Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria Parading Shrapnel Blasted Comrade

Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria Parading Shrapnel Blasted Comrade

Mental image – you just took a blast to the face, you’re bleeding and suffocating cause your lungs collapsed after you breathed in overheated air, your face is burning from dozens of shrapnels as dirt settles in open wounds. And while you’re slowly dying in agony, unable to do more than turn your head, bunch of dumb fucking terrorists parades you around to make final use of your corpse for their personal profit.

Unfortunately, the deafening blast that near killed your hearing is not the last thing you will have heard before reaching the other side. Your fellow terrorists will make sure you get a headache from a thousand Allahu Akbars everybody screams into your ears to make your passing is as annoying as possible.

Isn’t it precious to be a part of Al Qaeda terrorist movement in Syria? Fake Syrian Army are so fucking dumb, I’m surprised they still remember how to fucking breathe.

Props to archamedes for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @arch…disregard my other comment. I just clued in you were referring to the guy in the post. Haha. Sometimes these comments can get a little confusing.

  1. I don’t see much of a difference between this Al Qaeda incident, and the end of a redneck 4th of July party around here. If only these terrorists would realize that we’re ALL just a bunch of idiots in the end, maybe they wouldn’t hate us so much.

          1. No, not pit and the pendulum. Damn, I cant remember what post it was on and cant find the comments to it. I will have more time to look again tomorrow. Really tired, going to bed. Goodnight

          2. I might be a little late but the other movie mentioned was by baked called Sweet Kill… The comments are under the father and daughter motorcycle post…

          3. The Pit and the Pendulum, is a short story by your country’s best writer, Edgar Allan Poe. What’s up with people in USA, they don’t even know their great countrymens oeuvre? what do they teach in high school up there?

          4. @Tulio, Edgar Allen Poe is a Yank? My God I thought he was European/English! (yeah I haven’t looked up the pit and the Pendulum short story yet) and didn’t you say i’d have to translate it?

          5. he was american, but became world famous phostumously, when french writer Baudelaire traslated him into french and became a sensation in France. As he wrote in english, you don’t need a translation, tiger…

          6. @Tulio, I have written it down on my ‘to-do’ list, I really want to read the story, (pit/pendulum), you know who else I would like to read – Oscar Wilde! I know NOTHING about him (except that he led a very ‘gay’ life! Do you know if he wrote anything good? or is it just all sappy poems?

          7. I havent read anything from Wilde for ages…I think the best writer to recommend to gorians is contemporary nihilistic-demon seed tormented french writer Michel Houellebecq. I think “ampliacion de domaine de lutte” (strangely traslated to english as “Whatever”) is a must for Rotten Stench and the Mouse…

          8. Writing that one down… Micheal Houellebecq. I read A LOT but nothing ‘classic’ mainly True Crime. I did read a Charles Bukowski book years ago, hahaha but that hardly means anything, AND I own an old hard cover Marqui de Sade book…..

      1. If your looking for good gore movies you should check out the “best gore movies” of all time, starting with “Cannibal Holocaust” which is my personal favorite and every “Guinea Pig” series you can get your hands on “Mermaid in a Man Hole” and “Flowers of the Flesh” are my favorites and probably the most well known out of the whole entire “Guinea Pig” series, all of these movies were banned at one time and even thought to be real snuff films

        1. As far as recommending a good book for gore lover I would recommend famously fucked up French writer Marquis De Sade’s “100 Days of Sodom” one of the most fucked up books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, if Satan had a library in Hell this would be his favorite book. To summarize the story it takes place during the French revolution and is about 4 rich libertines in france who come up with an idea of living out every single one of their perverted desires, so they kidnapp boys and girls of all ages and take them to a far away mountain top castle and hire prostitutes to tell them storys of the depraved acts they as prostitutes have gone thru which they then re-enact with the boys and girls they kidnapped working their way up to the most disgusting and vile of sexual acts. Eventually the prostitutes story begin to turn more depraved and crazed involving some of the darkest things imaginable leading to and ending in the torture and murder of all the boys and girls in the most fucked up ways many of those ways involving sex and torture, for instance in one part of the book they place a rat in a womans vagina then they sow it up with the rat still in there so the only way for it to escape would be to eat its way out of the woman. It’s a very fucked up yet intresting book that has to do with the way human desires work their way up from small simple fantasies to full on freakish fetishes

          1. wow I JUST said further up the comments, to @Tulio, that I own an old Marquis de Sade book, I think its called Justine? I’ve had it for years, never got around to reading it, yet!

