BBQ on Beach Leaves Girl with Burned Foot

Looks Like a Perfectly Doable Foot

BBQ on Beach Leaves Girl with Burned Foot

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lady-lexis, who sent us the pictures of an Irish girl who’s foot got burned after a BBQ on a beach:

This happened a to a local girl here in Northern Ireland. After having a BBQ on the beach (using a small, disposable BBQ), she managed to step on the sand that had been under it and burned her feet, the right one quite badly. Apparently, the pain was incredible and shots of morphine didn’t even touch it.

Thanks for sharing the pics with us, @lady-lexis. I wonder what her foot looks like now:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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124 thoughts on “BBQ on Beach Leaves Girl with Burned Foot”

  1. @Lady_Lexis
    That is one Bad-Ass fucken burn man, that will take quite some time to heal. If her boyfriend has A Foot Fetish,,, well poor chaps shit out of luck, thats for sure, at least until these puppies heal-up. 🙁

    On a more serious note,,, I Hope That Your Friend heal-up well, and has a speedy full recovery from this,,, what must certainly be, A Very painful mishap! 🙂

          1. That Must resemble, & Taste Something like those Roasted Pork Rhine’s that grandma use To roast Perfection in The Oven As kids. And All it was,,, was this Pure Strip of Pure Pork-Fat Stripped-Off A Good Pork Pot-Roast!

            So Yea @brokeback ,,, It Was Nothing But Pure Pig Fat, & Added Salt,,, Roasted. And let me tell yea Bro, ( but that,s only, if you never had-it that is) That FACK,,, that stuff was so darn tasty, that my 4 Brothers and I,,, Use to fight up until the very last crumb was gone, when we were very young kids, and spent the entire week-end, once every couple of months, with our beloved Grand-Doll.

          1. Sunburned skin, i could never do that, cause the last real bad sunburn i got was with one of my old buds also named Andre. We were on The Beach At Ottawa,s Dow,s Lake for the annual Beach Volleyball tournament.

            We use to call-it The Wet-Camel-Toe Beach Volleyball, lol. True as these babes would get wet right in Da-Crack, and Fuck,,, as 15, & 16 years of age,,, we had to lie on our bellies during the “HOLE” Tournament.

            But the problem was that my buddy had just bought a new C.B. And we had a blast talking on it all night with cool American truckers “ALL OVER” North America and stayed-up *ALL NIGHT*. So we fell asleep on the 34 Degrees Celsius Beach From About 12:30 to 5:00 pm. Hot August Summer Sun.

            FUCK BUD, For 5 entire days,, we both thought that we were going to die man. We were freezing at night and wanted a blanket, but we could not even let a sheet touch us cause it hurt so fucking bad, lol 😉 So doing it while Sunburnt,,, Fuck-O-Datttt! 🙁

          2. So so true! Freezing and feverish! Yogurt my man ! Yogurt! That is what you put on your sunburned skin. Cb radios ? Hah! Funneee! I remember them and still like “walkie talkies” used in the cuntstruction industry. You know what i mean.

            Beach volleyball ! Hah! Great sport.

            Friend ,i would read about holidaying in the Maritime Provinces of Canada for beach going. In National Geographic. Yes ! Iam what you call a cool nerd or dork! Obviously not as hot or sunny as Aus but shit ,is there any value in going to New Brunswick or Halifax nova scotia etc? White beaches? Lovely forested beachside scenery, warm sunny weather and water?

    1. @thedre

      Bro, she probably did it on purpose. She may have been pretty darn sick of her bf doing her feet all the time. Instead of sucking her gnarly toes (reference to @brokeback), he may be able to carry out some cunnilingual or shall I say cuntilingual job(s). Furthermore, in the following step, he might choose banging her in the correct orifice and will probably be able to remove the cobwebs, somehow.

      If all the aforementioned prophecies turn out to be true, congratulations to her. She might burn her other foot next month.

  2. She should have said Fuck Da-B.B.Q. and decided to enjoy Herself A Nice,,, Fat,,, and Clean French Sausage Instead 🙂 Firstly,,, No hot flames To Burn those Poor Little Footsies With. 🙁 Then Secondly,,, Instead of Ketchup, what i Would Of Freshly Produced for Her while Letting-Out This Long, & Super Erotic, Manly Moan, (that girls have told me before) that i found, and still find today to be quite embarrassing, to say the least lol. But back to it,s Nutritional Value is said to be Equal, or Greater than Two “2” Pork Chops. And from what My Wife, and “ALL” of My Exes Have Told Me before,,,

