The 2010 Sauna Championships Incident

The 2010 Sauna Championships Incident

Greetings, fellow Gorians. It’s summer, it’s fucking hot and if you’re like me, working in an-already-hot-as-Hell factory in July can easily test your endurance. But, what I’m bringing to you now from Finland is a whole other ballgame.

From 1999 until 2010, Heinola, Finland hosted the World Sauna Championships. This was an extreme sport competition which involved sitting in a sauna with a group of either men or women and seeing who could withstand the ever-increasing temperatures the longest. And if there are any Finnish members who can elaborate on or add info or first-hand accounts , please, feel free to do so.

An average sauna can easily exceed 110°F, but in this competition, 100% humidity must be kept and maintained as it is necessary in reaching the highest temperatures. Half a litre of water is poured onto the molten-hot coals of the sauna stove roughly every thirty seconds. Constantly filling a confined space with steam in a 100% humidity raises the temperature of the water vapor in the air continually.

At the 2010 competition, men and women from fifteen different countries were competing. The idea is to be the last man or woman in the room and being able to leave unaided and without needing medical assistance. As such, all contestants much present a doctor’s certificate which states that they are physically healthy enough and clears them for participation in this Finnish test of endurance.

By the final round there were two men left; five time Sauna Championship winner Timo Kaukonen and Russian Vladimir Ladyzhensky, an amateur wrestler in his sixties. At the six-minute mark, when the temperature had reached 225°F(110°C), the two men began showing signs of extreme discomfort. This discomfort quickly escalated into pained reactions as the ever-increasing temperature of the steam began to blister and peel their skin. It wasn’t until Ladyzhensky collapsed that spectators and competitors rushed-in to help. Kaukonen refused to leave for fear of being disqualified but was forcefully removed before he could suffer any further damage.

Vladimir Ladyzhensky was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Autopsy determined that he had died from third degree burns and the aid of pain killers and a particular grease he used on his skin to give him an advantage, both of which are expressly forbidden by the rules. Timo Kaukonen’s injuries placed him in a medically induced coma for six weeks before awakening. He has since made a full recovery.

It was the last time the World Sauna Championships were held but the organizers maintain that all safety rules and proper procedures were followed.

Oh, by the way, Timo was disqualified for not leaving the Sauna unaided.

Also check out the video of the incident and the interview with Timo Kaukonen.

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          1. Don’t worry Mike I’ll never be a nurse I don’t like it I prefer autopsy things 😉 imagine them screaming and twitching @true evil and then pour some thiner That’s true evil :lol;

    1. Here in the northern u.s. some crazy finns & swedes do just that! in jan. , -20 f. air temp. they cut a hole through 2 ft. of ice at the end of a boat dock
      then sit in the lakeside sauna 125 ` f.
      for 15-20 min. then run off the dock & jump in the lake ! they are still steaming hot when they climb out.
      if they don’t pass out from the shock!

      1. My cousin lives in Michigan and has an outdoor hot tub. Around Christmas time we like to sit in it for a while and then jump out and make snow angels then jump back in the hot tub. It is fucking awesome, it feels like a million needles in your skin when you get back in the hot water.

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          I think of all the bacteria that gets under that foreskin whenever I see one.

          *and I swear- since I saw that last dick torture post, everytime I see an uncut dick, I think of all those cigarette butts in there and his anal ashtray.

          Thanks to whoever posted that-I’ll never forget that as long as I live. 🙁

          1. @Shannon:

            Foreskin forever baby yeah ! No intervention here baby no way.

            I think you been brainwashed by the circumcision circus. Bet you think female circumcision is awful though? This whole cutting a baby’s penis is barbaric and cant believe its not illegal. Another case
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            Jeez I’d be soo cut (ha) if I grew up and discovered my so called ‘loving’ parents did that to me!!

          1. Foreskin forever baby yeah : no intervention here baby no way!
            I think you have been brainwashed by the circumcision circus.

            Mate, id be so cut (ha) if some group of do gooders cut my cock skin when I was too young to have a say. It’s barbaric, useless and should be banned. Just like female circumcision. Funny how girls who have this done are poor little things from horrible countries but blokes who are cut are from ‘civilised’ western countries and nothing is said by anyone! Another example of male bashing perhaps???

