African Copper Thief Badly Burnt During Ill-Fated Excursion

African Copper Thief Badly Burnt During Ill-Fated Excursion

Video from Lynnvill, a suburb of Witbank City, in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, shows the end result of a thief who was attempting to steal a “4 Core armoured electrical copper cable” (I don’t know electrical shit and I ain’t gonna pretend to) from the Botha Substation when shit went horribly awry.

The young man is speaking in Zulu language. He says, “Ngicela ungisize” (help me please). The people around him respond with, “uma udinga usizo, ke nje kufanele bahambe” (if you need help, then you just have to walk). And indeed, he did walk his ass to hospital where he supposedly succumbed to his injuries. Burnt to the white meat.

Mad props to African Angel for the hookup.

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      1. I think he looks very, very badly burnt. Imagine being burnt, over 20% of your body surface. This guy looks like he has 50%+ burnt body surface, it’s the infection, if not the outright burns that kill people.

        1. That is correct @tas tiger, but that is if you survive the initial water imbalance. Burnt cells can’t retain water and electrolytes which causes all kinds of major complications like shock, hypovolemia, pH imbalances causing heart arrhythmias and also kidney damage from all the large proteins that get into the blood stream from major cell
          damage often requiring dialysis which introduces it’s own major risks etc……..
          ( rhabdomyolysis)

          1. Everything he said was exactly correct. I had an ER IN California (actually a VA) hospital want to admit me for rabdomyosis from working out too hard while dehydrated. They were trying to explain how dangerous it was but I left anyway. I had to sign out AMA, against medical advise. I was fine but I realize now how lucky I actually was not to has died!

      1. I work at a supermarket meat dept. I always walked around with prosciutto on my face someone said you should package and sell that face so I cut out a ground beef package, put some prosciutto and wrapped my head with plastic wrap and made sure I put bestgore on the pricetag.

          1. @rayf, check the times the comments were submitted, he was unlucky by seconds. I have never been excited by being first to comment myself, but I guess some are! πŸ˜‰

          2. Have to admit I avoid being first at all costs …….I did it once or twice but found the pressure is just too much and takes weeks to recover………

          3. The cried out tissues and empty chocolate boxes…your lucky I’m not your Mum…I’d beat your bum for making me have to clean that mess up.

          1. Or those cunts of banks, that think making life harder for low income workers, by charging 2.5$ per withdrawal from an ATM, or 30$ for a missed B-pay is acceptable while they report 14 billion$AUD annual profits
            (and that’s just my country with only 20mill people)

    1. Same. Thieves are horrible. When I was still on dumblr, there was a post I’d see occasionally explaining how and why people should shoplift. It pissed me off so much. It was basically just a bunch of idiots whining because they weren’t as privileged as they wanted to be, and couldn’t believe they had to actually *gasp* WORK for money!

        1. Despite his unfortunate genetic makeup, you gotta feel for the guy…….

          Walk to the hospital – are you fucking kidding me?? If he was here at the moment, he would be walking in 41 degree heat – with 3 degree burns, with only 6 degrees of separation to the world’s richest man……..

          Sometimes, you just gotta give up……

          1. Fuck that shit! It reminds me of the African woman a few posts back that set herself on fire out of guilt after her husband died, the way she was sat on the ground completely defeated was pretty striking. I wonder did this guy even know exactly what happened him? Trying to rob cable, zap, walking around in a daze with seroius electrical burns and everyone doing their best to not help.

    1. You know how we can tell that one is telling the truth about being a long time lurker or not? When they manage to figure out how to change their avatar without asking the question that already has been answered 6518413 times… So welcome ex-lurker! πŸ˜€

    1. Mike : You are an intriguing member – you wrote a comment once that made me realise that you are a true champion….and since then I always read your comments with interest ( except this one….)
      what nation do you hail from?

  1. i’d like to help the Best Gore community by translating.

    Ngicela ungisize = Daayym !! this nigger gone f*cked up.

    uma udinga usizo, ke nje kufanele bahambe = you are one dumb-ass nigger and you suck at being a thief. Hay anyone down for some chicken wings?

  2. Looked up armored copper cable… And I can confirm this dude was a fucktard.

    “Purpose: Mains and Control Low voltage steel wired armoured cable (SWA) – XLPE insulated cable – is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications with the steel wired armour providing mechanical protection and suitability to be installed indoor or outdoor, through cable ducts and underground. “

  3. Rule one of working on any HV/LV cable – DIESIR
    Dead – Isolated – Screened – Identified – Released for work
    Although this is what the live cable thought, after he got him DIE SIR!

    First post ever, love BG Keep on keeping it real!


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