Autopsy Photos of a Baby Burnt to Death

Baby Ribs Revealed After Chest Skin Removal

If you take a close look at this baby’s skull, where it was burnt to a crisp till it crumbled and revealed the brain, you may end up wondering how well the brain itself got cooked. It almost seems as though all you’d need were few onions and you’d have fresh supper. But that’s not the type of thinking we have, is it?

The rib cage doesn’t seem all that well done, even though fat, skin and muscle covering it is definitely cooked throughout. I can’t tell you whether this baby was a boy or a girl. General genital area leaves a lot out for guessing. Was there once a baby penis that got burned to a crisp first leaving that unidentified bump there, or was there once a baby vagina that shrunk along with the rest of that area? Your guess is as good as mine.

That autopsy table kind of looks like restaurant grease drain. There wasn’t much to drain out of this corpse. Poor baby didn’t have a very good day! Gallery of burnt baby autopsy picture is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. haha shoshobitch , since when do muslism burn eachother to death lol . Anyways blood and gore is amazing but when it takes a life of a young child , thats just something else , Id hate to be in the position of his/her parents

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