Algerian Man Humiliates and Burns with Cigarette His Cheating Girlfriend

Algerian Man Humiliates and Burns with Cigarette His Cheating Girlfriend

In Algeria, a man found out that his chubby girlfriend of 5 years has been cheating on him behind his back by riding a cock carousel for a while. In the video, he’s shows humiliating her chubby naked self and tormenting her by burning her with a cigarette.

Never forget – you can’t get cheated on if you don’t have a girlfriend to begin with. Your girlfriend doesn’t love you anyway. She only loves herself. Just look at all the selfies in her phone…

Props to Best Gore member @faresdesigner for the video:

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193 thoughts on “Algerian Man Humiliates and Burns with Cigarette His Cheating Girlfriend”

      1. OMG!! I thought I was a Clown!!! I spit my dinner up reading your comment.. Rat taste good going down but coming back up..oh my a sight I don’t even like to look at. Well worth it tho thanks tons for the laugh!!!

    1. Thank you! He isn’t any better. And why doesn’t she just leave? I know it is more than that, but still, is she going to stay and get burned until he is no longer butt hurt? He should just leave her like a real man. All this women hating. You must all be so lonely. Not everyone cheats.

    1. Ok. Logical thought, but let me ask you this. Why is that bitch sitting there? I’m thinking if she wanted to she could leave. She’s guilty and putting up with it for two reasons.

      1. She’s guilty and she knows she deserves it.
      2. She wants to stay with him.

      So this is a two party action. I’m not talking about the cheating. I’m talking about what’s going on in the video. She’s equally an active participant when she could just leave. She chooses this.

    2. I 100% agree. All these others telling you to get off don’t understand what this site is about. I have noticed there have been an abundance of immature people on here lately. This site is VERY brutal indeed but it also is a news outlet for some. I know I can’t believe anything I read on yahoo, US today or the times. I actually enjoy reading some of the written content on here about the conflict going on in the Middle East. This site is old! I used to come here when I was in high school 11 years ago and back then I used to enjoy watching all the gore videos with my friends but with time and having a family changes some people. It changed me for sure.

  1. I dont speak that language but its obviously not what she was expecting. Surprise surprise, not a good situation. Sitting there naked while your husband confronting you about cheating.
    Shes lucky, I would have dragged her to the Bar B Que , tied her with wire to a pole. A start turning her slowly over the fire until shes a nice crispy brown.

        1. I actually sent a copy of that image to my ex told her looks just like her. It does too.
          Picture turns me on, I asked her if she would like to try kinky sex while she tied to that pole. No answer

    1. Ok . I call bullshit!!

      No way normal husband in moslem algeria will havevyhis haircut and be filmed drinking beer (alcohol)
      Secondly ,no moslem is ever going to have his wife naked on camera for every fuck like us to see even if she did fuck around. Also ,no way moslem woman will be filmed drinking alcohol!


      Exceptions: he is a pimp and she is a whore and she is in trouble for something.

      Second, i can think of .it is punishment porn made on the cheap by dirty snackbarists for other dirty snackbarists.

      These are the only reason algerian soceity would look the other way. Whore or porn whore actress. Both not cared about in moslem country!

      Anyone speak Arabic here?? Translation might tells us heaps.
      Thanks apocalyst for the opportunity to piggy back.

    1. To add some things are meant to be keep private. This guy is an asshole for displaying her infidelity for everyone to victimize. At the same time how would we know two-timers like this actually exist hoarding all of our precious oxygen and resources. I would of save her the embarassment and ended things in a chivalrous fashion. I do have a tender spot for the opposite gender.

  2. Hey , my family learn some month ago that my mother was cheating my father.
    She then , start going with men all around the country for a quick ..week-end , she said that to all of her friend , ( Female ) . And she gonna toss us from our house .
    My father is sick he need oxygen canister and one day my father said that in other country , a cheating women get what she deserve but he still love her and believe that Jesus ( Or god ) gonna make her pay.

