Barman Making Flaming Drinks Sets Woman’s Head on Fire

Barmen Making Flaming Drinks Sets Woman's Head on Fire

Barmen Making Flaming Drinks Sets Womans Head on Fire

Older video, but comon – Hollywood has been bastardizing movies by making remakes of with female cast, so why not do the same and have a video featuring female Ghost Rider? Also, this video said it wanted someone to hang out with.

I understand this happened in Russia. The video shows a barman mixing flaming drinks, when a highly flammable liquor squirts over a blue flame into a face of a woman standing opposite the barman. Her head turns into a fireball for a second, before it loses a intensity, but by that time the woman’s hair is on fire and the scene turns chaotic with occasional poetic screams.

Thanks a lot to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the tip on the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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239 thoughts on “Barman Making Flaming Drinks Sets Woman’s Head on Fire”

      1. That was the bomb!!!

        She was pretty HOT!

        He’s so FIRED!!!

        She drank so much her breath contained so much fumes she ignited the flame!

        She looked like the real Ghost Rider!!

        Anybody got any marshmallows??

        Toasty by the bar huh.

        He sneezed ooops!

          1. I should sure hope so last time I looked or may just have a mans face
            Oh jeez they fired the wrong one when u thought they couldn’t get anymore stupid
            Polluted that me laugh

  1. If the carpet matches the drapes, run! Isn’t getting drunk good enough? Making a spectacle out of serving food or drinks, is unnecessary in my opinion. Getting served food and drinks, is kind of gaudy in its own right.

    1. i remember rich Malaysian Chinese parking their Mercedes downtown KL and eating at card tables with white plastic stools underneath a pedestrian overpass, streetlights, stray cats, beggars, slurping on clam noodles with people and cars just feet away. And i thought, these fuckers don’t give a shit about anything else but the taste!

          1. I absolutely agree with you. Hindus have the caste system yet the Malays have a hierarchical structure all of their own; which is why i put the word caste in quotation marks. I agree with you about headchoppers . Read my posts, you will see i think them a blight on civilisation. Yet ,when we chop them we have to chop their Zioyanqui masters as well.

            I recognise you. You were here under a diff name a few years ago.

            I love your handle by the way!

          2. deadvector They all worship money. They pretend it’s all about religion but i’m not buying it.

  2. I’m going to apologise for my comment up front & just own it.!
    Ya’ ready.?
    Here it comes…… Ahem..
    “In mother Russia.. Drink fucks you up”.!
    See what I’m talking about.!??!?
    Aha, aha, haaa…. ha….
    Nah..but seriously though..
    What the fucks wrong with just putting the bloody drink into a glass & drinking it.?
    Y’know.. The way it was fucking intended.!
    I honestly can’t imagine any alcohol manufacturers or brewers thinking to themselves…
    “Hmm… How can I make my particular alcoholic beverage more appealing.??”.!
    “Ahhh… I know.!.. I’ll make it be a part of some retarded & complicated fucking glass tower & bottle, puzzle contraption & then make barmen set fire to it, perhaps, nay.. Probably, incinerating all of my potential customers”.!!
    Yeah.. That sounds like a good plan.!

  3. CanRAGE, I hope all is well with you my brother. I haven’t been all that active for a while myself. Depression is a motherfucker. I haven’t been feeling it, but this place needs balance. Dust yourself off, and get back in the game. Maybe it’s just me, but this place gets depressing without people like you.

  4. Lots of clever comments I’d say, well done everyone! Yup, she’s the hottest chic in the bar, that’s for sure. And…. Yes, yes indeed, Female Ghost Rider coming to a theater near you. Skull and titties ablazin’!

  5. What proof was that alcohol? 151 rum?….or grain ?
    Drinking / Alcohol is so much worse than Marijuana… yet (booze) it’s been legal since the 1930s I think. It’s killed and caused so many deaths,unwanted children, awful mistakes, arrests or violent behaviors. Yet there’s a liquor store every mile or so in every direction,or on a corner in every town across entire “civilized” developed country. There’s commercials /ads splattered across TVs and billboards to make us think it’s ok.
    …and btw that looked on purpose. Fuckin went all Godzilla on her.

    1. I agree but why do people always have to compare alcohol with weed? Alcohol is bad…that’s it. weed is another subject. Now hairspray, that’s what we should be discussing here.

    2. Back in April ‘68, a chemistry major returned from spring break with cases of West Virginia moonshine. He was a master of distillation and had his hometown Mafia all tuned in.

      The stuff was reasonably close to the 190 proof limit at 150+ and clear as water. Wee-hah! I wasn’t even legal (17 vs. 18), and that stuff wasn’t legal, a damn fine combination.

      1. I remember as a kid i got this train engine type thing, it was welded to a metal plate but you put methylated spirits on this little gadget, lit it and placed it under the engine and it went into operation, the flame was blue just like above. I was about 9 years old and not once did i set fire to myself or anything else. It just makes me wonder about these millenials

          1. Casual Observer Oh boo hoo. You did say moved BACK in, point proven, these millenials can’t even make it in the real world without running back home to mummy. Did she bring her xbox with her?

        1. We’re in the wrong timezone xsookiex. I was asleep, woke up and find three postings to catch up with, never mind we can spend our time messaging. Off to work now so see you later x

  6. When I was a kid, we drank beer flavored beer, and bourbon that would on occasion be mixed with a coke. The end result was always drunkeness.

    When did we need to start lighting shot glasses on fire, perched on top of some retarded tower of pint glasses and wine carafs, to reach the end result of drunkeness?

    These f’ing ameteurs

      1. This is what happens, they disappear first, then they reappear but it’s not them. my comments are being monitored and i’m getting “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” what does it all mean?

          1. Hmmm! Can’t think why Matt. It’s making me sort of paranoid. Is it just xsookiex and me? Maybe caRnaGe was too before he disappeared. I think maybe you are special Mattjack, you have many talents.

          2. thanks polluted… lol

            mark and me have a special relationship..

            we traffic phillipino trannies to each other as some kinda deal we got goin onnn…

          3. Ahh! You mean those ladyboys. I suppose as long as you keep them stocked up in hormones it’s all good : ))

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