African Thief Suffers Serious Burns Trying to Steal Copper Wire

African Thief Suffers Serious Burns Trying to Steal Copper Wire

South African friend Luke sums up the video in his own words:

What we have here is a sizzled darkie from an African country, I assume an equatorial one, considering the dark skin (where there don’t appear to be burns).

I’m not sure if this is a common practice in the States or wherever, but here in South Africa, it’s quite common for these dumb cunts to try to steal copper wires from electricity boxes among other places.

The downside is that you risk being on the wrong end of a gigantic electric shock and subsequent explosion (you can see by the fact that the door are on the floor and the gaping hold in his left upper midriff).

This idiot will almost certainly have died from his injuries. One less of these cunts off the earth.

Copper thievery definitely happens in America, as well as elsewhere in the world (and of course – Brazil).

Thanks a lot for the video, Nick:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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146 thoughts on “African Thief Suffers Serious Burns Trying to Steal Copper Wire”

      1. Tell me about it! His entire body is literally still smoking!! And it blew off and fried all his clothes….. if only that part was on tape! I nearly died from grabbing a power cord sitting on top of my dryer that was plugged into the 240 volt wall outlet but not connected to the dryer unknown to me. It was sitting on top of it and I was about to hook it up after moving into our first apartment and didn’t know my idiot best friend/roommate had left it plugged in the wall after he had tested the plug to make sure it was the right one since the one originally on it was a different style plug. It exploded before the breaker blew and turned my entire hand black and similar to this dude. The white dryer was now black as well. Electricity, that shit is no joke!

        1. I do not have the links, but there are 2 older posts on BG where you can see exposed lungs working. One is very cool and is an auto accident in which the victim had his chest sliced open by a flat bed trailer. He is just lying on the ground with a huge chunk of flesh missing and his lung inflating and deflating in the hole. Every time it inflates, it actually comes out of the hole a little.

  1. Its pretty common here in the US. People sell the copper, but I didn’t know they could be electricuted I just figured there were piles of copper pipes in construction sites and stuff. Ive never heard of people dying from it.. heed I would get the fuck away from that thing if I was that price of crap…..

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        1. @thatnigger This isn’t obscure, but I thought it was interesting. It was one of the few times I saw post mortem twitches. But, some guy thought it was best if he cut a tree down by electrical wires so I guess he decided it was best to have his nephew teather a safety wire around him to hold his ass up… Long story short, he hit the wire, blew his nephew clean in half, and fried his brain. He thought he was 7 afterwards. But the kid, obviously didn’t live. That stuck out to me as a very, very avoidable death. People can let their hubris literally kill them

          1. @dethbyplasteri work in queens/ Brooklyn and Manhattan. I’m all over ny. ONEDAY we have to meet up and have a double date. My wife is awesome.

          1. We are sooooo blessed to live here in ny. Let me rephrase. I am so blessed to live here. So glad you’re here commenting. It was just me and dethbyplaster. Believe me you will know that name. So glad you’re aboard. So cool to hear people from India, europe, USA newwwyork etc give Their take on the world they live in.

    1. I had some friends that would climb the cell phone towers to get the copper. Since the towers are out in the country,on top of mountains, or where there isn’t many people suffice to say they were able to make a lot of money. They only did it three times though the last time they tried climbing up one of the guys fell to his death.

      Their are less dangerous was to steal copper in the US from computers,stoves,fridges,construction sights.

    1. I didn’t think you would be right but HOLY SHIT the muscles are burned out between some ribs and you are looking at his lung! I don’t think he would survive unless he gets immediate care in an excellent hospital. Fluids are gonna leak out of his body and the lung may collapse. Either could be lethal. We Life Flighted 2 girls burned over 90% of their bodies from pouring gasoline on a camp fire. They both died eventually.

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  3. If he had touched the high voltage surface with one hand and the casing (ground) with the other hand he would have died instantly as the current would flow across his chest causing cardiac arrest. It seems he had his feet on the casing and the current went from his hand (which appears to be still stuck to the casing) through his feet causing some internal organs (which act like resistors) to explode. My expertise says this man will not survive.

  4. Nice tan, it looks good on him! The more videos i see on here, the more I’m convinced robbers want to be injured and go to jail!!! Some people are so stupid, desperate and deranged that they want to go to jail! Otherwise why the fuck would they rob? Not to mention how morally and ethically bankrupt it is. If they want to go to jail so bad, there’s nothing to can do but watch and enduldge

  5. I lived in eastern Kentucky/W Virginia for about 9 years and would see at least 3-4 deaths per year on the news about these fuckers frying themselves while trying to steal copper from powerlines and coal mine cables just to buy a pill or two..idiots…

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  6. I used to work with 13.8Kv electricity years ago. 1, you learned to RESPECT electricity! 2, our training (I’m from southern New Jersey) was intense. Got to see what the power of electricity can do to a human body. Best pic was of someone stealing car batteries, at a train yard, lifted the hood and connected to the power line. Blew him back 15ft into a cyclone fence. He was charcoal AND fused to the fence. They had to cut the fence around him to retrieve the body. A fellow co-worker of mine got hit by 13.8kv. he was thrown back about 20ft and hit a guardrail (we were on the second floor). He some how barely was even injured! Electricity has a life and mind of its own. Main lesson-RESPECT ELECTRICITY or it will fuck you up!
    I do love how you get to see his lung and hand being fused! Another dead or soon to be dead thief

  7. I suppose those stupid niggers don’t even know what electricity is. Must be some kind of voodoo black magic thing for them.

    I wonder what they think about Lasers. I’d love to see some real bad injury caused by a high power laser btw. Can’t remember having seen such on bestgore.

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