of time, you can not be held liable, for any content distributed on this site, and therefore, in your absence, can not be held accountable, and any damages done by the offender, can be charged to the one you left the site too, also, just so they cant keep it from u all together, made a date of when you will return, and when you leave, giving exact details of who is responsible for what, and that they are aware that they will be held accountable for anything they do, that would cause the site harm.

  7. Hey Mark!
    Best Gore has become part of my morning routine…coffee, occasional cigarette and of course my daily dose of Best Gore. I’m hoping that you will find a way to pursue your dreams and keep this site up and running.
    And btw your jokes are cheesy & funny at the same time 🙂
    Happy Canada Day!

  8. Shame. This is a great site, been fapping to it for years but only recently made an account to post my bullshit.

    Anyway, you can zip stuff and put it in a web repository. Traffic is much cheaper, since most of them request that you subscribe in order to download the zipped content, and when you subscribe they spam whatever dummy email account you used. So it’s a win-win.

    Frankly, I’d just delete everything. We’re a bunch of losers who won’t fork $5 each to help you pay the cost of the server, and I know I wouldn’t spend money sending flowers to your funeral, so why spend a dime on us?

    But maybe you’re a nicer person. Whatever. And you’re right about best buds and what not. Leave the site under your registration name, and next thing you know the FBI comes a’knocking because your best bud just posted a ton of kiddie porn.

    No way. People who trust friends are morons. When the time comes, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

  9. Awww Crap! I just found about 2 weeks ago. I went through all 69 on the pages to catch up and was happy to have found fellow gore-philes like me. Now it’s going away. Oh well. I understand. Life is what it is and you should live it to the fullest. It can all come crashing down too freaking fast. Whatever you decide, dude, just be happy doing it. -Andy

    1. Yes, I agree with what you said Andyman99.
      I just found the site and I will miss it very much but you have to watch out for you because in the end, you’re the only one who will.
      I too would appreciate a zip of the files if possible.
      And as Andyman99 said ” Life is what it is and you should live it to the fullest. It can all come crashing down too freaking fast. Whatever you decide, dude, just be happy doing it. -Andy”

  10. I discovered this site no more than a couple weeks ago, and it would indeed be unfortunate if the site ceased to be, or ceased putting up new content.

    As much as I dislike most advertising, you could expand that a bit, possibly. Though, if I was in your position, I would start a gradual transition of sorts. I understand your reluctance to give control of the site to another, I think having multiple site admins would definitely help. One person certainly could abuse power, but I believe four or five admins would serve to mitigate the majority of possible problems.

    I don’t know how much work it is for you to maintain the site, how much email you need to wade through, that sort of thing, but why not take applications for being an admin now, split the work a bit? That way, you can get a feel for admins, maybe trust some. That’s just my opinion, of course, as somebody who’s never done anything close to managing a site like this.

    And if it’s expensive, look into merchandising? Not only will it be an added source of revenue, but can serve to advertise the site to people who may not know about it.

    Just my two cents. I hope Best Gore does not go the way of rotten or ogrish, you do great work, and I believe it is important for people to be exposed to this content. War and crime are nebulous concepts in the minds of the majority, seeing the true reality of war, crime, and corruption, not CNN, not HBO, not BBC, gives people a very real idea of war, crime, and corruption. War and crime isn’t censored, life isn’t censored. Seeing the true human consequences of war, crime, and corruption will do more to fight against them than a wall with a bunch of names or any other war monument or memorial -ever- will. I wish you the best.


  11. the consensus here, Mark, is this; You may want all good things, and lines in you bucket list, but it seems apparently obvious that without trying you have found your calling. is so far the ONLY gore site with daily updates, aint done shit in over 7 yrs and shamefully still keep the site up with the same boring shit for 7 yrs. Travel the world, become a hermit and sail the 7 seas, enyoy yourself, but id rather have infrequent updates and added content than NONE at all.
    But what is, is. If you really MUST shut down the site then do so, just know that WE gore fiends would miss the site intensely.
    ah fuck, everything good i enjoy dies.

  12. Mark,

    Sad news to hear, but you got to do what you got to do.
    Anyway, it got me to thinking, yes, .zip may work, but look for the site megaupload . com I’m not sure what their rules are so you’d have to check it out. You might be able to put files up there for everyone?

    Anyway, follow your heart or end-up old like me thinking about all the things I never did. (I’m only 60, so I’m not THAT old).

    Yes, traveling the world was great and I’ve been to paces no one else has, some real shit holes too, but now its only memories, but they are my memories.

