Aftermath – Three Men Electrocuted in Sirsa, Haryana, India

Three Men Electrocuted - One Looks Like He's Swimming

In Sirsa, Haryana, India three men electrocuted are identified as Inderpal Singh, his son Kewal Singh, both working at ITI, and a student Lovepreet Singh.

One person Ramesh Kumar, who tried to save them, is severely injured in the incident. He has been admitted to Maharaja Aggarsain Medical College Agroha in Hisar. His condition is said to be critical.The incident took place in the morning when classes started at ITI.

There was a technical snag in the electricity supply of the institute. Inderpal, Kewal and Lovepreet were sent to bring a moveable ladder, made of iron. While dragging the ladder, it touched a high tension wire and the trio were electrocuted.

The main picture would have made a great Caption This Photo, am I right?

Props to Best Gore member @edward63 for the backinfo and the pics:

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    1. Lol, breast stroke?? lol. They should have stuck to Pluming Instead of Attempting Any Electrical work. Cause now look at them they look like 3 burnt-out Old Men, in a rerun of The 3 Stooges. 😉

    1. Lol, @Doc Undy so true dude.
      That Monkey in the middle had Dat-Fucking To Jam Cleaned/Fried right-off of him. While the one on the far left,,, he footloose and fancy-free, Me Thinks .

      So I Guess the one on the far right is the lucky-one to have survived (if ya wanna call-it that) cause he gets to suffer needlessly in the hospital for up to a week, before finally expiring of infection.
      Awful way ta go man,,, truly awful. 🙁

      1. Also so true Dre… surviving any sort of major burn ~ either electrical or fire, is more of a curse than a blessing. Sepsis (infection) is also the usual cause of death next to respiratory distress and major organ failure & dehydration, as the skin is the body’s natural barrier against all those envious microbes that would invade us…the skin is basically gone in these sad fucks.

        1. Agreed brother, as i would rather die a quick death, than to have to survive with major burns like that, and go through life completely crippled, and disfigured to the point where you lost all your fingers, & feet. I Could not stand, (no pun intended) being in a wheelchair and being unable to wipe my own ass. 🙁

        2. The vocation that they chose to study has the risk of Septic tank infection. Imagine THOSE microbes! Wait, septic street infection. Sorry, my mistake.

          1. You gotta love that canteen painted on the wall Guys, with the Arrow That’s pointing towards that crispy critter dude, with the missing drumstick. 😉

      1. Yes sir Pigs, I always wondered that there must be a Dollar store in India where you can get an agonising death by electrocution as a train cuts your charred body into bite sized pieces, on the cheap. An Indian ‘suicide booth’ if you will. Somebody needs to set up a camera nearby to flog off souvenir videos for BG tourists…they’d make a killing.

        1. So true Doc…

          I’d like to have someone stuff a head of someone, who crossed a railroad track in front of a train. With their eyes wide open, as well as an intense look on their face.

          It would add to the charm of anyone’s home, as they open up the door, and seeing Mr. Head saying, “Welcome Home.”

          1. I see a market opportunity there. lol
            A Mr Vindaloo who got hit in the sweet and sour wedding vegetables…down there….yet the look of “Oh blimey” the eyes up yonder. Every home should have one.

  1. Three Singhs Singed at Sirsa Shit Pipe School.
    How to Drag a Ladder Under a Power Line with Two Other Faggots 101 offered next semester. Pre-enrollment is very low.

  2. Its surprising to note as to where the actual men for the job were to set right the snag , and why these men had volunteered to be there at all ? next to where lain the problem , as it was none of their job to be carrying a ladder made of iron around hazardous perimeters
    The trio have been left burnt ; as if they were torched out by a flame thrower .

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