African Man Trying to Steal Oil from Transformer Burns While Electrocuted

African Man Trying to Steal Oil from Transformer Burns While Electrocuted

African Man Trying to Steal Oil from Transformer Burns While Electrocuted

In an unspecified part of Africa, according to the backinfo I got, a would-be thief apparently met La Senora Karma while trying to steal oil from a transformer. What oils are there in transformers, I have no idea.

The failed thief got electrocuted and while hanging upside down – burned. The villagers tried to set him free with sticks, but he looked like he’s a goner anyway.

Maybe they just didn’t want the stench of his burnt flesh poisoning the air in their village. But I’m sure none of the villagers shed a tear that a fucking thief who, had he been successful, would have fucked up the power delivery to their homes, got fried.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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    1. You guys got it all wrong, it was just a bottle of that Jojoba hair oil (that helps with root improvement and volume) that his buddy put up on the transformer for him to get later because he didn’t trust leaving it on his porch with all those thieves around.

    2. Its use for insolation and has higher heat properties than regular oil.I dont know if that make it more expensive to sell.I think they might use it to cook with as it is like cooking oil but toxic,this doesn’t stop them from frying their chip in it lul

      1. Ok i found a like about Kenyan thieves who are steeling oil from transmitters to sell to food vendors or chefs.The oil looks the same as cooking oil but last longer and sells for 12 dollar a liter.It contains toxic polychlorinates biphenyls (PCBs)

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    1. That’s what I’m reading of these sick bastards they steal it and sell it as cooking oil only it’s old mineral oil from transformers. The food stalls are selling food cooked with it. That is rather than just using it for diesel fuel or something that wouldn’t matter. Much like gutter oil if I’m there I won’t eat anything they make. That’s vegetable oil or fat that could’ve been made diesel with alcohol.

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  2. Hold the phone ya all … why is it that I come to righteous site such as this one and is the best don’t get me wrong … and when I see a person frying and burning and made into a hamburger’wether is a train or a transformer or power lines is always a theft or trying to sell the parts so this is my concern or question … you mean to tell me that none of these pathetic fools committed suicide? 0.0 * dog style wail * what a world XD okay ..

  3. Transformer oil is highly toxic and serves absolutely no purpose at all, to anyone, nor does it have any value. If he really was attempting to steal the oil, someone convinced him it was valuable and wanted him to kill himself.

  4. They should have doused him with BBQ sauce.
    Anyways, the transformers are full of Mineral Oil… basically the same shit they rub on hot women to make them shiny and slippery… well that was in the 80’s.. today, the men are probably rubbing it all over other men.

    1. Guess I should have read other’s comments first .. oh well, I could change this, but I deserve the criticism or accusation of copy cat since I didn’t bother..
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    1. All of these people trying their luck at poking him with a stick reminds me of when i was a young kid and use to dip a Long Stick/Tree Branch in Dog Shit, And then i would run after the Neighborhood Girls With-It, lol. 😉

  5. It was part of a bigger plan. First you steal the oil. Strip naked and oil yourself all over. Head over to coontown and steal all the shit you can. Flee the scene of the crime and evade the necklace party goons and blood thirsty lynch mob of chimps by being a greased up flash of black lightening! Nothing faster on god’s green earth than a greasy thieving nigger, running away with someone else’s property, and in fear for his life. He didn’t get past stage one.

  6. That’s Not In Africa
    It’s In India In State Of Uttar Pradesh.
    I’m an Electric Engineer And These Are CDT Units He’s Stuck On They Use Oil To Cool Down The Unit. Oil Is Very Expensive Of Electricity Grade Cause It Doesn’t Heat Up Easily And Never Catches Fire!

    CDT is Community Distribution Transformers. They Run On 40 KVA.

    Motherfucker Is Fried For Good He Maybe Tried To Steal Oil During Powercut.

  7. I bet he done this before and got away with it. This looks like a vintage transformer. It may be filled with PCB like the last one he was lucky enough get away with somehow. Chicken may taste better fried in PCB oils than vegetable oil. or couldn’t afford vegetable oil, 0r maybe he got hiiiiigh of PCB oil. or got tired of loosing sleep cause the light never goes out in his head. HUH never know. A million guess. on to the next VIDeo.

    1. This photo perfectly depicts the lack of evolution of the low IQ african. That transformer tower could just as easily be a tree and the oil the honey. Notice the unworked fields in the background, the african can’t farm. He seems to have no grasp of the idea of planting a seed and nurturing it until it bears fruit.
      All he can do is steal, steal from the hard working white man or from the hard working honey bee. It’s all the same to the lazy, greedy african.

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