Animal Rights Activist Tries to Arson Trucks at Slaughterhouse in Netherlands

Animal Rights Activist Tries to Arson Trucks at Slaughterhouse in Netherlands

Animal Rights Activist Tries to Arson Trucks at Slaughterhouse in Netherlands

In Ermelo, the Netherlands, an animal rights activist tried to arson trucks parked at a duck slaughterhouse.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows he somewhat succeeded in causing damage to the trucks, but he also managed to set himself on fire.

According to Gertjan Tomassen, director of the slaughterhouse, the arsonist had to take off his burning pants inside which were car keys which he lost as a result. The car with Belgian license plates has since been confiscated and the police are investigating the case.

Props to Best Gore member @thecrackass for the video:

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      1. I am a walking Murphy’s Law. I was oil frying cauliflower about a week ago and legit started a kitchen fire. I panicked and my bf flew into hero mode and used the fire extinguisher. I didn’t even know I had one.

        So I can’t promise that, but if anything gets gory I’ll post =^.^=

        Side note, how do you spice your ribs?

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        You can make fun of me if you want. It’s totally warranted XD

        1. Oh we’re talking about what’s the best species of duck To eat now? Well then….

          It will almost 100% be some derivative of Mallard. And I since you’re from a small town, you are for sure not eating foie gras, which would likely be a Muscovy (or a Muscovy-Mallard hybrid).

          I’m no expert, I’ll admit I had no clue until you asked. But I was interested because this great restaurant in my neighborhood serves amazing fried duck wings, with a really delicious sauce. So I looked some shit up on Wikipedia. I did the work for you, you’re welcome 🙂

          1. Haha oh my gosh you’re awesome! Thank you! I cook duck a few times a year and I’ve wondered if there was a better type for a fancy meal. I could have looked it up I guess but I like your summary 😀 <3

  1. That is fucking hilarious. Anyone remember the vid of Soy Team Six raiding a duck slaughterhouse. Then proceeding to lock themselves by the neck to an active production line. Vegan activists aren’t the brightest of the bunch when it comes to getting their point across.

    1. Pick one.
      (1) Turn into a pig and boil alive
      (2) Or send a message like ANDERS BREIVIK in a peaceful and respectful non-harming human being way….

      well ever touch a frying pan? boiling/frying IS NOT NICE…..

  2. is that man seriously try to put on fire gasoline with a zippo lighter ?

    i mean.. dafuk dude ? who’s stupid enougth to light that much flammable/explosive liquid with a lighter ?

    a molotov would have worked way better…

    soo much complication for such idiot XD

  3. “That place is a meat market.” …
    “Don’t chicken out.” …
    “Butter ’em up!” …
    Went “cold turkey.” …
    “There are bigger fish to fry.” …
    “Don’t be a pig.” …
    “Bringin’ home the bacon.” …
    “Like leading a lamb to slaughter.”

  4. There’s nothing more annoying than a animal activist who thinks his making difference however I totally despise vegans activist who run they’re mouth about not eating meat and they’re stupid public conventions.

  5. I think ya’ll used up the good duck jokes!

    There was an old duck from DuckTucket,
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    Like a good goose could,
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    Then the duck caught on fire and said FUCK IT!

  6. What is there a fucking women’s meet up in this comment section? LOL
    On a different point i don’t mind vegans. It least they can stand for something and commit to it. Its vegetarian fence-sitting retards that live a life of contradictions. (outside doctor advised health reasons)

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