Arm Falls on Hot Exhaust of Land Mower

Arm Falls on Hot Exhaust of Land Mower

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by @deathi6, who fell on Hot Exhaust of Land/lawn mower:

Here’s an image of my arm after I fell on the hot exhaust of a land mower, yes, that yellow one.

I was returning the weed whacker to the rack when I lost balance due to lack of space and fell with my arm right on top of it. Landscaping is teaching me a life lesson that bad things can happen to you when you’re unprepared.

Stay put faggots and never forget: stay away from jokes and niggers.

Sorry I forgot to tell that it was exclusive(the burnt arm pictures) since I didn’t post nowhere else.

Thank you for the exclusive pics!

47 thoughts on “Arm Falls on Hot Exhaust of Land Mower”

  1. Yard work isn’t for pussies, I’ve injured myself several times including once with a pruning saw. I didn’t think to take a picture, I was too busy bleeding. Then there are wasps, fire ants, thorns and all sorts of sharp and scary looking yard tools. Oh and I’m into Cactus and agaves which means pain no matter how careful you are.

        1. Hey Pigs my man. I’ve been doing some trips into the Golden Triangle region solo, I have a King Queen seat to install, but atm it’s still a single seater. The way the lunatics drive on the roads here…it’s best for Mrs Doc to keep the fuck away from the roads on a bike any way. The big mountain has over 100 k of twisty challanging roads, that’s where I ride 95% of the time with virtually no traffic. It’s also where the most beautiful scenery is ~ thank Dog. :o)

          1. Never get bored of the riding, doing around 200 clicks per day. I’m a stickler for all the gear all the time (Watch BG motorbike accidents to see what happens to those who wear fark awl) It can get very HOT under all that protective gear when the bike is stopped but once on the move, it’s not so bad.So while waiting fr our house to be built..riding everyday is a great pastime.
            If you should ever find yourself in Thailand God forbid…you gotta come up North to visit us. :o)

          2. @doc-undy

            God, I’d love to Doc. Never traveled much in my day. Will be retiring myself in a few short years. Don’t want to stay in Indiana anymore. Just haven’t decided where to live as of yet.

            I just hope we don’t bomb your country, like every other it seems. I’m sure your new house, will be much prettier than any laser guided missile.

            …and much cheaper too!

            (fingers crossed)

          3. Well you never know…this is really a a nice place, I don’t even think of it as a 3rd world country..especially in the big cities. Also in the news today, 10 motorbikes were wiped out by a truck in New Hampshire killing seven people. Shit happens everywhere.

            As for the US dropping instruments of peace and democracy on Thailand, I doubt that day will come. Out of every other surrounding SE Asian neighbouring countries, Thailand was the only one not colonised by Europeans. During WWII the Japanese had to negotiate with the King of Thailand to cross the country..or so I fink. These guys are tough Mofos..if you’ve ever watched a real Muay Thai fight you’ll understand.

        1. Sounds like imported Chinese knock off coffee….to boost the caffeine content they doctor it up with SPEED, of course that is ALSO cheap Chinese knock off speed, and it barely gives you push, so they add so me Crystal Meth, which as you guessed it..contains cheap Chinese knock off Meth…to compensate, they add some AMPHETAMINE…..this is NOT cheap Chinese knock off shit and that’s why you’re flying in the clouds my good sir!

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