Armored Vehicle Guard Gravely Burned by Robbers Blowing It Up

Armored Vehicle Guard Gravely Burned by Robbers Blowing It Up

In ParanΓ‘, Brazil, robbers blew up an armored vehicle transporting money. Several security guards in the vehicle were gravely burned. The video shows one of them.

I’m not sure if the robbers got away with any dough. Perhaps armored vehicles transport money in fire and impact proof containers?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I can confirm that money that is going to be loaded in an ATM is inside a metal casing even before they load it inside the armoured car. When money is being transferred from bank to bank sometimes they use specialized bags. Cannot be easily opened by brute force or cutting. Zippers are padlocked. They know even the guards protecting the money cannot be trusted. Atleast that’s the situation where my friend is working. He tell stories and details about his job all the time. This is probably an inside job or a work of previous employees. They know weaknesses. They probably got away with the money too.

  2. This person is dead. You cannot survive 3rd degree burns all over your body as any burns above 2nd degree inhibits any form of tissue regeneration. Even if he by some sort of miracle survives, he will have no fingers, no toes, no genitalia, probably blind, he wont be able to smell anything, or hear as his outer and probably even intermediate audition have been damaged, he can say goodbye to his lips, and some limbs will probably get amputated if the burns damage some muscles, otherwise necrosis will take care of it…. and this is without even talking about the damage done to his lungs. This man is as dead as you can get. I feel sorry for him, and I pray for him to be released of his pains.

  3. GTA is a perfect way to test out your plans lol. I think they got away with the loot if it wasn’t burned or they were able to make it out with the safe or whatever they keep the money in. Would be funny though if there were no cash in the truck and they just killed these dudes for nothing.

  4. At some point the robbers will get cought (they won’t stop robbing, idiots like that burn money fast>easy come easy go) and will get what they deserve…Brazil prison. We all know the fun they’re having at that hellhole

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  8. The world needs to take a tougher stance towards violent criminals. I’d say IMMEDIATE execution following proof of guilt. No leniency, no years worth of appeals, no warehousing them per the victim’s dime, just immediate death. There’s no room on this planet for human animals. They’re counterproductive and useless.

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  9. This seriously looks like there a good story of what happened before the video and it starts like this.. this one time at band camp……. Or well you see what happened is…. Neither has a great ending for him but oh well lol

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