    They All Said, and Truthfully, (cause i never asked them how i taste but they all had to say that), Wow Man, You Taste Good, and Mild. Whattaya Mean?? Informing them that it was not the first time that a girl had told me so, while being red faced, & Embarrassed yet again, lol. Cause they’ve all said that many Men,s Cum Tastes, & Smells Very Strong. And They Have An ” Almost Chemical” taste to them! But who am i to know as i never swallowed, or tasted my own before. 😉

    1. lol……….!
      Bro that is one heck of a thing. But years ago, I happened to watch a series that was pretty damn interesting about 21st century sex. Female sexologist(s) clearly mentioned that if your wife/gf is interested in swallowing, what kind of food and drinks would make your cum delicious. Fast forwarding, I tried the recommended fruits and drinks, and believe me, them damn sexologists were not wrong. My woman (at that time) would want to swallow several times a day. Its difficult to stick to such kind of food intake all the time. If you are interested in watching that series, I can send you a link. It’s been available for a few years.

      1. Holy fuck dude,,, I Am,, Me, lol, A Fucking fruit addict. My wife cannot keep enough banana,s,,, apples,, kiwi.,, peaches,,, plums,,, pears,,,Oranges,,, “Pink” Grapefruit,,, must be pink “not ever white” and all types of melons in the house.

        We buy so many mostly for me that we go to Costco to by it by thee case, and have another full size fridge in the basement just for My Fruit Dude,,, LOL, is int that hilarious that you’ve mentioned that bro, cause i in a million years would never have known why.

        ***********So Me CUM Is Yummy Cause Me Gots Fruits In My Tummy************

        Thanks For This Bro,
        as i am running upstairs,,,
        And exiting my Man-Cave,,,
        just to go, and tell my Wife about-it!

        1. @thedre
          Oh my……….! lol…….!
          Anywho, here’s the link to that Dick-o-mentary 😉 Its called “A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex”, but trust me, it guides us dudes more than it guides them gals.

          Seriously bro, it is very very informative. Eight episodes and is not boring at all. When you find some time, do watch it if you have not already, and let me know what you think about it.
          Enjoy watching…!!!

          1. @thedre

            “So me cum is yummy cause me gots fruits in my tummy”
            – Dre, the fruit dude

            You two had me laughing with this discussion of yours!

            Yeah, fruits can indeed alter how your life juice tastes. They also work for women by altering how their lady parts will taste and smell. Not every fruit has this effect though, and all I know is that Pineapple is the fruit of choice for the best results.

            As a side note, I’m proud to confess I am a fruit addict as well, since I’ve been living an extremely healthy lifestyle for the past year – which is part of the “constantly improve yourself – mind, body and spirit” philosophy I became a pupil of for the past 2 years.

            An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

          2. @eraserhead-2

            Hell yeah, pineapple is one of them, yes sir. Others, if I may add, are grapes, strawberries, bananas, and oranges. But stay away from all tobacco, chai, black tea, and coffee.

            Fruits are indeed best super foods. Its good to know you are living a healthy lifestyle my friend. Never stop it, no matter how busy you are. I always find time to work out. It keeps me healthy and super fit. I feel several years younger than my real age, especially after I quit smoking, roughly around six years ago.

            As a side note: An apple a day keeps the damn doctor away, and a healthy “banana” keeps the female doctor astray. 😉

          3. Bravo Agent 81 . I have heard about this ,interesting how body chemistry works my man.
            Another thing i learned is always go for girls you know are on birth control pills . Why! Because ,it fucks up their natural pheromone- detecting ability . Women make up their mind on whether they will fuck you ever within about five to ten secs,much of it based on pheromones even she is unconscious of. So ,if she is on the pill ,you are knocking out one more reason to reject you.
            Explains the divorce rate hah? Married ,now off the pill? She no longer likes the aroma of your Corona™ baby!

          4. @hopingfornemesis

            Its an interesting notion, largely debatable though. Genuinely, its a mute chemical communication between animals and insects. Pheromones are NOT JUST sex pheromones – there are other types as well. I don’t have adequate knowledge about pheromones other than basics. But if your hypothesis is fully accepted, how would you find a woman with any certainty who is taking some contraceptive pills????? Hook a hooker????? And supposedly if you happen to know a girl who’s on those pills, why would she want to lay, if she already has a partner??? And why would you or anybody want to do her??? I know, I wouldn’t.

          5. Every thing you say is quite true. I did not have the room to go into detail.
            Given she is on the pill it is highly likely she is already seeing a man.
            Given you know she is on the pill,it is likely she is already your friend and thus you have had chances or had many chances to attract her already.
            It is true that pheromones are not just Sex pheromones.
            I did not say i believe in them wholeheartedly or that i Am an expert. It just explains some behaviour.

