29 Year Old Syrian Refugee Sets Himself on Fire in Viale Chios, Greece

29 Year Old Syrian Refugee Sets Himself on Fire in Viale Chios, Greece

Earlier today (March 30, 2017), a 29 year old Syrian refugee set himself on fire in the Syrian refugee facility in Viale Chios – an island in Greece.

The refugee doused himself with flammable liquid and lit himself up just as a policeman tried to grab him. The fire caused the policeman and another nearby person burns. The fireball refugee then ran berserk in every direction, endangering other people and causing damage to the property.

Best Gore member @manofwar notes:

This is an extremely serious event that could lead to a barrage of unrest in various camps throughout the country.

Thanks a lot for the videos, @manofwar:

Another video if the same event provides slightly different view of the self immolation, and is a bit longer:

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      1. o boy everyone….”here we go again with quoting ourselves because we think we are Homer or Chaucer”……pathetic

        “I am truly enjoying myself here.” (me, 2017)
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          1. @irondiketyson

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            I always took your quotations as an example of meta message. Just as Magritte was saying it wasn’t a pipe but rather an image of a pipe, these are not your words but an image or representation of your words.

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    1. Human firecracker! I say. Swalloving some explosive like C4 with a remote detonator, then “remotely” detonate it! It’s a bit different than the explosive wire around the neck, but it makes the job done. BY the way I would appriciate that the other refrugees in europe wuold follow the example of His.

  1. Since the Syrian “child” refugees(rape-fu-gees) who entered my country look older than I am, which is saying something since I am getting rather grey in the whisker department these days, I say good riddance to this cowardly lying piece of shit who no doubt abandoned his women and family to flee into Europe like the fucking parasitic worm that he is.

      1. @strychnine, that is one terrible news story! Just because it is ok for Iraqi men to take advantage and rape young boys and girls in their country as long as they don’t enjoy it, I don’t understand how they think other country’s will see things the same way and let them continue their ungodly acts.
        And he called it a sexual emergency? Castrate him because he went learn.

  2. So I’m guessing that was what you would call a rapefugee camp… I only noticed one woman in the crowd… I think is safe to say that for every hundred Syrian rapefugees 96 are young males 3 are children and 1 is a female…

  3. They were to try that shit in the U.S. its a guarantee that the cops would have unloaded on Mr. Fireball putting him out of his misery…
    Those greek cops should get with the program and think about their fucking safety… wait.. did they even had guns???

  4. Excellent, one less piece of moslem migrant trash to aid in the destruction of Europe.

    I hope he lives long enough to experience the excutriating pain that burn survivors experience.

    Allahu ackbar you piece of shit..

  5. Chicken Boo, what’s the matter with you?
    You don’t act like the other chickens do
    You wear a disguise to look like human guys
    But you’re not a man, you’re a chicken boo

    That’s all I have to say concerning this video.

      1. Oh, I DO give a shit, and thats pretty much all I have to give for most human beings.

        But once you start lighting yourself on fire and become a hazard to others, thats about the time I stop giving a shit. You wanna kill yourself, fine, but dont drag others into your whirlpool of despair.

  6. These people are going crazy. Go home and get murdered by ISIS. Stay and remain in a jail that has no way out. That dude might have had mental issues…..imagine being stuck in a place without access to your meds if you need them? Many of these people come from more money than the average person and to live in what looks to be a DOG KENNEL I can understand might drive some of them crazy.

  7. Every single comment on this forum I just read is fucked up. These are fellow human beings, just like your neighbors, your family, and your friends. They haven’t much of a choice between being murdered in their own country and trying to get their kids to a better place. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

    1. My friends and family are not a bunch of goat fucking muslims. Why aren’t the other large muslim countries like Egypt or Saudi Arabia providing them with refuge? Why must they immigrate to Europe or worst yet, the United States? I’d you don’t like the posts here go cry with the other pussy snowflakes at Huffington Post.

  8. Later they asked, “Why did you just stand there filming him with your phone?”
    With a smile I reply, “I’m not a fireman or a paramedic. It would be irresponsible for me to get involved.”

  9. i hate from all my heart those imigrants! they all must do like that guy! if u are brave, take the weapon and fight for your freedom! not ocupy another countries with your shitty culture and habits!

  10. Once again, thx israel, Obama, Mc Cain, UglHillary, Soros and all the mofos who allowed the Syrian mess.
    Hopefully, around 800 000 Syrians went back home since the Russian Bear stepped in on september 30th, 2015.
    Long live secular Syria, not to forget the help given by Hezbollah, Iran, Russia & other allies.

    1. @Ewan420 What is your opinion on all the people coming to Greece, and how has it changed the area in which you live?
      I live in England and it’s really impacted the town I’m in. There is no integration. It’s very sad.

      1. Its very sad…everything have change.. those people have different culture. ..they steal ,rape, hit people take money from government. .everything sucks in general I’m sad with our government we have and those peoples keep coming by millions

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