        2. @shannon – believe me, there are plenty of dead or dying people naked or half naked on bestgore. About circumcision – I also thought it gross at first as well, I live in the US. However, my husband is from the UK and is uncircumcised, it’s nearly impossible to tell when erect. I did a lot of research when I was pregnant and found little reason to remove something men are all born with. So many men have had damage done due to circumcision. If you keep to clean men, they are most likely clean everywhere. Besides there are thousands of normal bacteria inside and on our skin even if we shower daily.
          @alicatt – I think BB was joking, at least I hope he was.
          @Dutchy – totally agree. I’m pretty sure circumcised men talk about needing lotion because they have no foreskin to prevent friction burns while masterbating. Hahaha.

  1. Wow I’m half Finnish and yes the Finns certainly take their Saunas very seriously!!! Practically all finns will either have a sauna or at least have access to a sauna. Its pretty normal to have temperatures of 80-90?C. Best sauna is wood burning with stones. Water is poured on the stones(loyloa) to make steam and sauna goers whip themselves with a bundle of sticks/leaves(vista) and then swim in the frozen baltic and then repeat about 10 times. Saunas are the best for detoxifying your body, amazing for coming off drugs, one thing the scientologists got right with narcanon was the saunas!!!! Amazing sleep after a sauna in the evening!!!

        1. fucking typo!!!!
          I meant: ” called, a sweat lodge”
          It usualy is part of a 3 to 5 day long fast in wich pften an ayauashca or san pedro or aminita muscaria or peyote brew is taken, followedby yopo. Deep shamanic visionary trance is reached

          1. ah yes, the fly aminita. “the super mario bros” mushroom. and i’ve heard of yopo but never knew of anyone who actually took it or participated in a sweat lodge. i’m sure it was a very “spiritual” and moving experience for you, sir.

          1. Hey @one eyed – my grandfather (WWII veteran grunt, RIP gramps) also had one eye – his right with sight. For most of you out there, he had no problem after adjusting. He told me a funny story that after his injury he and another soldier without his right eye would together guard German prisoners in Wyoming, each able to “watch” with their one eye. He said they did treat the Germans well and actually became somewhat friendly with some. He never believed in the war machine but was forced to go by his father. Anyhow, he was the most beloved person to me in my entire family – hence my user name. ; )

          2. Yeah, he had an old fashioned round one and a spare. Although he didn’t take it out in front of us, we did find his spare and my brother and I would scare my sister with it – great fun! He originally lost it and damaged his sinuses due to shrapnel so his brain was totally unaffected. To his dying day (never woke up after a “routine arterial cath procedure”) his mind was sharp, though somewhat still depressed over losing his wife not long before his passing.

    1. That piece of shit ..7hours is not good enough, he knew what he was doing .he knew that beautiful baby was in his SUV.setting there.wouldn’t a fucking normal parent or parents.hear( thier) scream,?how can this EVEN! happened.

    2. Ah that happens all the time here in Oz.

      But what really gets me is when I see a dog locked in a car ! Fucking morons, dogs can’t sweat and lots of idiots have lost their ‘best friends’ that way.

  2. They were slowly roasted in oven like conditions whilst being basted in their own juices as onlookers checked to see how they were progressing.

    As Hannibal Lecter would say, in life he served no need however in death he would go down rather well with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

        1. Aw thanks guys, I loved reading that little conversation, it was very um, hor…interesting.

          Ah, there is just something so cool and special hearing a woman talking about loving ‘the jizz’.

          It makes me feel like their is some hope for the world…..

  3. We have these competitions every year in Florida. It’s called “Summer”.
    I’m curious, what was the “prize” that these people would risk their lives to win…more than just the title, right?

    1. hehe, you’re a veteran eh @Itsy? 🙂

      but, to my understanding it’s pretty much the title and “some small things”, according to organizer Ossi Arvela.

      the womens winner of the 2010 championship recieved a price cup, a medal and a stove.

    2. Ive enjoyed visiting your state @it was me , very much .
      Does get very hot though , too hot for me . I got sun / heat stroke while in Naples a few years ago , Jesus I was Ill. Found a great potion for the skin though …. ocean lotion , full of alloe , which I needed after been burned like a roast spud . :-\

        1. Tell me about it . Not a single person in sight when we drove in , really strange and quiet . And there was bugger all to do but get drunk and sit in the sun ! . It was a welcome relief to stop somewhere at the time , but I wouldn’t go back there . Definitely The low point of that trip !

