Aftermath Photos of Burning Self with Gasoline

Aftermath Photos of Burning Self with Gasoline

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @comablack, who burned himself with gasoline:

Hello BG,

yours truly from Denmark …

I would love to share my pics of my burn sores, from my very recent incident with gasoline.

Truth be told, I actually tried to do a Hero by fire (yearh, that’s dumb), when I poured the gasoline on my clothes and lit them up.

The survival instinct took over and I threw my burning clothes to the ground, which was kinda of an anticlimax.

Sitting in the hospital, I had to think of a good story to explain the 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my legs.

I would not recommend this to anyone, it hurts like a MotherF***** and death is not instant. In the same line I would also not recommend anyone to do a Hero at all – it’s always better the day after.

Hmmm, why I did it? That’s a good question, probably because I’m tired of being a fuck up, with psychiatric and physical disease, that makes me wallow around in my own self-hate and despair, and when I go down that path I can, sadly, get very destructive towards myself.

Thank you for your story and the pics, @comablack. We all have our demons, and I wish you strength to deal with yours. Hopefully not by hurting yourself.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Aftermath Photos of Burning Self with Gasoline”

  1. .357 magnum to the temple, will come out the other side too with this handgun. Although I would seek help, if you’re really determined go for it but if there is room for hope, someone out there always has it worse than you, like that guy who was beheaded with his face peeled off

    1. I agree, that video was one of the most brutal I’ve seen here in a long while, that poor guy would’ve probably begged for death…but he had a metal bar deep in his throat to hold him still, so even begging wasn’t possible. Nice potential for a ghostrider cosplay though.

  2. Well, now that you’ve appeared on BestGore – which is the place that have launch many successful carriers for members that have mutilated themselves – will you be taking your show on the road and appear in county fairs, displaying your hideous burned out leg to the masses? I would like to see our fried skin in person. I hope you give out discount tickets to your shows.

  3. Depression kills. Fight it off with all your might. One natural remedy to depression I’ve found: exercise. Lots of good, vigorous exercise – like riding a bike. Something like riding several hours neutralizes the depression. You might try it as soon as you’re physically healed enough.

    1. Good advice. A vigorous bike ride accompanied by some fitting music,works wonders for lifting one’s self out of the blues.
      I defy anyone to feel depressed after getting the heart pumping ten to the dozen on a strenuous bike ride.
      Healthy body can lead to healthy, or at least healthier mind.

    2. @comablack

      @xizang is right comablack, a nice jog by the beach without a shirt and low shorts to get some tan on those legs would be relaxing and maybe it helps with your depression. Of course, if physical allows you since you mentioned you have physical diseases.

      On a less sarcastic note. Why don’t you seek a group for people with depression like yourself to open up make some friends. Or, maybe look for a club to become a member to and do something. Just look for help and don’t give up.

    3. Exercise is great. But for most, it isn’t enough. If you have some money, try to join the martial art or combat sport club like Muay Thai, kicboxing, MMA, BJJ, etc. You will have exercise, great positive environment and REAL FRIENDS that will help you out. It works for me.

  4. Congrats, your rank has been promoted from some basic saltine cracker to an extra crispy cracker. Nothing like a crispy cracker. You guys kind of taste like pork when cooked….but stronger!!! I know, since I’ve actually cannibalize two of your kind before… Mmmmm!!!! I’ll hopefully have the luxury to indulge in it again someday.

    1. Yes, enlighten us with your endeavors as a cannibalist. Tell us, did you cook the cawk n balls first or, did munch on’em raw like a rabid dawg. Perhaps your a lil more sophisticated, and doused them with a pinch of paprik, before consuming.

