Aftermath of Deadly Fires in California

Aftermath of Deadly Fires in California

Aftermath of Deadly Fires in California

On the night of October 8, 2018, 22 deadly fires started pretty much simultaneously and out of nowhere in California’s wine country. While the general propaganda by the Jew machine blames hurricane force winds and negligence by regional electrical utility PG&E, unless you’re a complete NPC, shit about the fires won’t stand up to critical analysis.

The images of the fires show smoke rising straight up, which is not what would happen if hurricane force winds were truly battering the area. Even more telling is the fact that despite being called “wild fires” or “forest fires“, these fires totally incinerated houses and cars, but the trees next to them are still standing up tall along with their foliage.

Of interest could be a closer look at DEW (Direct Energy Weapons), including microwave weapons, which US military is well documented to possess. If you combine it with the fact that US military is the sworn enemy of the US people and has a long history of using its training and equipment to mass murder US citizens (if you’re still in the NPC mode, look into the Bonus Army incident, the Black Wall Street incident, Operation Big Buzz whereby they air dropped 300,000 of the aedis aegypti mosquito that is a vector for Dengue, Chikagungya, Yellow Fever, Zika and West Nile Virus to “see how they survive and feed on humans” on U.S. soil in Georgia, or when in 1950 the Navy sprayed the entire city of San Francisco with an aerosol spray containing several microbes from 43 locations, or when in 1965 the Army released a bacteria at Washington’s Greyhound bus terminal and National Airport, etc.), why would they not use their microwave weapons to fry a few Californians? I mean – what do you think happens if you put foliage into the microwave and turn it on? Hint – nothing. But put metal in the microwave and unless you shut it off fast enough, it’ll go up in flames.

Below is a video related to California’s fires. The video itself is a male recording burned down bodies in the ground and inside cars. Quality is not that high but enough to see the skulls and smoke coming out of the bodies.

Props to Best Gore member @oiracis for the video:

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147 thoughts on “Aftermath of Deadly Fires in California”

      1. satellite attached or by a plane posing as a fire tanker? I’ve been seeing a lot of military Planes in the area, @westlos not sure if you noticed these past few days but there’s a lot of Blackhawk and large AC130s and Other military vehicles in the vicinity. Not joking yo, they’ve been flying around even before the fire started since two weeks ago.

        1. You’re a retard. Those ” military aircraft” probably belong to Cal Fire or the US Forest Service. They fly AC130s, among other aircraft also used by the military. If you’re a local, you should also know that Beale AFB is about 30 minutes south of the fire and flies military aircraft all the time. Nothing nefarious is going on.

          1. I think u’re retard,boy…what i see from your name…u’re have been tricked to believe your govt/zog propaganda or whatever like that…poor of your…open your eyes boy…purify your heart..u will see the truth and what a reality of the world we live in..huhuhu…

      2. I still use a blackberry, so what I can see/do is limited. Can you please send me a link to any video/pictures of the actual California incident? Absolutely no disrespect or I’ll regards towards you, just not being a mindless sheep, I try not to judge without actual evidence and being told to believe one thing and the evidence being a video of something else doesn’t really count as evidence in my books. Kind of the like how Monsanto is directly killing endangered monarch butterflies because they sell one of many weed killers used on milkweed which I was fined $250.00 by the city of edmonton for growing on my property (specifically to help said endangered species).

        1. I would also like to video of the actual fire. Rose do you have a laptop to look at videos? A blackberry screen is so tiny. That is very interesting about milkweed. I’m sorry you were fined. That is terrible. Thank you for trying to help an endangered species. More people like yourself would do the world good.

    1. if this were done by the government it will either never be admitted or will be admitted decades later. I don’t understand how so many people are blind to incidents like this happening in history. Then it is never spoken of like it never happened. Another example is the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. The Japanese army did horrendous experimentation in Unit 731. Human experimentation is very common throughout history and it occurs today.

    2. Bullshit. Anyone who thinks this fire was started by the military should check themselves into a mental hospital. This part of the state has always had heavy fire dangers. I went to a camp 30 minutes away from this fire over 20 years ago. We were told during a fire drill, that if there ever was a fire, we’d all be dead. Fire can move 60 mph over dry, dead brush.

