Alleged Kidnappers Are Bonded by Ankles and Burned Alive in Mexico

Alleged Kidnappers Are Bonded by Ankles and Burned Alive in Mexico

Alleged Kidnappers Are Bonded by Ankles and Burned Alive in Mexico

Acatlan is a town in Mexico and is home to two alleged kidnappers of little children. The two were bonded by the ankles and burned alive by the mob.

A kerosene type liquid gets squirted on them to keep their fire lit. After the smoke clears and the fire settles, more flammable liquid is added. Both men are still alive, astonishing.

Props to Best Gore members @nikish and @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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221 thoughts on “Alleged Kidnappers Are Bonded by Ankles and Burned Alive in Mexico”

        1. you no what they did was wrong if they even did just laugh and do the things to a human body with no sick..all people are cold to all them bad gangs,,its just compassion at all.

        1. @mrspock
          It depends on their diet, I’ve had goat cheese that was nasty, but my friends tastes delicious. She lost 15 pounds when she quit drinking cow milk, it also doesn’t separate like cow milk, the fat stays suspended and doesn’t rise to the surface. I personally don’t care to drink it, but I don’t drink cow milk either.

          1. Ah thank you @illegalsmile55
            I don’t eat junk food, I eat a balanced diet, but there’s always room for improvement, lol. I have a slight cholesterol problem which I am about to start tackling next week.

            Thanks for your compliments 🙂

      1. It was when they got home from their fun day of lymching, they realised the kids had just been playing hide and seek, and were now fast asleep on the rug, waiting for their parents to get home and make them a sammich……

    1. Something strange about this video.
      The building at the background seems to be a detention center, or courthouse or something… Definitely not a residence.
      It seems the mob either pressured law-enforcement for their release, so that they could be lynched. OR, law-enforcement handed them over to the mob on their way from court to detention. Something of such.
      It unfortunate that mobs in mexico are more powerful than law-enforcement. That explains why Cartels are also more powerful than law-enforcement. Screw the due process and simply take a democratic approach.

      We should be proud of Mexico for exercising our democratic principles

          1. You don’t even wanna know what he says about Detroit. I just better not hear him talkin’ shit about Maine, ‘cus I’ll let illegals out the kennel and have her tear his ass up.

          2. No worries Casual.. You can get that information at your local methadone clinic.. Although, I hafta say that I’m shocked that you’d consider our Danaconda would waste a weekend in San Diego pursuing such delights…

  1. To much trabajo’* to construct a proper funeral pyre for those hombres !
    This is similar to what I want to see done to PETA freaks & militant Vegan’s that try to teach little schoolchildren that leather , Fur & Meat equals Murder , or that milk , cheese & dairy products = Rape !!
    Sick fucks just like baby Raper’s & kidnappers.

      1. Yep , because most dairy cows are bred by a.I.
        Also I have no problems with Vegan’s who truly believe it’s healthy for “them” , for the most part it is , but they will always be lacking in certain key minerals & vitamins without taking supplements too !!
        It’s just the new wave wacko nut- Jobs that are actively promoting propaganda directed at children in preschools & k-12 schools via films & cartoons that contain outright lies about “all’meat & dairy production as being evil and or cruel to animals .

        1. My husband and I eat vegan but not strictly. Its definitely good for you but yeah like you said you can’t get everything you need from a strictly plant based diet without popping supplements. The funniest thing about it? My husband works in a slaughterhouse 😀 we are definitely in it for health reasons not ethical ones lol

          1. @xsookiex
            Good for you & hubby ! I’ve always heard Samoans are very smart as well as healthy & STRONG !!!!
            Your mate obviously has excellent eyesight also 😉
            I truly love veggies too.
            And wholeheartedly support ethical treatment of animals.
            I raise beef cattle & the best way to get them fat quickly is to keep them HAPPY .
            Mine eat a varied diet of grass hay corn stover & corn mixed with minerals ,soybean hulls and the leftover mash from our local ethanol plant.
            They are very well fed. But they still aren’t the most efficient animals , even with 3* stomachs , I think each steer consumes about 40-50 pounds of food each day & only gains 4 to 6 pounds.
            ….guess where the rest goes ???
            Back to the fields to produce more grains & grass.
            And also to a select few of my ‘smarter’ gardening friends who all agree that you’ve never had a truly GRREAT” tasting tomato until you’ve tasted one grown with cow poop !¡!!!!
            I also love wild animals of all types and treat them very ethically ,with compassion as well.
            Aim for the head or heart when you harvest them .
            A quick kill ensures very tasty meat .