      1. Well @comablack – as you have already stated yourself, this definitely wasn’t a really smart move. We all have demons that need to be faced at one time or another, for the lucky ones it’s a short term issue. But- for the rest of us it’s a life long issue, and as we get older, is compounded with physical infirmities and other things.
        The SMART thing to do is search out a good mental health
        therapist, and you may have to go through several until you find
        one with whom you feel that “click”, and with whom you can
        then develop a rapport. The correct antidepressant can also work
        wonders. And – as stated by several of the members above,
        exercise. Exercising and getting the heart rate up releases
        endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals in our brains, and
        suddenly the world doesn’t seem to be as bad a place. And if
        riding a bike, be it a bicycle or stationary/exercise bike isn’t an
        option, basically ANY type of exercise will do. Start with some
        stretches to warm up your muscles so you don’t damage them,
        and either keep on with the stretches, go for a brisk walk or jog,
        lift some light weights, or put on some kick-ass, hard driving beat music & just dance around your home. Feel free to
        make faces. shake your fists, wiggle your ass & stick out
        your tongue -( there’s no one there to see it, I’m guessing)
        pretending it’s at someone whom you REALLY dislike. You’d be
        amazed how freeing this is, and how much better you’ll feel. An
        d don’t forget to laugh. Find some good jokes, or hit YouTube for some funny videos. Medical research has shown that laughter is one of THE best no medication mood elevators. And it’s cheap too! lol Good luck my friend

      2. My first experience was 7 years back in high school when I was in a band. Me and two others found one of my white bandmates Od’ed in his room. I was severely depressed as I loved the guy (platonic). I remembered many convos we had a few months before his demise concerning ritualistic cannibalism. In short, I sliced thin slices of flesh from his backside and pan fried a small piece. It was my way of mourning him, since cannibalism was a huge interest to us. I chewed the flesh.. .rubbery and difficult at first…….cooked it more until firm and seasoned his flesh with salt and tried it again.. Tasted like a strong pork! Cut a few more thicker pieces from my dear friend and made it look like he fallen on sharp objects during the OD. Couldn’t have taken large slabs of him like I wanted, since it would have been too obvious. The second time was when a co-worker (white) had her hand and half her arm cut off by a machine (she wasn’t even suppose to have been at the machine). Snuck off with the hand in the middle of the bloody spectacle (everyone was focusing too much on all the blood and screaming) and eventually cut it in to small pieces and mixed it with fried rice from a local Chinese resturaunt. Nothing compared to the first time. I got sick after eating two fingers. Oddly, the palm didnt make me ill and tasted FAR better. In short, I will always hold my dear bandmate close to my heart, memory, and taste buds. Of course I sadly never taken pictures in fear of being caught and I was consumed by the thrill of cannibalizing them. It would be nice to try to eat an Asian next. I’m curious if different races posses distinct flavor profiles from one another.

  5. Well I’m not one for beating a dead horse so to speak but I do have something in my head at the moment (fucking groggy as all hell been up for 2 days it feels like)

    To pass ones life as nothing
    Is to say its not worth the time
    Ones life may be hard
    But to another it is worse

    Being hate full to ones own body and mind
    Will do no good
    Wait until the time
    Of one minds eye

    To see the demons
    They are not there
    Those gifted to see them
    Don’t speak of them

    Don’t talk to them
    Cast them to the heavens
    The man upstairs will guide
    But you must find

    To be with the eye
    One must sign
    To be alive

    To see
    To be
    To live
    To love

    One must live to be
    To see one must live
    To love is live

    Foaly reviews

    god bless dude KKKC and live brother

    Keep on working
    Keep it real
    Keep on at it
    Cause you never know whats going to happen

  6. I don’t think there is anything wrong……
    From choosing your time and day
    To escape this reality for good……
    I just believe there are other ideas out there……than fire or
    Jumping a building……or chainsaw decapitation…..
    All life and univers reality matter…….
    You simply choose your reality………now there is a lil catch;
    You know what you leave behind……but like the box of chocolates…….you never know what you gonna get…..!!!!!!
    I’ve been always a happy man…….
    Bees help……. hugging trees too
    But first and foremost I enjoy myself….I love myself……so I can love others..I love people( except
    The ones that kill 3 horses at once)…….(that shit got me so hard
    I’m still not over it……!!!!!!
    Ps: to worry does no good to no one……plus it’s totally

  7. @comablack

    Self destruction seems like a simple concept at first, we hate ourselves therefore we hurt ourselves, yes?, not quite. Liberals for example tend to love themselves and yet they vote for and act out self destructive policies and African Americans tend to hate themselves(high levels of black on black crime, most black males preferring women of other races rather than their own and black females wearing weaves and using skin lightening creams ect)and yet they tend to have a large amount of self-worth.