          2. Justine can be a somewhat dense book to read, as it is more of a philosophical statement from the divine Marquis than a novel, outlined under the guise of a couple of ‘perverts educating’ a young woman

          3. regarding the 100 days of Sodom, you have Pier Paolo Pasolini’s movie “Sal?, or the 100 days of Sodom”, a definite must for students of BG…

          4. Have anyone of you read a novel entitled hooker? it’s a story of a lady inside a bordello. Another lady in that novel had sex with a shetland pony. I just can’t remember if the title is just “hooker” or something. The cover photo is a gorgeous lady in a nightgown, seductively laying in a couch.

    1. The killer shouts allahu akbar and the victim shouts allahu akbar as well, one side would be wrong in any case, besides I always wonder howcome one becomes a martyr at the end of being in the wrong place 🙂 1 sun of a bitch explodes bombs and you are welcomed to heaven.

      1. It doesn’t work that way, but these people believed it does. Suicide bomber etc. is not even a welcomed solution, but these extremist’s are way out of any civilized sense of logical mind & ethics. And what they get in return was only shameful to those whose chanting that same virtues but in totally different perspective. Blame the people but not the religion, and it goes to any type of spiritual believers.

      2. It doesn’t work that way, but these type of extremist believed it does. Their minds are totally out of civilized sense in logical mind & ethics. Blame these people who fuck-up but not their religions. And that goes to any type of spiritual believers on any type of religions, unless for an atheist. There’s always been the good & bad side in nature. Bla bla, so .. be it.

        1. I certainly do not blame the religions but the stupid ones no matter muslim or christian, even I beleive christians are leading in the savage league nowadays by their performance @ Mexico & Brazil, I am expecting better performance by ex leaders like Chechens or newcomer Syrians, no matter where it comes from, Gore is always welcomed 🙂

    2. Legally, the only guy who could declare a jihad was the Sultan of Turkey, and since that office was abolished some 100 years ago, it seems that lots of guys are claiming to have direct line with Alluh…in any case, apparently W Bush also recieved orders from the almighty, so the mesianic shit is getting a little confusing….i suppose that everything can just be described as bad cases of mania, schizophrenia and bad field-chorus performances…

      1. It was Ottomans before the Turkish republic established. The “padisah” was regarded “Khalifa” (representative of prophet) and Khalifa was the leader for all muslims, when Khalifa brings out the green flag this meant “unite and jihad” for other muslim countries as well.

          1. and thats how any empire collapsed. too much excitement beyond reason. downfall for humans especially the muslims as they are strong at heart but weak in mind causing overreaction (over erective too ) during tough time.

  2. Burnt beard seems nice on the monkey face 🙂 by the way their religion is “Haute Couture” for these guys, they shout allahu ackbar when they kill, get killed, ambush, protest, cheer, support, protest, etc. shortly in any case….think that they would have different claims for each event, none of them would memorize, now its easy even for their 1 celled brains.

        1. In 7th grade I got suspended for five days after ripping the turbin off of the ONLY hindy-bindy at my schools’ head and stomping on it.

          I was told I couldn’t wear My Metallica hat (that i got at the concert in ’91) and I asked “whll why can HE wear something on his head if I can’t?”

          “Because he thinks GOD gave it to him”

          “Well, I BELEIVE that GOD gave ME My Metallica hat”

          “NO. You have to take it off.”