          2. This is interesting an, to me, unexpected on BG. My diet is mostly plant based for both ethical and health reasons. However, I don’t identify with most vegans or vegetarians at all really.
            I usually tell people that I don’t eat any animals that didn’t have a chance to get away. It’s not entirely true since I will definitely eat happy animals from “free range” farms. Also, in TX it’s remarkably easy to get wild game…even if youre a convicted felon and no longer eligible for a hunting license.

          3. @jsmith666, Syrian-Iraqi civil war at its height produced a steady stream of cruel videos to this site. More meat produces more heat and heat forces people to move from dried-up countryside to cities to be easy recruitment target for extremist and criminal organisations. When Arab spring made rebels armies strong enough, weak administration collapsed to civil war and mass migration.

            There’s your link between watching best gore videos and concluding that too much meat eating is bad.

        2. And some PETA freaks in Maine actually proposed to erect a “gravestone” monument at the roadside where a truck carrying 7,000 lobsters crashed.
          @illegalsmile55 is this true ???
          They want to bring awareness to the plight of the poor sensitive crustaceans.
          WTF ? .
          Feed those wackos to the hogs !!! 😉

          1. Yeah my husband is definitely strong haha he is a rugby player. His friends can’t believe he eats mostly vegan! He does most of the cooking too while I swan off riding my horses 😀 maybe all those carrots are good for the eyesight lol.

            Your farm sounds idyllic, and I totally agree that a happy beast is a healthy one. Same goes for the horses. I can feed one of mine the same diet day in day out and he still loses weight if he goes through stressful periods.

            If an animal dies a stressful death the adrenaline taints the meat right?

            As for PETA they are like any extremist group… Closed minded and either too dumb or too stubborn to broaden their minds

          2. @boasp
            I heard there was a lobster posse looking for the driver, who is a beanerdu and was probably gassy when he went off the road. 😉 About 700 lbs of softshell lobsters, they are fragile and die easily, especially as hot as it’s been. Right up the road from me.

        3. What can’t you get from a plant based diet? Not being a dick, I’m just asking. I am not a vegan, but I wish I was. Most of us are aware of the banking cartels, the oil cartels, and so forth. The food industry is even more diabolical, because no one really talks about it. It’s much deeper than most people realize. The way that animals are treated on this planet is a travesty. From what I have gathered from my research, there is no real evidence that humans should be eating meat in the first place.

          1. Ask any truthful nutritionist. Or just google it , big cities are the cause of big farms and factory type animal production to keep the cost down , so if you live in a big city please commit suicide NOW. You will save many cows ,pigs and chickens !!!!

          2. @boast, what kind of credentials does one need to become a nutritionist? Google will tell anyone anything they want to hear if the look hard enough. Homebush it that a Gorilla can get what they need from plants, but we can’t?

          3. @honkeykong207
            Good point about jewgle ? Maybe if you slightly resemble a GO Rillah” you should eat like one too .
            Back to the highland mountains of Africa with your logic !!
            Sorry Kong I couldn’t help myself , I was just reading about some chimpanzees that do eat meat ( other chimps)
            Cannibalistic fuckers!!
            Very similar to some simians in Chicago ,Detroit, and Charleston I guess ??
            Maybe if you’re serious about veganism ??
            Ask some of the vegans who are honest & done the nutritionist research for themselves.
            Key word : HONEST*
            Oogah boogah !!
            Sorry couldn’t resist , …. AGAIN !!

          4. My husband takes an iron supplement it’s hard to get enough iron through a vegan diet (although we do live in rural France, maybe in the bigger cities in the developed world you can get better seasonal veg, leafy greens etc)

          5. Humans subsisted on an all meat diet long before they realized that they could stay in one place and grow their food, instead of following it everywhere it wandered and throwing pointy sticks at it.
            And all primates eat meat, even gorillas and chimpanzees.