      1. Definitely love to spend my vaca in Florida. We go to LongBoat Key when we can afford to go, stay seaside and the breeze makes it perfect. A lovely cheap kitchenette and you can just enjoy fresh foods at your leisure, an uncrowded beach and late night sex on the beach – something everyone needs to do at least once – the trip that is, not the one time nookie – haha! When my daughter eventually finishes college, that’s going to be our gift to ourselves (if we are still alive by then!)

        1. If I go back , I’ll send most of the time in the Keys for sure , if it had been up to me , I would have stayed down there all holiday last time . Much slower pace , great fishing and yes , beautiful coves and beaches and easily the nicest food I’ve had in Florida .

          1. I have been to Fort Meyers twice and enjoyed it. A little north of Naples. Beautiful beaches, girls, and small beach side shops! Partied with some great locals and visited Sanibel & Captiva islands. Would recommend it to any deep sea fisherman, as myself. 🙂

  4. I like a nice sauna and a swim at the local leisure centre , but there’s always one dick head look at me I’m a fucking ten men type , who constantly pours more water onto the stones and spoils the enjoyment for everyone .

    This would have been one painful way to go I reckon .

      1. How do @bobcat .

        I know what you mean, I used to do the same back in the day, but this pool is not really cold water , it’s just a notch colder than a normal pool , so you don’t get that breath taken away shock when you dive in .

        1. @Stomper
          It’s not normal, what crackpot thought of slowly steaming themselves to near death and saying it’s good for you. It’s self harming! Why not just give yourself a good rub down with the old steam iron. Bit like a travel sauna.

          1. @bobcat
            These crackpots are a more extreme version of the ten men guys I see locally . I mean , fucks sake , what is going on in their heads !?! , kill yourself by steam and burns to win a fucking contest ! ….it’s beyond me mate .

            Saunas are nice done properly though ,just nice and steady , no silly bravado,
            you can feel really refreshed .

  5. I;ve been to northern finland in the winter. Beautiful and magical country. They do love thier saunas though we had one in our lodge, no one one bothered to set foot in it. That is just fucked up shit, probably they were all from the part next ot the Russian border and liked thier vodka too much.

    1. Did you see the northern lights mama ? . Finland is definitely one of those intriguing countries I’d like to visit one day . I’ve been to Sweden but not for leisure unfortunately . As we drove , there were trees either side for what seemed like hundreds of miles ……. amazing .

  6. Cool post @Obli. Too bad they canceled this event, maybe the survivors can enter the how much broken glass can you swallow or the how many plastic bags can you fit on your head world championships instead. I heard last years winners are gonna be no shows this year.

  7. Ehehe, i remember this… 😆 Mr Dumb and Mr Dumber tought they would be immune to heat… they forgot that the body is mostly made out of water, so they were litteraly cooking a stew inside of them at 110?C… 😛 Mmmmm, cooked russian stew, now with 100% more Russian!

  8. this reminds me something that happen here at mejico the “ABC case”a babysitting place called ABC burn and 76 were injured and 49 died all of them between 5months and 5 years old,don’t get me wrong but what I found interesting is that some witness says that when they grab the kids to take them out of that burning hell the skin and flesh comes off and they can see the bones,the roof melted and fell on the babies while they were sleeping

    1. I was going to mention the peeling skin part. The Asian guy’s blisters probably weren’t even noticeable until they grabbed him and that’s when the skin starts tearing. But hey, not much choice when you’re trying to help I guess. Gloves would have been nice, think of all the germs they introduced into his unprotected raw flesh (that should make you happy @hanabli. : ) Too bad the “prize” wasn’t worth the pain!

  9. In mexico, brazil, and lots of other culture, there is an ancient and sacree ceremony called “the inipi” or Sweat lodge. It usually comes at the end of a 3 to 5 day fast, as long as night chosen to enter the Inipi falls on a full moon, a solstice, an important personal date. usually have mine on Halloween and choose
    to begin fast 5 days prior to halloween

    1. (!!!! Fucken touchscreen!!!! Sent before i was done)… Anyways, some have a sweat lodge for health/detoxification reasons, some LIKE ME do it for visionary/spiritual cleansing reasons therefore utilizing sacred planrs/cactis/such as ayauashca (benisteriopsis cappi yegi)/ san pedro or peyote/ Amazonian Yopo snuff/ red aminita muscaria mushrooms/ to induce visions and help “tap into spirit frequency” and commune with ancestral spiritual enteties that you learn to come in contact with thru visions/ inner awakenings or dreams… Very intense stuff…

  10. Been a member of best gore for a little over 2 years, ghosted for years before that. Just want to know how do I become part of the, let’s call it best gore clique, everything I have commented on, nothing back except if I pissed someone off haha, am pretty drunk, I will regret writing this tomorrow haha,. Leave it at this, I love this website, ever since I came across it, it has opened my eyes so much and desynthsized (not sure if that’s a word) me from everything, except animals getting killed, can’t watch that shit.