          My mom wasn’t happy with me, and my dad really couldn’t stop laughing.
          He took me out to dinner that night.
          My mom stayed home. Humorless bitch.

          1. I knew a bus driver that wore a turban, we would tease him about it, calling him a towel head, and one day he said “its not a towel, its a sheet”, so we all started calling him a sheethead, I have to say he had a good sense of humor cause he would laugh with us.

  3. gotta suck departing this life in a world of pain and with your allah akbar buddies chanting the holy word thing in your ear as they carry you like if you were a potato bag for propaganda purposes…not even allah can stand them, as he apparently keeps having them fucked by despots (like in Syria or Iran) or inbred fat perverted royalty (like in almost every other akbur country). C’mon, give ’em a break, allah!

  4. I don’t understand why they do this to themselves. I’m sorry I believe in my faith with much conviction. But it’d not something that i’d blow myself up for. Poor dude, but they bring it on themselves.

    1. May be a different god,believe
      their one is vengeful,bloodthirsty,
      chauvenistic,narrow minded,
      intolerant,cowardly,derranged &
      approves of fudge packing little

  5. Hi everyone, I’m new here.
    When I first visited this site I was shocked and unsettled by the pictures in the gallaries.
    My father (A neo-nazi) tried to prove a point that being racist is the way forward. He showed me clips of the two young russian soldiers being murdered. This was only when I was 15. I cried for a while and I couldn’t stop shaking, to realise that this shit does actually happen in our world startled me quite a bit. Seeing a true murder or death of someone, it’s nothing like in the movies at all.
    I don’t see my father anymore, but since he showed me those clips and images I’ve progressed a morbid curiosity towards gore.
    I do not get any excitement out of seeing the pictures in the gallaries, I think they just make me appreciate life a lot more than I did.
    As a young girl, I don’t walk home alone anymore and avoid people on the streets when it gets dark.
    I think this site has opened my mind alot, and made me realise how much we take life for granted.
    Not only has this site taught me a good few lessons, but it has made me think of each day as my last.
    This site is facinating, and I’d like to say, life saving also! Before, I used to walk home alone in the dark, talk to strangers, and take alot of risks. But now I’ve become more aware of what the world is and the people in it.

    I’d just like to say thank you to Mark for creating this website and I hope there’s alot more to come from it. 😀

    1. Yes, bestgore is like a glass of water being thrown to your face as your asleep living a dream world. it awakens you, you can see reality, the sooner you awaken, the better.

      1. Glass of water seems to sweet and gentle… it’s more like a dick in the ass after falling asleep… A blow. Quick. Then… you’re wide awake..

          1. Ohh baked I’ve grown to admire you so greatly… I’d fuck your brains out if I’d get my hands on you… that permanent boner might not survive after I’m done… (;

          2. just dig up my grave and fuck my corpse, just look for the name michael blake kendall on a tombstone in a few years

  6. Aimeeeee, don’t be affraid of the dark, we shall travel the darkness together.
    Welcome Aimee, I’m new blood here too. I have followed this site for about a year and finally became a member. Easy to get lost here since there are so many newcomers recently but with a face as pretty as yours, I’m sure you will be remembered.

        1. AimeeHayHay

          Welcome To Best Gore, and as You have outlined, You already know very well the many benifits of being a SOB hold. (thanks Baked!)

          Many reasons are what bring us here, most of all nobody that we know in day to day life really understand.
          Isn’t it strange, that death is such a woven part of every persons life, yet, none want to meet him before their time is here.
          Ironicly enough, this ignorance, many times encurrages the two to meet sooner than expected.

          So welcom, and go now, and talk words to us, about the things that you see and the thoughts that you have, using your handy button-pushing-mouth rigged on the end of your interacting arms.

  7. His teeth sticking out his mouth reminds me of when my hamster died when i was younger cold and weird feeling, put it in an easter egg box and left it in the shed, no idea if its still in there, and that reminds me of the drowned cat that was in the back garden and we had to get a shovel and throw it in a bush.

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