      1. how can you be so absolutely sure of something,anything? I personally, along with most of the population are not “important enough” to be in the know. To name call a person with an open mind is ignorant. The world was once called flat and anyone who questioned that was name called by a person like yourself. Lobotomies were once the go to treatment for medical health. What the masses and science tells us changes day to day. Science and technology is always changing. Cloning would have been called madness, but it is now possible. What we think we can do and what is possible are different things. Turning your nose up to the crazy conspiracy theories is all good fun….until they turn out to be true. And because talk is cheap……
        here is a list of when the “mentally ill” ….turned out to be right!
        and another
        last but not least , there is always going to the CIA s website to their declassified section.

      2. I hear ya, I’m a big fan but these retarded ass theories make me think that eventually the nigga that runs this site will make another Jonestown/Waco/Heavens Gate incident. Anyway imma sit back and see what happens, then act surprised.

      3. Fucking mk ultra, do i need to say more you fucking munchkin? Well here i go; wanna know what cia stands for? Cocain Importment Agentcie, ever heard of a guy called Osama bin laden?, his real name is tim Osmann, wanna know something else about the motherfucker? he was escorted ONTO a FUCKING plane by FUCKING CIA Agents, there are pictures of that aswell, and now you wana tell me that the same coperation who has their faggot mercenairys guarding poppy fields in fucking afganistan wouldnt test some sifi ass weapons in an area that is pron to the effects cause by them anyway, as to explain them away, even more so when their easyer to get to and not another fucking war has to be started via a false flag op just to test the new fucking prototype? You Dear @muslimhater69 are either a complete and utter retard or fucking kek himselve

  1. Yeah I don’t live far from there, but I gotta admit seeing charred white meat is a change instead of typical Indians and Ugandan witches burned alive. I’m certain these people died quickly from smoke inhalation before burning for you sensitive tellytubby land types.

  2. Thats fucking Crazy. I can see the Plume from here.
    Air Quality is Disgustingly terrible Nowhere to go.
    I’m in El Monte right now and I’m just hunkering down.
    I’ll usually be in Malibu or Camarillo but that’s outta’ the question this weekend.
    Poor Souls never had a chance.

  3. Had to laugh, when this wingnut praised the power of the holy spirit. I could of driven my car through most everything that use to be a solid there.

    What makes you any more any gifted than any one else dude?

    Lady luck granted you a pass, that’s all!

    1. @pigsonthewing
      HA HA HA HA I knew I’d find an atheist asshat naysayer like you before the end of the comments. What makes you the authority on wether this man was saved by the grace of God in whom he believes OR this thing you call “lady luck” LMAO LOL FART FART, you’re a real HOOT kiddo, it takes 1,000,000,000 x more blind faith to believe in something like “lady luck” than it dies to believe in a God whom created all things. Now sit down you silly clown, your opinion has no value here.

          1. I don’t have a problem with Gzuz either… since he is long deaded. Is the living the scares the Bgzuz out of me 😛

      1. Best Gore…

        Sounds like you’re full of the holy spirit yourself. I just felt the love pour out of you, the moment I read your comment. Has it ever dawned upon you, that my phrase “holy spirit” referred to “holes?” Go back and read my earlier comment, to see my “play on words.” (or has your mental horsepower taken the day off)

        And what makes you think I’m an atheist. Have I ever posted on here that I was?

        If the word “wingnut” drew your attention well, stand up and take a bow. Organized religion is full of them. And many, are the most hateful people I’ve met on the planet.

        …Now that you’ve made your presence 🙂

    2. hey pigs it was the Guardian Angel you mutt, oh yeah if you think something is looking at you or you feel you are not alone its an Angel or something good that Sapions forgot all about, NOT witches…. not witches.

    1. It doesn’t matter to a religious wingnut. The information they give us, is as dead and decaying as the things around them. Similar to congress telling the people that god is on our side, as innocent human beings are turned into red mist abroad.

      No life giving information. Just death.