          6. Pigs on the wing= Total fag.
            ‘He’s my daily listen’. You gay bastard.
            Why don’t you tell us one of your stupid one liner gay jokes.

          7. B vitamins are often lacking in a strict vegan diet.
            Less than 5% of my diet consists of any animal products.
            I stick to a whole food diet mostly. Fresh produce and whole grains. Nothing processed.
            But B vitamins can be obtained using nutritional yeast. And nutritional yeast can be used to make a cheese-like sauce using water and crushed cashews.

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          9. @xsookiex – adrenaline may ‘taint’ the meat by causing muscle , soft tissue and blood vessels to become rigid and tough (in theory) but I believe its the stress hormone, cortisol, that truly taints meat and causes its degradation. ……….

        4. @boasp

          “…most dairy cows are bred by a.I.”

          It honestly took me a moment to realize that we were talking about artificial insemination. I was trying to figure out exactly how “cow + artificial intelligence = evil rape milk”.

          1. Some of the lucky’ ones still get it the natural way !!
            Not sure a cow would really prefer or consider herself “lucky’ to have a two thousand pound maniacal horny bull riding her , & then coming back for sloppy seconds 5 minutes later , then every half hour for three damn days & nights . vs a cute vet tech. With a glove and a pipette full of Jizz??

          2. I like rape milk on cereal and in rape milk shakes. I also love eating animals. Especially the juicy ones that are smoked for many hours.

          3. Humans are omnivores.. We can eat just about anything on this planet, but we’re not supposed to eat any one thing excessively… In my opinion the successes of the human race will be its downfall… Everything MUST be tempered, including success..!

          4. @dan-a-conda
            The militant PETA freaks & vegan crusaders will be happy to know that the regional crime boss in charge of a 3 state “cow rape” organization has Died.
            He was a friend of mine , an executive at a very profitable dairy A.I. company that covered WISC , Minnesota & Iowa.
            Insuring that those cows got the very best high $ dollar bull semen from only genetically superior bulls born from the best Cows.
            Constantly improving many dairy herds.
            R.I.P. D.D
            Mass cow rapist !!

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    1. @edkemper

      “In 2015, residents in Ajalpan, Puebla, beat to death two young men who were conducting a poll about tortilla consumption in their town.”

      What. The. Fuck.

      Were these people horrifically scarred by child-molesting Encyclopædia Britannica reps, pilfering vacuum cleaner salesmen, and drug-dealing Jehovah’s Witnesses back in the day?

      *knock knock* “Good day sir or madam, could you spare a moment to answer a few questions about tortillas?”
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  2. Self-styled vigilantes attacked the hospital living quarters of two hospital paediatricians after apparently confusing their professional title with the word “paedophile”.

    “We thought they were paedophiles.” said Lucky Sanchez a local illiterate cigarette lighter salesman ” You know those guys who kidnap leetle kids. They should have changed the sign on the door.”

    Local policeman Fat Miguel announced “Let this be a warning to all hospital paediatricians out there… you can run but you cannot hide from Justeece.”

    The Mexican National Crime Agency has explained that this glitch in the nation’s literacy and ability to read may explain the deaths by burning of over 3,000 hospital paediatricians in the last year. It also explains the disastrous national shortage of children’s doctors and might well be the reason no-one wants to train as a hospital paediatricians anymore.

  3. Looks like these two were such partners in crime, the community tried make their bond closer by fusing them together using fire… Don’t be alarmed by the flammable liquid being thrown on them, it’s just someone concerned with their WELD being… S’all..

  4. Not the way you do it. You want to make Mexican kid-snatcher frittatas, you bind them together tightly dick-to-Mouth. Just makes for a nicer photographic symmetry. When you do a Wicker Man two-for-one with a couple of Beaner Peeners, you want to do it right. And like my uncle “Rubfist” McGee told me, you always apply the BBQ from the bottom up, to thoroughly cook the meat. That slapdash splash of cooking ‘sene is a fucking waste to just keep tossing on those shriveled juevos.

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