    Self-worth therefore has little to do with being a fuck-up and/or self destructive action. Serial killers for example tend to have an high opinion of themselves and a considerable amount of self-worth and warmongers like George Bush, Tony Blair, Netanyahu ect all think very highly of themselves and would never harm themselves.

    The key to understanding your self-harm then is to understand the punishing ego. You have decided that what you are now is not what you wish to be and as a result you have decided that the you that exists now is a bad thing to be and therefore must be rejected and destroyed.

    The above is an erroneous thought process of course because it derives self-worth from fantasy, an externally influenced socially dictated fantasy. Society is forever changing and you are essentially placing your self-worth in their hands, thatโ€™s not self-worth thatโ€™s emotional dependency.

    The answer is quite simple then, stop basing your self-worth on externally based parameters. Drink wine, smoke cannabis, have sex ect, take each and every day as it comes and stop looking in that punishing mirror we call the ego.

    To conclude then, stop fretting about the future you and live each and every day as it comes because we all die sooner or later with or without our individual input.

    Now get out there, rub your face in some smelly snatch/cock and go floss your teeth with some pubes because my motivational speech is now over.

  8. Fuck dude! What a way to try to go out! You got some balls!! Shot gun? Too messy! Intentional over dose? Not messy enough! Jumping from a high place? Too poetic! Burning alive? Perfect! I’m glad your survival instincts kicked in and that you live to die another day! Maybe start with therapy instead of regular unleaded next time, though, eh?

  9. I’ve dealt with my demons like this. I’ve tried everything by the book and chickened out last second. But opportunities for a better life always come and go. 3 months ago I was a lazy slob with no motivation for work at all. The opportunities came and now I have an amazing job and an amazing girlfriend. Just grab life by the balls and tell it you’ve had enough. Best of luck to you, my friend.

    1. If I was going to do this, which I would never because fire looks terrible, I would use overkill the gas usage.

      Some of the videos on BG show people getting doused with gas and not dying for a LONG time. No way I turn myself into a slow candle…

  10. Well thx for the hugs and fuck’s, I deserve both ;)…

    I was really in a dark place that Friday, not that it justifies something that dumb, but it was just what I ended up doing… Sigh immediately regret!, I’ve never tried before and I hope this was the last time!

    Goddamm sitting there in a bathtub, under the shower. In my burnt Boxer-shorts, with the smell of burnt pork’n’hair allover…. Hmmm, we’ll I felt like such an idiot!

    I’m going to the burn-unit today, to get the 3rd burns checked out, they might need some surgical help, I was told…

    Anyway, ask away. I will try to answer ASAP!

    Rock on. Boys & Girls

  11. Dear Comablack,
    thanx for sharing these impressive images with us ๐Ÿ™‚ You rock! I truly hope that you have expanded your mind from this experience in a way that will help you to advance to a better life. I know the shit with the demons, I have also been suicidal and it was the worst time of my life. After a few years I guess I have recovered (in general), looking back at the previous years I have noticed that I have grown from these times. Consider the crappy time as a mixture between gathering experience and passing some test. Study and spoil yourself. You are a BG member, you are a superior being!
    Get well soon <3 hugs <3

  12. Well still here… Skingrafts and everything is done.

    Much have changed and mostly things have not, im still the whining ptsd, depressed dude as always, and always looking for an out, so my demons might leave me alone… Wether it’s my dad beating me or my uncle fucking me that don’t matter, just as long they leave me alone!
    But they never seem to do, so every day is a war against my mind and reason seem to Win, most if the time…

    So whats new?, i got a girl friend who truely loves me and a son on the way, if that’s not a reason to live, then i don’t know what is?
    Im glad i got help and im glad it didn’t work…. We all for stupid shit, but some times it doesn’t have to be THAT stupid :)…

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