      1. Haha, am not having a go, sometimes in my head I have a valid point, put the point across on on here, spend the next 2 hours checking for replies haha, maybe my points are only valid in my head, I don’t know haha, as you say I shall keep typing, one day I will get the reply I have been waiting for :).

        1. @Ste-
          Aww, that was sweet….
          It really was.
          How do I fit in the “clique”?
          You know what-just be your own person and write what you feel and don’t worry about what others post or if they reply to you or not…I’m pretty new as a member too. I guess maybe it just takes time…
          But hey, don’t sweat it…I’ll be your friend until we are officially initiated 😀

  11. The Steamed Swede, Fried Finn, and Roasted Russian were a disappointment. Apparently, the Boiled Bolivian, the Chipotled Chilean, the Scampied Sicilian, the Jerked Jamaican in a Jar and the Pickled Pole couldn’t make the trip due to a previous engagement at the Polynesian Potluck and Lava Lounging Invitational.

  12. Hot stuff Obli…well done indeed. Makes me appreciate my air conditioning even more. During the hot summer months I like to keep my place extra cool. For me there’s no greater feeling than coming in from the hot outdoors into an air conditioned place…except maybe having sex on cool bed sheets.

    1. Ok, always learning new words.catch phrases. New lingos .New places to live,but what is yids?,im from the USA,so our lingo,is a bit deff,even though ya’ll,s maybe very close to the English country that we come from..language that is,,just adding my point,,no butt hurts ok,fuck!!!

          1. lol , you are a star danielray , a mad as a box of frogs star , but a star all the same . BTW , to answer your question a yid is a Jew , they speak Yiddish . 😉

  13. The names need to be reversed. Timo is the guy with the longer hair. I’m a Finn. It’s common to have our saunas reach 80 to 100 degrees celcius. A normal session is about 10 to 20 minutes and then repeated after a short cool-off in a lake or snow. A session like this gives a small feeling of euforia.

        1. Sorry for the temporary disappearing act, I started a job at very short notice that has taken a lot of preparation and I am still working until at least August. After that I am not sure yet. Things have slowed down somewhat now 🙂

  14. And here is a video from Sauna world championship. Unfortunately its in finnish language.

    And about saunas, i dare to say 99% of finns have sauna or access to one. I personally like to stay there for about 10 minutes. Some take even hours. Well it really depends on sauna and l?yly’s (that hot steam that comes when you pour water on hot rocks.)
    All over the world sauna is known as sauna but in Sweden (Finlands arch enemy) they call it bastu.
    I really cant say about the health benefits when going to sauna because ive been taking sauna every now and then since i was like 1-2 years old. Well it makes your blood veins bigger and muscles too.

    Feel free to ask about sauna :3

    1. smegma…haha! sorry I had to…all these uncut dicks are getting to me….

      I think its some cream buddy put on his skin to help withstand the high temps?? just guessing on that one…

  15. “Kaukonen refused to leave for fear of being disqualified but was forcefully removed before he could suffer any further damage.”

    Talk about being stubborn as a mule~!
    God dam unless there was money involved why go way past the limit.. You’re being cooked alive and still go on?!?!

    1. There was no significant amounts of money, that’s just the thing called SISU! A mix of stubbornes, self-will, obstinacy and pure confident mind power. Added with a strong will to prove somebody wrong.

  16. This seriously hurts my brain because of how stupid it is. This could have been prevented so easily that ignorance/overconfidence is the only possible explanation for this incident. The whole point of endurance is to maintain a low amount of effort for as long as possible. The better idea would be to have systems to measure heart rate, temp, blood pressure so that the competition can be stopped BEFORE someone is in danger. It would also be a better idea to have the maximum humidity be 50% and require all participants to have mandatory breaks every 10ish minutes to cool down and rehydrate. You could also let the participants have “break tickets” to be used whenever they want. I mean, my god I’m a “mentally handicapped” 18 year kid and I can figure this out. I expected more from the superior Finnish culture and race!

  17. The best man should have been given the chance to win. The two finalists should not have been interrupted. The two should have been allowed to cook alive until the other tapped out, no matter what their sluffy-skinned condition might be.

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