Apartment Set on Fire by Gypsy in Czech Republic – 11 People Dead

Apartment Set on Fire by Gypsy in Czech Republic - 11 People Dead

Apartment Set on Fire by Gypsy in Czech Republic - 11 People Dead

In the town of Bohumín, Czech Republic, an alleged neighboring dispute between gypsies resulted in one pouring gasoline over the other family’s front door and setting it alight.

The fire quickly spread into the entire apartment. Six people, three adults and three children, burned to death inside. Another five died jumping from the window of the 12th floor apartment in a desperate attempt to escape the fire. At least 10 additional people, including a firefighter, were injured.

Best Gore member @4everman notes:

Arsonist confessed right after the crime and was arrested by the police. Fire brigade was there 5 mins after first emergency call.

Many thanks for the video to @4everman and @huru122:

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      1. Yes, a gypsy killed other gypsies. They were all related somehow, 11 (or 12 including the killer?) people in 1 flat. A little less tax burden for non-gypsy Czechs to pay as all of these gypsies live on social payments collected from tax payers.

    1. @Mr. Spock

      Yes sir Spock, i totally agree,,, Bastard’s 🙁
      I Guess the guy that was recording-it found-it too much/hard to keep-on filming it, as he could have continued and watched other jumpers make the decision to end it quickly, instead of burning to death.

      What Would You’s Do faced with the same scenario??? I would love to hear your answers.

      1. @dre…if it was me trapped on a burning building, I’m too much of a coward to take my own life. I’m not ready to meet this Jesus dude, yet. Give me other 50 years.

        What I’d do is climb out of the window and hang outside over the ledge by my finger tips. Yes I’m an indoor climber and can hang my 71kg body from my fingers for a shortwhile. I’d then scream for a safety net. When that doesn’t come, my fingers would just fail, I’d fall and hope for the best!!!

    1. Gypsies, jews, niggers, gays, pedos, judges and other alaik in the prison (not a jail) theyr vacation time do start from lowest casts and do finish in same position. At least in east/central E.U. Prison.

      However in U.K. ‘H.M.P. Spa All Include Vacation Centres’ are different protection rules for minorities.
      There thy are excluded\protected from main population/occupants.

        1. @utopia85

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          HELLO! The guys who have beef with each other, Haha! I actually didn’t think this was gonna start beef!, All I was saying is this guy should get butt fucked right in the down, under (RAPED) in prison for how bad of a fire starter he was, Serves him right for being so damn terrible, That fucking poptart will be split in half after their done with that booty of his MMMHMMM yes sir they will!!! 🙂

        2. @utopia85
          Convicted cops, judges, prosecutors etc usually are placed in the general prison population, but their law enforcement backgrounds are kept secret. If it becomes necessary, they may be moved to other prisons or into a protective custody unit.

      1. Great SciFi prison movie called, “The Platform” on Netflix.
        There’s x amount of levels. A food platform is brought down the center starting with the highest level. There’s only a time limit on how much you eat. You can’t save any food.
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        Check out the movie.

        1. I watched this movie, what an absolute gem. Loved it.
          Like nothing else I have seen. I normally kick back and relax watching movies with this one I couldn’t chill. What a concept. I might go watch it again actually.
          Heh I recommended it to people I knew would be disgusted/hate it.

          Spoiler alert:
          I must ask though what about the ending I kinda struggled with it. I’m assuming he just died on the platform and walked off with his former (dead) cellmate?

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      1. You’re 100% right!
        Most people have no idea that you can kick a hole through drywall.

        Once you have the hole started, then you can just pull huge pieces right off the studs, then you can kick through your neighbor’s drywall even easier because you’re now kicking away from the studs that they’re screwed onto.
        Now your free.

        I hope we helped somebody in the future.

        1. Not sure, if it was a joke or not, but in these kinds of buildings in CZ the walls are made from reinforced concrete (there is steel grid inside of the concrete panels from which the walls are made).

          Yes, there are types of these buildings where the walls between rooms inside one flat are made from a kind of drywall even if they were originally built during communist era (the material used back then was called siporex), but between flats the walls are from the reinforced concrete panels.

          1. But wouldn’t you be able to know the way out from your own apartment? even if its totally dark? I would assume though that the pain from the fire would instantly make you panic and search for a faster alternative. so yea jumping would seem like the best option if there’s too much fire and if you aren’t so good at holding your breathing. RIP to them.

          2. @History Is Violent – according to the info in CZ discussion boards the killer locked up the front door of the appartment, so they were not able to get outside of it. He used fire accelerators in the appartment itself and lit the front door from outside (after locking them up).

            @Hamburger Bob – well, I don’t know if you are from US, but we used to have a president which is so much popular in US that he has his own bust in Washington DC, his name was Havel and right after the “revolution” (haha) he used a term for these kind of buildings – rabbit-hutch – with a mocking tone in his voice.

            The fact is that half of the nation lives in these buildings till now, because they are almost undestructible (well, at least when the inhabitants are not gypsies), they are cheap for maintenance and for service like the heating in the building (the more when they got isolation (or insulation?) ), and mostly because people cannot afford a better kind of living (in big cities like Prague the appartment in such building costs so much money that you have to take a mortgage to buy it). And the living in these buildings is not as bad as Mr.Havel tried to point out. It has disadvanteges off course, like lack of privacy, because the concrete walls are good medium for noise transfer.