    Sometime i wish she see was i see in this video of cheating women , such a slut i’m ashamed.

      1. she know , she don’t care.

        She survive a cancer , and she write on her special book that she wan’t ” to live ”
        She is 54 Yo , is not rly beautiful , old and got a half boobs.


  3. I love best gore but some of those captions..? Wtf, i‘d never cheat on my boyfriend and what does taking selfies have to do with that.. Some of you got some serious mental health problems going on.

  4. i can honestly say i think a large part of female confidence/arrogance stems from the fact that they have no sexual issues whatsoever. imagine the massive weight off your shoulders knowing that if you want one of the strongest natural human urges that you can anytime you want. and not only that you also know that the other sex generally has to work like a mule to get it off you. this gives you advantage in many different ways and social interactions and also would release that burden of stress and anxiety that a male who is biologically programmed to keep seeking it.
    i know us guys can order a hooker/escort etc but i think females from day one do not understand the sexual pressure that males are born with and must deal with. in conclusion i think videos like this arent that shocking i think its just natures way of balancing the eternal power struggles that human males and females seem to perpetually be in.

  5. I dated an Algerian Muslim woman for a while. Some of the best pussy I ever had.

    Thing is, he’s not married to her. He has no right to do that.

    Let some piece of shit do that to a woman in my family.

    It would be worth it for them to do it just so I could retaliate.

  6. If you look at it logically, she’s a fat chick, therefore has fewer options with regard to finding men*, therefore has to hitch up with this cunt. She doesn’t like him too much, so she has to cheat.
    And then she must feel bad about herself. Because now she’s a fat chick AND a cheat.

    *And let’s not forget that women have many more choices than similar men, so if a woman has a bad partner, it’s pretty much her own doing.

  7. My high school my boyfriend cheated on me, but the D was good and I thought I was in love. So i made him piss himself in the bathtub fully clothed and filmed it while I giggled and humiliated him. Still have the video.

          1. no my gorian friends i think its the fact that she replied with such dignity and we are so used to the opposite these days that this girl has my utmost respect and i will join her on the battlefield of life and she has proved herself a to be a rare female worthy of protection.
            Rare these days like i say but i got her back.

  8. look how far ‘wimmin’ have fallen in the past 50 years or so. they were classy in the 50s and somewhat in the 60’s too. they looked clean, soft and tender, had class and grace. now they seem trashy dirty untrustworthy arrogant and vile. in such a short space of time they have become unrecognizable and alien like. i dread to think what will become of them in the next 50 years. i think they will openly start fucking animals soon like they already fuck teenage boys (high school female teacher pedo epidemic) and i think their shame will reach epic proportions. i am not saying men are angels far from it we have caused destruction but we have basically built the world and kept it going. they also deserted their children for the ‘career’ which is choosing money over their children which they will pay for further down the line. i think ‘wimmin’ have become disgusting creatures on the whole and im not saying every single one there are definitely sweet ladies out there but the majority have morphed into gargoyles and i dont even think they realise themselves what damage they have done to humanity. will they turn it around at this late stage? i doubt it.

    1. Too true haydolf.

      One could say over – feminism is too blame . Men are either intimidated or too smart to approach most women without vetting them female teachers go for the teenage boys ;all hormones who will never pass up sex and are too innocent to be troubled by legal ramifications.
      Not too mention,overwork and shit jobs sapping the mojo of most men. Shit pay,overwork and most men will drown their troubles in drink. So who is going to do the fucking of women?


  9. She prefers being topless because in their own country it could be a big taboo showing bare titties .
    The man was half drunk already sipping on to a beer can and his two timing bitch couldn’t have expected to be treated so nastily when she got to know that he knows her inside out already . They both were Algerian chipmunks on the lose away from home making a scene publicly while the man kept babbling loads of bullshit that chubby twat kept screaming her lungs out as if she was left half burnt.

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