This Had Great Potential – Part XVI

Taliban Fire Missed ZOG Mercenary by Inches

This shootout between ZOG mercenaries and Taliban freedom fighters had great potential, but was missed by inches. A Taliban fired at the cutthroat savage but missed him by this much. The terrorist had a GoPro mounted somewhere on his chest and just as he was adjusting his rifle to spill innocent blood, an incoming bullet struck the rock he was hiding behind. Slo mo at the end of the video shows the potential it had pretty well. Too bad…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part XVI”

  1. Woooo! Yeehaw! That’s all us americans did over there, rape, pillage, and murder innocents! Give me a break. One needs only to see how the AQI started suicide bombing shias and sects of civies in iraq. Its still happening today, the sunnis refused to vote then retaliated against civilians because they lost their majority. Animals

    1. You forget dopey that when we “liberated” iraq we armed and trained shia death squads to be the “special police”. Straight outta of the old empires guide to counterinsurgency. James Steele led this shia death squad program under Petraeus as he did El Salvador. Not that i really care kill em all

  2. Sure glad when I was that age I didnt get stuck in some shit hole situation like that ! Fighting for who ?Corperate greeds need to rule the world ,so a very very few can be insanely wealthy! I heard Tom Heartman on freespeech TV say the KOCK Brothers make from all thier assests 3 MILLION AN HOUR!

    1. I don’t know what where you live you call people who fight for their freedom from invading terrorists who occupy the land of their forefathers, murder their parents and rape their children while spreading suffering and fear through every corner of their country and use it to grow and run their multibillion heroin smuggling business from?

    2. each country has his own culture, history, and should at last have the freedom to evoluate at his own rythm… Who is the western world to think they are so much superior to others that they can impose their own views and culture to everybody ? In the western world, a woman covered with a niqab is an insult for the whole human beings, in some shithole countries, a woman wearing a bikini on an advertisement is an insult for the whole human beings, and I can understand both

    3. the US want to make fall all the dictators in the third world countries ? OK, but they should begin with making fall they own dictators, Obama is not freely elected, he’s just a puppet in the hands of the jewish mafia and zionists

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