Aftermath of Deadly Fire in Chawkbazar Area of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Charred Remains of Chawkbazar Fire

Aftermath of Deadly Fire in Chawkbazar Area of Dhaka, Bangladesh

At around 12:30pm on February 21, 2019, a fire broke out in the residential area of Chawkbazar in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Local reports talk about at least 80 people who would have died in the inferno. Chawkbazar is one of the most overpopulated areas of the Bangladeshi capital city.

The pictures and the video of the aftermath were sent to us exclusively by Best Gore member @diptadebnath. Many thanks to you, my friend:

Gallery of pics:

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  1. So many dead in a midday fire…too bad they weren’t at work and school. That happens in the U.S. fairly frequently, an entire family dies in a fire in some apartment at 2:00 in the afternoon because nobody works, they’re all on Welfare and high on drugs and asleep or passed out. Yeah, we need more Socialism.

    1. I honestly don’t understand how you can die in a fire in USA, or anywhere else except situations when you on a high floor and cut out from the ladder or elevator.

      Even if you SOMEHOW didn’t notice when the fire starts and now you woke up and the fire is already all around you, just cover yourself with some blankets or cloth and run straight through the window, don’t bother opening it up, just break it.

      1. Carbon Monoxide kills more people than heat and flames, hence the need for smoke and CO detectors. You’re not gonna necessarily wake up on your own from a deep sleep. CO moves well ahead of a fire and is especially concentrated as a fire smolders and starts to grow. It will kill you long before the fire gets there and put you into a deeper sleep.

        As far as the blanket stunt, if you stand up in a room full of fire the heat is going to drive your right back to the floor and if it doesn’t you’re gonna inhale super heated air and sear your lungs right on the spot. It’s why firefighters crawl into burning buildings and why we tell you to get low and crawl. Temps at the floor can be a couple hundred degrees. halfway standing and temps can be over 400 degrees and at the ceiling they can be over 800 degrees. And if you’re surrounded by flames as you say those blankets are gonna ignite right on your back OR if you wet them the water is gonna turn to steam immediately and you’re gonna scald.

        That’s how water put out a fire. We spray some into a room and it turns to steam instantly and cools the room down.

        Another thing too, you’re assuming you’ll be able to see that window you plan on crashing through…you won’t. Smoke is often right down to the floor and even we’re in there in our protective equipment groping our way through a house we’ve never been into and it’s hard to find your way around in total darkness. Don’t believe bullshit like Chicago Fire and Backdraft. You can’t usually see a damn thing inside a burning room or building, including the fire itself. Quite often you find the fire because it gets hotter the closer you get OR it ignites at the ceiling and rolls over your head.

        One last point here. Years ago when we started getting newer protective gear instead of rubber coats and boots, a firefighter in NJ, Newark I believe, was caught in what is called a flashover, when everything in the room is so hot it all ignites at once. Nobody is gonna survive that. This guy was in the room and couldn’t find his way out. It all happened so fast and I think he may have been doing a search so didn’t have a hose line to follow out. He related that he was just about out of time and he saw all the fire rushing in one direction…seeking air…and he figured it had to be a window so he dove out with the flames. Incredibly he landed on a porch roof or he would have gone to the ground.

        Now here’s where your blanket theory falls apart. His Nomex gear and leather helmet were burned down to nothing in just seconds. His helmet was pretty much the wire mold for the leather and his protective gear was charred and shredded. Blankets aren’t gonna do a thing for you. He only survived with minor burns because of his protective gear and the fact that he was wearing it all properly.

        1. Okay, am I correct in assuming that every death in a building fire is due to sleeping, passing out from alcohol/drugs, being a helpless toddler/old person, or generally being incapable of moving/evaluate your surroundings? Oh, I guess I forgot people who try to save their belongings which is quite a suicidal thing to do.

          By the way, mad props for risking your life for others.

          1. Yep, pretty much dude. Your best chance, if you’re not already awake, is a smoke detector that works. One hundred people died in a nightclub fire in Rhode Island several years ago. Modern times yet one of the big factors was the foam they used for sound deadening on the stage. Another factor was the fact that the exit doors were designed for a certain number of people and were up to code but then the club owners built a ticket booth that took up half of the exit egress path and people piled up and couldn’t get out.

            There’s a reason and a past that modern fire codes are drawn up from, usually with a lot of deaths behind them. Look up the Coconut Grove fire in Boston in the 1940’s. That is one of the reasons that doors in most public buildings and places of assembly open outwards now. Bodies were stacked like cord wood in that fire because the doors opened inward and people piled up and couldn’t get out. Places like this are so far behind the rest of the world it’s retarded. You go to a high rise in some of these countries and you think you’re safe but without sprinklers, fire alarms and fire resistive construction you could be fucked. We’ve come a long way over a hundred year in this country and Canada because of hundreds of disasters and deaths. The average person isn’t concerned with it but it’s really not a joke.

