Badly Burnt Corpse of a Woman Found in the Bathroom After a House Fire in Thailand

Badly Burnt Corpse of a Woman Found in the Bathroom After a House Fire in Thailand

This house fire took place in the Phrom Phiram District of Thailand. As far as I know, the only victim of the fire was this woman who ran upstairs and hid in the bathroom. Really not the smartest thing to do but it may have seemed to be the best course of action. It’s easy to look back on something from a third party perspective and say, “she should have done this and this” or, “if it were me I’d have done this.” The fact is that no one knows exactly how they will react in a do or die situation but it’s always good to at least have some kind of plan. Even though, as we here at Best Gore know, being on your toes wont save you from the other Fleshy Viruses running amok and all manner of freak accidents can still occur. Watch yourselves out there, my friends.

16.37 time am Radio Orient Rescue Center of Phitsanulok province tolda house fire because of people. House No. 51, m 8, Tambon Nong Phrom phiram district of Phitsanulok province told a preliminary way single-layer high-lifting Burns house fire has fast lukram by obtaining preliminary data. Whether it is home away from home for girls was the seat for years, is in the House. Burapha rescue with owner phachon fire and rescue workers, but not as successfully. Make cheese-it woman tonnai bathroom. In the result list is the event. 1.30-year auction was pamuean by the mother ran up the backyard. She quickly thonbok has 191 centers coordinate water truck in the area. WOR 4. It controls the fire already. Thousands of police. Life raft Topiary Qiao district responsible for the sop Phrom phiram

Home away from home for girls? The fuck? Anyway, Mad props to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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      m lol! Mr. Danielray is here fuckers haaaaaa urrrggh shit!

        1. Hahaha @ stomp, nope ! Still in the ditch drunk haha my cell went blank had to wait for a new one , I thought my life was gonna end with out my phone wow ! But its great to be back , missed you all lol ( beer in both hands cheers) haha

      1. Can we really still class that as a pussy !?. Well, seeing as she’s ready to pop, it could be spinach I suppose.
        ” I’m finished ‘cos my snatch eats up spinach, I’m popthai the crozzled mam ”

        Merry Christmas.

  1. Hmmm…a home away from home for bitches.. craziness!!!… This is an awesome article though Obli!!… Nothing better then some bbq’d Thai people to gawk at while waiting here in the damn hospital… Ugh!!… Thank you dasilvaflipflops&& Obli!!.. You guys are awesome!! ??

    1. Holy smoke. Sorry mate, just kidding.
      I’m guessing you were ten years old @bobcat, must have put the frighteners on you. I was four and I remember the hottest summer ever the year before in 76. There were plenty of fires that year.

      1. @Stomper.

        My brother and sister thought they would do some cleaning, they were 6 and 5, this was about 5 in the morning and they polished everything. When finished they had a wet cloth soaked in polish and decided to dry it out by wrapping it round the lightbulb in the cupboard under the stairs.

        They toddled off to bed pleased with their good deed oblivious to what they had done. Luckily I woke up coughing and went to get a drink, when I opened the door thick black smoke poured in and I slammed it shut. My mum and dad were up in the loft conversion.

        The only thing that I could think of was banging a chair against the radiator in my room, made a fucking loud noise and I heard my dad stomp across the floor above me open the door and shouted “what are you ” and that’s all he said

        More luckily they had a phone in there. We never had smoke alarms then.

          1. My mother set our kitchen on fire – twice! Both times she put a chip (fries to you yanks) pan on, went to the store which was about 100 yards down the road and on the way back she forgot about the pan and chatted to her friends. She only remembered it when she saw fire engines rushing towards the house. I was not there both times but i do remember going home to a psrtially burnt house.

  2. Home away from home for girls?, it must be referring to a clothing retailer of some sort because most of the women that I have ever known practically live in them.

    Anyway, the scene of death in this story is hardly strange considering that most people experiencing intense fear and stress lose control of their bowels and thus soil their breeches, only to then blame the stench of shit on some innocent old person upon reaching safety.

    Naturally then, rather than blame some innocent coffin dodger she chose to park her gluteus maximus on the toilet seat instead. An admirable stance indeed but ultimately foolish as no doubt she was overcome by the noxious gasses emanating from her own anal sphincter and thus rendered possum.

    Oh well,

  3. Something tells me that she was already dead before the fire broke out… the body is bloated. 😐 Someone was trying to destroy the evidence and burnt the house down – “house fire because of people.”

    So make your own guesses now… and make cheese-it woman tonnai bathroom. 😆

      1. Women are allways backstabbing each other, so that wouldnt surprise me… 😆

        Fun fact:
        – Men talks shit about each other in front of them, and talks good about the same in their backs.
        – Women talks good about each other in front of them, and talks shit about the same in their backs… 😆

        1. Fuck that drama man. I’d probably procrastinate and be found slumped next to the bowl off my tits. I thought I’d been in some hairy situations, but you know when you’re flushing stuff that shits about to get real. And I bet after, you wonder “if i had just hidden it, they’d never have found it”. Better safe than sorry though, live to fight another day.

          1. here in LA, the pigs gotta have a warrant to enter your pad. If they ask to come inside, you can flat out say No. if they have a search warrant or you’re on parole, they can enter you parole, they can bust in to search your shit without shit. If you don’t have anythingon you, you can refuse to answer questions, because all they’re doing is trying to get info to bust you. If they ask you for ID, ask them if you are under arrest and for what . They’ll try and intimidate you, but if they ask to search you or your car, tell them unless you did something wrong or suspected of something illegal, they can’t do shit. Remind piggly wiggly how much false imprisonment is going to cost them heavy. And passengers who are riding in the youre car, unless you’ve got pipes or product within yourimmediate area, tell him or her to kick rocks. We the people have rights too. If they wanna beat or cheat us up, make sure to shoot film…hide it because they’ll steal your SD and you’ll be fucked in court unless the truth starts leaking, just like many who

          2. @mr. slider

            Unfortunately, false imprisonment will not cost them a penny. At worst, they get a paid vacation. And if by any chance the victim succeeds in getting a compensation, it’s the taxpayer that foots the bill, not the cop that falsely imprisoned you.

    1. @amnyc – I’d go along with your theory as to why she was near the toilet. Especially since the translation of the Thai info indicates there were “thousands of police”. Either that, or she’d been watching too much U.S. news about cops killing civilians and was running to escape before she was beaten to death. Alas – none of her plans appeared to work as she was found near the melting pink toilet of doom… :mrgreen:

  4. Maybe she’s not as bad as she looks; sometimes when I burn my toast, i just scrape the burnt black bit off with a knife, and its good to go. Although she has been on the toilet floor, buttered side down, for longer than 10 seconds.

  5. Out of every single possibility of what NOT to do during a fire, the top stupidest, dumbest, retardedest thing to do are 1) head upstairs, 2) hide in a small room, 3) do absolutely nothing and hope the fire will go away / wait for death. ‍♂️ Useless bitch deserved it for being so dumb.

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