            But if you cannot afford own house and you don’t want to live in these block of flats made during communist era you have either option to go to a building which was built during 1st republic or even sooner (19th or start of the 20th century) and these appartments are so expensive that most of people cannot afford to buy them as well, or you can go to a newly constructed block of flats from the era after 1990 and the quality of these flats is even shittier in many cases then the communist concrete block of flats, but the prices are much bigger (they are something I call a polished shit in many cases) and even there the walls between flats are made from concrete if it’s not a super high cost project where they useds bricks (and even those you cannot just kick through), hence you cannot be surprised that people live in the communist era buildings and most of them are glad for that (not to mention that many of the people bought the flat in these buildings already during the communist era, or if they had it in a rent before they bought if from city after the 1990 when the big privatisation project started and mostly the prices was not a real market price, hence why not to use it).

        2. Most people don’t know you can bore a small hole in the dry wall
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    1. @thedre
      Indeed they do have similarities. In most of Europe & Britain they are known as roma gypsies as most hold Romanian passports. Sometimes makes me wonder what is their purpose of existence I mean why do they even exist. All they do is cause trouble & breed. Their younger generation have been known to grope & pick on lone women even toddlers! Yes thats right here in Great Britain.

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          1. @WestLost
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  2. This is what you get for allowing dirty little Gypos to live in buildings rather than their caravans lol
    I can’t stand gypos especially the Romany ones, they are nothing more than thieves, they hang about English towns, pick pocketing and robbing our old folk! Filth the lot of them

    1. You would need to be a Universal Soldier to get through a European built wall. Only Americans and Canadians, and OK the Swiss, build with thin plaster and wood.

      Although I guess the boiled down thieving cunt gypsy bastards in that Czech apartment can be considered a form of gypsum now in which case we may have finally found a way to make them useful and worth keeping around, albeit as Plaster of Paris.

  3. Fire is a deadly weapon. The government can control guns, but they can’t control fire. Look at those protests where they burned down half the city. Molotov cocktails destroy police or military vehicles. Fire is the people’s weapon. It destroys almost anything.

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    1. Ah so you are the comment that finally made me to create the account on this lovely site!

      So for your information the jumping cushion is made for jumps from 23 meters this jump on the video was 32 meters.. So you can make an image about that. It’s not really that simple to save someone like that but I guess you can still try yeah..

  5. Yeah as soon as you see Gypsies you already know its them fucking something up. In my hometown, our shit government gave some 50 gypsy families brand NEW apartment complex for…reasons, i dont know? Im assuming they all got together at some point,drunk of course and came up with an idea, about 4 month later all the copper for heating your water and air conditioning, was magically gone. From them ripping it out and selling it of course. Yet some of them had brand new 2019 BMWs too at the same time. One of them said a “big storm damaged the AC units and blew them away” Then they started bitching about “human rights” saying the government gave them apartments without heating. When they got called out, immediately began getting an attitude which was then checked because we outnumbered them and had weapons. We still had to repair their things though. They are the biggest fucking idiots in Europe, on the borderline of barbarians the way they act.

    1. Bestgore should start incorporating the like / dislike mechanism on comments so I can like yours 100 times. It’s the same here in Portugal. They always start fights with other gypsy families and end up shooting each others. Everybody else stays far away from them

  6. i mean i know we’re all sickos but i can’t believe the racism on here. i come to get my fill of violence so i don’t do any myself but damn ! you all are ruthless. not sure if i’m impressed or not

  7. how stupid are these people? These snow flakes thought the world is rainbows and daises cause they never been in a dangerous situation that they don’t even have a fire extinguisher? Then they are to stupid to wet towels and put them over their mouths to live longer? Snow flakes deserve to die. All they do is scream and holler help like a useless woman does. Sorry but there is no pussy pass when a fire is cooking you alive. People think the fire is the problem but its actually cause you can’t breathe and get oxygen so people jump.

    1. 75 per cent of fire deaths result from smoke inhalation, not burns or other heat-related injuries. PUt a wet towel over your mouth if you are in a fire you snow flakes so you can breathe longer so the fireman has time to carry your snow flake ass down from the apartment building. Screaming is the dumbest shit to do wasting oxygen and energy. yw. Or how about this dont live in a high rise building and piss off gypsies. Title should be when snow flakes piss off an alpha.

  8. The men who set the apartment on fire was not gypsy, but white men. Majority of people in the apartment were white and a few were gypsy. Zdeněk Konopka killed a pregnant 17-year-old teenager, three little kids (8,8,12) and eight adults (including his own son, daughter in law and ex wife, also one of the killed kids was his little a 8-year-old grandson). There were 15 people in the apartment because they were celebrating a birthday party, four of them escacaped. His reasoning were an ongoing disputes with his family, so the idiot got drunk and decided to just “threaten” them with little fire in order to take a revenge. He knew that he can harm innocent people and not just his family. He himself said that after the crime he wanted to commit suicide with his car. A witness said that when he was done with his evil work, he just stood in front of the building and laughed about it. When he was investigated, he said that he didn’t expect the fire to spread so fast and he didn’t want them to die. Investigation is still going, he will probably end up in prison for life.

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