    I still want to swim with Dolphins, but that ain’t happen’en now.

    Thanks for a great site Mark,


  13. Crap, I’m not writing all that again!
    Sorry to see you go, but think ZIP and look for the site Megaupload, You’ll have to check their terms and rules cause I’ve never used the site, but it may be an option?

    I’ve used DropIO, but they recently had a password issue or something wasn’t encrypted.

    Thanks for the great site,


  14. Thanks for the notification Mark. Glad you took the time outta your day to give us all the heads up. Awesome websigt. I think the reason this site has as many subscibers or members or whatever is cuz your writing was incoherent, badly spelled rambling assholism bullshit. i enjoyed it intenesly. peace out mah nigga.

    ps -Ha! the Canucks lost the Stanley cup.

  15. Hey Phil,

    It’s the memories that count. Experiences which no matter what they do, they can’t take away.

    One of the reasons I want to do certain things without putting them off is that whether we like it or not, we age. If you wait, your health may deteriorate and you won’t be able to do it anymore.

    One thing in your life you can never get back, is time. If you look at it closely, time is the most precious commodity we have. Time does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, what religion you follow – we all get precisely 60 seconds per minute and once these 60 seconds are gone, they are gone for everyone equally. This July 1, 2011 will be there only once in everyone’s life and once it’s over, you will never get it back.

    Over the years, I put an enormous amount of time into this website to make it what it is. I am the last person alive who would want all that work to go up the chimney at the snap of a finger. Yet, even though it takes years of day to day commitment to build up a website like this, it’s still one of those things which when gone, it can be had back. Unlike time which when gone, it’s gone for good.

    Maybe if it comes to it and the site is shut down, I may be able to restart it again in 10 years. It’s a strange idea, but it’s possible. But if I spend the next 10 years on the internet and develop a disease that will jam me at home from that point on, then any of the fun things I wanted to do in my life will come to a sudden halt.

    Anyway, I don’t want to get too philosophical, but this is the type of mind-frame I developed 2 years ago when I quit work to escape the rat race. I set myself free from this corporate slavery, but became the slave of the internet through my own doing. And that’s just as bad, if not worse.

    To close my long comment – this is a heads-up, rather than a good-bye. Just saying that I have something in the works and it may result in significant changes to the site. It may not – I just thought I’d return a favour for loyalty so many of you have shown over the years and be straightforward with you.

    Thanks for all the supportive emails, Phil. I still hope I’ll hear from you from time to time 🙂


    1. Mark,
      I am a recent fan of BestGore, and it has quickly become a favorite site. Yes, I know how that sounds…lol
      Live life, hun. Don’t let time run away from you. Make yourself happy, the gorelings will be okay. 🙂 Who knows, maybe you will come back and get the site going again. 🙂 Until then, and no matter what, don’t be one of those people who look back at their lives and say,”I wish I would have done….” Be one that looks back and says,”yeah, that shit was AWESOME!”
      Thank you for all your time and effort bringing us gorelings our fix. You will be sorely missed.
      I hope you fulfill your dreams, and if anything gnarly happens be sure to get LOTS OF VIDEO…just in case! 😉

  16. I truly hope you can complete your bucket list. Time is precious, its very clear with the pics on this site that it all can end in the blink of the eye. Who knows what the future can bring, changes in plans happen.

    I’ve recommended this site to people who think of work as first responders or medical personnel. If they can handle this then they can handle the real life issues that will confront them sooner or later. There is the thought that you can get sponsors but that will keep you at your computer. I am not opposed to paying a small fee to be a member, which would free you from some of the

  17. sorry, my kitty hit the keyboard. As I was saying, a small monthly fee would allow you to not have to shoulder the server financial burden all by yourself. Or you could sell tshirts but, ha, what would you put on them aside from the site name?

    Please, keep us informed. IMO this is the best gore on the interwebz, thanks for the reality check.

  18. Happy canada da from a fellow albertan. Thanks for at least having the balls to tell us what your thinking and not just leaving us in limbo. As for obnoxious bitch, keep your kitty off the keyboard. The juices will make the keys stick haha jk.