  4. I inadvertently watched this muted and it made for a truly compelling three minutes of TV.
    After I read the comments and realized there was sound my replay lasted three seconds

    Definitely recommend the silent view, it is pretty awesome

  5. “The images of the fires show smoke rising straight up, which is not what would happen if hurricane force winds were truly battering the area.”

    Hurricane force winds start at 74mph. Huge, vast fires can generate their own local weather systems. It’s intense heat rising that creates air being sucked in along the ground to gain speed. As the fire dies down, so does the “wind” it creates. And that wind travels fastest from the outer boundary of the fire inwards. As you get nearer to the centre, smoke and flames would be more vertical.

  6. I’ve been waiting for BG to have a video sent in showing that event. I’m guessing when you are a black budgeted ,unacknowledged special access cluster fucked filled government, with it’s own evolving fund raising mechanism, jam packed with exotic technology, untold truths, and secret knowledge, that it must get boring never getting to play with their amazing toys. So why not just kill two birds with one stone. One they reduce the mass population “AKA the Sheeple,” and two,they get to finally play with there exotic toys that they have been sitting on for a while.

  7. Holy Spirit saved this guy? LOL Now that is dumb. Some how the ‘Holy spirit’ did not seem to care much for the others. Typical retarded brain fucked religious moron. So missed the Roman days where we fed christians to the lions.

  8. That does seem like an energy weapon discharge. The metal in the car looks ok and the tires are sorta good,but those bodies are long gooooooooneeeeee.

    I’ll subscribe to the theory that something shady went on there. They have also announced progress with a railgun a couple of weeks ago. So stay tuned if there’s an “accidental” explosion involving a huge ass crater and several pierced metal plates, “parts of a carbomb”.

  9. “I prayed to god and was saved” (but they weren’t) = “I’m better and more worthy of life than those who died.”

    What a piece of shit thing to say. You simply did the right thing, going to water, in the lowest lying area possible. Smoke is generally what kills people before the fire does, and smoke rises along hillsides with the heat of the fire.

  10. YAY! More dead Californians! Thats good news to me. I hope that entire liberal shithole burns to the ground, and all the fucking hollywood scum have their faces burned off. I hope and pray every day that Kim Jong Un nukes Cali and turns it into a radioactive exclusion zone for the next 10,000 years.

  11. terrible shit 🙁

    but i admit… i got pretty surprised when he talk about all the dead and terrible thing and suddently he came out with : “they all dead….. every….fucking… one of them.”

    i was like : “wtf why did he talk like that all of the sudden ??”

  12. Death toll is 23 I live in Oroville,Ca I can at anytime be told to leave my home & lose everything the fire dept say it will take till the end of this month to put the fire out the air is hazardous to breath this is 6700 plus structure’s burnt to ground 95% Paradise has been take out 23 lives lots so far they will find more bodies. PG&E transformer by where this fire started has damage guess that means we the people will be paying for the cost of this utitiles has just gone up in Northern California. This whole thing stinks!.

          1. I’m not American but I doubt Arizona is any better in anything so I assume you are been sarcastic. Indeed those rainbow weapons are not so bad…

  13. Really? Secret weapon caused the fire? My unit is fighting this very fire with UH-60L and UH-60M water dropping helicopters. We fight these areas year after year. We get random heavy winds around this time every year. A camp fire got away from campers and started slow burning till the winds picked up considerately off and on and is still ongoing. I have seen fire do crazy things when a massive hilly area is on fire. The updraft is amazingly powerful. It will flex our blades pretty good and push us all over the place. It’s like perpetual wind shear. Those same updrafts cause the fire run around houses. Go straight up with no lateral movement. Hop huge sections starting small fires all over the place. People don’t realize just how fast fire can be. A few people always ignore the evacuation order and unfortunately pay a heavy price for it. The wall of heat that hits you before the fire will disable your car and start cooking you and your car before the actual flame hits. Fire needs air and big fires are ravenous. You can quickly run out of air to breath because the fire takes it all or makes it too hot and kills you from the inside out. Those high winds are that very air being sucked up. That’s why it leaves patches of trees untouched for a while. Not enough fuel to lite them up but boy do they start absorbing heat way past their fire point. Soon as they get air again they pretty much explode into flames. Look up the fire bombings of Japan during ww2. It’s hell on earth.

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