      1. Funny you say that! Every time we respond to some apartment building or tenement that’s kind of the running joke. “Yep, there are the nigh shifters,” all the able bodied young men, much like all of the “refugees” seeking asylum…far more young men than women and children.

        Yes, some of them just may work the night shift, but come on, really? I especially love when they overdose at 11:00 in the morning in their subsidized apartment with three kids under 5 years old, usually a different colored one mixed in and a fat white girl with another one on the way.

        Hey, if they wanna sponge and live like animals and spend an occasional stint in jail that’s on them, but we are supremely fucked in this fading nation allowing it to happen. And now certain factions of Americans want to let more of it in freely?

        1. I hear ya! I work in a large hospital in a not so nice part of the state and I see a lot of “nightshifters”. They are up all night hustling , stealing, scoring drugs, screwing. That’s their “job”. Our job is to clean up the aftermath. Saw a hooker in the hospital with only one arm, no legs, no other arm. Had her sixth baby just couple months back. Keeps having kids saying maybe child welfare will finally let her keep one! What a winner!

  2. Bestgore are you running a bitcoin/coin miner on your posts? How come this is the ONLY website that turns my 2018 32gb 6core vega20 macbook pro to FULL FAN SPEED?? Its literally more intensive to visit your posts than to render a 4k video..

          1. Damn fuckin’ right! Glad to have you back man, sorry for the loss, btw… and no worries, you’ll be back in the Swing of things faster than @dan-a-conda can find a playground Swing with a camera n’ candy.

  3. What do ya expect would be the aftermath coming from a place where there is hardly any room to jostle around with foul air to breath .
    Find yourself amidst rows and rows of shanties ,dingy corners ,gutters overflowing and people living life on the edge befriending Poverty as their next best friend .
    In crowded places like these there are often these kind fire incidents reported where people are so damn engrossed in their tumultuous grind of life that they hardly know what the word “Safety” means .
    Most probably someone’s leaking kerosene stove , lamp or a stray lit up cigarette butt must have been the cause for such a major fire.

    1. Indeed. In such overcrowded shiteholes its just a matter of time until shit hits the fan.
      Pisspoor people who cant even read or spell the words Fire Protection. Or may give a single fuck about it. If life is a futile struggle every day its hard to think about such things though.

      I bet it was an unwatched kerosene lamp. Whole place overcrowded, full of stuff and trash that loves to burn and nobody knows or have seen anything like an “extinguisher” and all hell breaks loose.

      1. Haha the “extinguisher” word must be alien to them .They may take it some kinda edible fish ; considering it to be cooked well and good for their afternoon meal .
        To add to their woes there is no population control beside economy being at its nadir, and value of their currency remaining all time low . while their politico big wigs make hey ….the common man suffers . With no education ; nothing is in right perspective which is a recipe for disaster standing tall above anything .
        Reckless Stupids are what reckless stupids get.
        And off course here the culprit could either could be an unwatched kerosene lamp or that nasty piece of lit up cigarette butt flung across carelessly in the heaps of tinder.

  4. The Western countries must force these overpopulated nations to cull their numbers, and this can only happen if ALL immigration from them is halted; this means asylum, tourist, student and work visas, as well as residency requests. Once the pressure release valve of immigration is cut, they will use whatever means it takes to fit their population into the carrying capacity of their land. With Bangladesh, this is perhaps 25 million people tops. Current population of this shithole is 166 million

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            You’ll be glad to know that Carnage, acting as your proxy, performed well. I think he called me pedophile.

          2. Ikr? Guess he couldn’t afford a premium Sphincterpiston model 59535, so he decided to go cheap n’ get inflatable dicks with his idol’s likeness.

  5. curious…
    i was thinking that bengladeshi (or however they are called), where kind of mix between arabic and indian.

    but lookl ike lots of them seems kind of african.

    no, its not a joke because they are black burned… but they really look kind of african. is that really how they look in there ? i thought they where more indian or something…

    also, how many pets died in the fire ? probably too much, and still nobody ever talk about them :(, poor dogs and cats and else…

    can see why the fire did soo much damage, all the house are stuck each others and alley are super small :O

    where the fire come from ? criminal ? electric ? accidental ?

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    Wait a minute! People ARE vegetables. Still too well cooked for my taste, though. Next time, stir fry ’em
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