  19. Mark,
    Like so many others, Best Gore is a daily stop for me. Sometimes I’m repulsed, sometimes I get a chuckle, sometimes I’m compelled to pray, but I’m ALWAYS entertained, as well as educated. You’ve done us all a great service with this site.
    Best Gore is clearly a labor of love on your part, and although you don’t owe any of us a thing, you still have the courtesy to give us a heads up.
    You absolutely deserve to do what you wish to do with your life, but I disagree with your view of this being as bad as, or worse than “corporate slavery”. When working as a wage slave, you are merely a cog in the wheel. No one appreciates how hard you work, and no matter how much you do, it’s NEVER enough. The final indignity is that whether you quit, are fired, or laid off, they really don’t give a shit about you. You will be replaced and life will go on.
    As the multitude of responses to your post can atest; we DO appreciate you, and you WILL be missed.
    May God guide and bless your decision Mark, whatever it may be.

  20. I just realized I started visiting BestGore in 2009, and I’ve visited it damn near every day since. I love the site and I would be sad to see it go, but I of course understand there is one person behind it doing all the work, and you of course have other stuff you want to take care of eventually. I wish you the best in all you do after BestGore if/when you decide to move on.

  21. I come on to BestGore every day too,sometimes twice (gotta check if someone replies to ya comment!)Mark’s intro to pic’s/video is alway’s interesting, so I will certainly miss it @Phil you are NOT too old to swim with dolphins, dude, why you think that? @Catabis a site called Thatsphucked has daily updates also HEAVY-R is bloody brutal (lot of porn on that one tho)

  22. My Honest Opinion.
    keep Best Gore running. Grab a Video Camera and film all the (more or less) regular visitors of Best Gore and ask them what interests them in Gore. Make a Movie about the Fascination of Gore and how people of all kinds of Social levels and Systems cope with gore and why they are doing it. I´d volunteer for such an Interview. If you are interested in this write me a mail([email protected])

  23. Hi Mark,

    Like a number of others, logging on to BG has become part of my morning routine. I’ve tried looking for this sort of stuff else where on the ‘net, but to date, BG is THE place for all forms of gore.

    Mark, you do a fantastic job with BG, but you need to put yourself, your dreams, ambitions and bucket list items ahead of everything else.

    Thanks for giving everyone a head’s up as to what the future my hold.

    BTW happy Canada Day – from the wonderful land of Oz

  24. As a Best Gore reader, I have to say that I appreciate all the videos and pictures you uploaded. It seems rather irrelevant to whine and complain if you leave. You’ve done so much for us and I thank you.

  25. Hello Mark.
    I would like to say thank you for making a great site. This site has helped me a great deal in my life. helps to keep my mind balanced from time to time. I have been fighting depression for three years and have come to notice that viewing gore helps my brain to snap out of depression and suicidal thoughts from time to time. On another note, this site has given me cheerful days and many laughs. It is hilarious to see dead people missing their shoes as well as people jumping from buildings and making a splat!
    My purpose for this message is to thank you for all your time and effort you have contributed to help entertain and educate us readers of your site’s content. Whatever you decide to do regarding this site, I hope it is still able to continue to run whether or not there will be future updates.

    Thanks again,

  26. Mark,

    As a lot of people have said, BG has become a ritual for me since the demise of As long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with the kind of material you bring to us every day, and AS long as I can remember, I felt guilty about my morbid interest in death, decomposition and the overall fragility of the human body. Since visiting BG, I’ve encountered so many like-minded people (and a few not so like-minded) that I’m not ashamed of what interests me anymore.

    Thank you for bringing us this site, not just the photos but the opportunity for discussion, rebuttal and intrigue.

    If I’ve learned anything about gore, it’s that it’ll always be here. Your dreams and youth will get away from you though, man! I cant offer any practical solutions for the site, I just know I’ve enjoyed it! I hope whereever you go and whatever you endeavour, you enjoy it too!

    Cheers for all your hard work!

    Northern Ireland

  27. I remember finding this site maybe 2 years ago, not sure. Watched the chechen rebels behead the Russian conscripts in Dagestan and that’s when I first started to see how fucking crazy this world is. I know it was posted on a couple other sites like livelink ( I think that’s the original) and some truth tube site, here had the most profound affect. I had seen all the afghan and iraqi beheading videos where terrorist assholes read off some islamist revolutionary BS before sawing through some journalist, contractor or iraqi government official. That video really hit home how fucked those soldiers were and how dark that day was. Having to hear your bro breathing through his neck knowing your next had to have been terrifying. I’m glad the spetnaz eliminated those mountain rat mother fuckers. The FSB counter-insurgency ops in Chechnya have been pretty brutal on the caucasus and not many people know the hundreds of thousands killed along with 50,000 russian troops KIA since 1994-5 I believe. There hasn’t been much shit on here that fucked with my head since that video. Thanks for opening my eyes, I think people should see that shit just like the dude above repeated 4 times about war and corruption. Personally, regardless of what people may say to this post, I would close the site and sell the domain on godaddy or wherever you registered. And ya, you could sell shirts and shit but if you want to sail the 7 seas, or make a documentary, why leave a rock unturned or whatever the saying is. my point is just close it down, and move to better things if thats the agenda, I’m sure some other fucked up website will pop up in 6 months time. glad you made the site, it has a cool feel to it unlike orgish and rotten, I didn’t like them as much. Good luck, and last question, what would you make a documentary on if you don’t mind me asking. And last thing….FUCK CANADA.

  28. I love your site, i love what you write and your lame jokes, but i think you should do what you want the most. It’s nice that you worry about the situation of bestgore readers, but if you keep doing this and postpone your projects , maybe you’ll be a slave of BG.
    This is what i think if you go I really would love to have you back.

    Luciana G.

  29. NOOOOO!!! this can’t be happening. i like this site very much to the point that i visit it everyday to see new gores. if i were you, if i can’t afford the expenses to maintain the site, i would execute the economical way of shutting down the site for good since the domain is registered on your name and to prevent some legal issue regarding abuse when you entrust this website to anyone. anyway, i will feel sad if that happens, i will miss eating dinner while viewing photos and videos here in bestgore.

    you did a great job mark. but as the saying goes, everything must come to an end. i salute you, we will miss you

    -hijackbluecat dragoon

  30. Markkky,

    Follow yourr heartt!
    if its what you want to do, then its what you want to do.
    I Have looked at and read EVERYTHING on this site and I Find it quite sad that this site must come to an end.
    You have no Idea how much i love this site and you for running it.
    Truley amazing id say ha
    I Swear i feel like crying no joke. but do what you want. I mean when people try and stop me from my dreams I push harder to reach those goals.
    Hopefully yu can still run this site and follow your dreams.
    But if not i bid you farewell and safe jeournys.
    I fxcking love youu Buddyy!!

    With Love,
    Shelzyy. oxxo

  31. @Trauma
    yah, most of the sites survive in the advertisement. but it’s the maintenance thing that is the main issue here. the one on the right side of this page are example of ads. but the bigger the website, the higher its maintenance cost.

  32. The problem is that there are few quality gore sites, and at any time there’s only ONE that reigns supreme, from Dan’s Gallery of the Grotesque ages ago, to Best Gore.

    Of course some of the stuff here comes from somewhere else, or is posted in other places, like LiveLeak or MentalZero (the successor to NothingToxic), but this is the only place where there is an actual “Gore Community.”

    In other places, we’re outnumbered by the normies who come mainly for porn and just watch gore between spankings to comment how horrible it is.

  33. Monitize BestGore with ads, put up a PayPal donation button, offer subscriptions, find a trustworthy admin to run the website while you’re away, find a sponsor who has servers and run their ads exclusively.

    15 Million page views a month should get you plenty of click throughs and some interest from advertisers.

    Granted, the content may be an issue.

  34. There comes a point when the ONE best gore site around (whichever it is) gets so heavy traffic that it stops paying itself, no matter how much advertising you try to keep it alive.

    For one, most people there days use popup blockers and ad removers, so you don’t even see the spam. Two, that if you’re getting millions of views from around the world, you’re just not going to find enough sponsors interested in your segment of the population.

    In short, Gerber is not going to put ads in a place where pics of aborted babies are common.

    The solution would be to have many top quality gore communities around instead of just one, but that’s not going to happen because we’re not that many and word of mouth spreads slowly.

  35. Hey Mark, I recently joined the site after months of creeping around, it’s a great site and you should be proud of what you have achieved from it. I don’t know you as a person and I’m sure the site means alot to you but like you say, you can’t wait around as you could be dead tomorrow. I have no knowledge of the tech side so to answer what I would do in this situation is I’d just pull the plug, I’m sure you have made friends that you wil have regular contact with outside of the site and the rest will be able to find more gore and will then not care that you choose your life over their satisfation. I understand giving up such a commitment would be like losing an arm but you will get over it when your tv hit comes out or while ur cruising the world. Kids going fuckin nuts so ima have to cut this short, live your life man, your life is your own and u only get 1 go at it. Don’t let us hold u back and go and enjoy yourself good luck and if your sailing past northern Ireland stop by and smoke a blunt with me u sick Mofo lol. Good luck

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