            I did see a “mythbusters”show where women were asked to rate mens’ likelihood of fucking them solely on the basis of the smell of the man’s T shirt. Almost all women disliked one particular guy on the basis of his tshirt’s smell. He turned out to have diabetes. So on an instinctive level ,women do not wish to mate with “poorer” quality manhood. In ,other studies ,women on the pill ignored such cues or were unable to pick them up.

            Movies showing such behaviour were “world war Z ” with Bratt Pitt and “species”with hot Canadian model bitch ,Natasha Henstridge.

          6. @hopingfornemesis

            Right! Leaving aside your take about any pill taking girl(s) and how you would know her and/or do to her or she’d do to you, generally, in this post, you made certain things a lot clearer than in the last one.

            Yes, I honestly believe what you described about peculiar body odors, smells, and scents. Yes, I have watched “World War Z” but not “Species”. However, in my humble opinion, a German writer Patrick Süskind’s “Das Parfum” is the best story that describes your hypothesis. Moreover, in 2006 Tom Tykwer made an unforgettable movie “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” which is based upon Süskind’s novel. There’s no better and eloquent explanation about this topic than this book and the movie.

            I love macabre and lurid movies, art, and stories, this is one of them. Here’s an link to the movie with a trailer for your viewing relish: 🙂

          7. Thanks for your vote of support. I am not always articulate nor have time or space to put everything down .I am also conscious of those who hate long posts . Haha. I will definitely look up this German book. Please do see the Movie Species with Natasha Henstridge. Old now ,over twenty years old but fantastic. I would love to discuss some of the points about it if you wish once you see it. She -the species-is an Elemental Female ,devil if you will, Lillith. All instinct ,sensuality,sexuality and killer instinct. Great in bed and great mothering instincts. Would kill anyone or anything for her man or will love it.

          8. @thedre
            You are very welcome bro. 🙂

            You are very welcome 🙂
            Yes, I understand, most people don’t like longer posts. I don’t either, if there is an idiotic chapter being opened for discussion by some Mr. or Ms. Know-it-all, 😉 you know what I am talking about. But, with people like thedre, a few other senior BG members, and now including yourself, if an important topic is being discussed either funny or serious, I would love to read and write detail posts, as it is certainly important to make your point clear.

            Thank you and yes, I most definitely will watch “Species”. I know its 1995 movie, but I don’t care. I love watching older shows too, if they have good ratings. I hope you’d like the Suskind’s book and the movie.

          9. @9×9

            I’m not a fan of drug contraceptives, and therefore I avoid girls who are on birth control. Simply put, women who are on the pill don’t feel right. They can’t think straight, are less attractive, more annoying and also tend to get promiscuous, as Nemesis pointed. For a pump and dump situation, who cares, but if you plan to go for a serious relationship, even if it’s just a girlfriend with no intentions of forming a family or whatsoever, then pills are a no-go for me. A couple of decades from now I pretend to start looking for making a family, so pills will be even more off the limits with my future wife.

            There are plenty of serious and truthful studies out there proving an enormous amount of consequences caused by the use of birth control pills, and these consequences are even greater for long term use of these drugs. I might do a detailed forum post about this important subject when I have the time. Gladly, for the past couple of years there is a growing amount of girls out there who are getting informed about this subject, and are not using the pill anymore, or better yet – have never used the pill and have zero intentions of using it.

          10. @9×9

            I’ll definitely check out this “A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex” when I have the time. Now regarding your movie recommendation, I already had “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” on my watchlist. I’m a movie buff, and therefore have hundreds of movies to watch, besides always discovering something new to add to said watchlist, but all of this talk definitely makes me want to put Perfume higher on the list. I just downloaded it. I have also added the book to my list of books I intend to read, due to high ratings people have given it, and also due to the fact that books are far better than their movie adaptations 99,9% of the time.

            Thank you for the recommendations.

          11. @eraserhead-2

            Thank you for your insight. And yes, I fully concur with your take. I would not want to have any kind of serious or even tentative relationship with a girl-on-pill. I had a short, but terrible experience with such a girl, and believe it or not, she was the epitome of a feral being. Additionally, I would love to enjoy the intimacy with a girl and I do want her to enjoy in return as well. I wouldn’t want to hump a cadaver, would you? I know you wouldn’t either.

          12. @eraserhead-2

            You are very welcome my friend. 🙂 Most definitely yes.

            Largely, books are better than movies. I would not call myself a cinephile, but I love movies and certain TV shows as well. As far as the movie “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” is concerned, I am very confident, you are going to love this movie. Its disturbing, its macabre, pretty dang dark, but you won’t stop watching it. Suskind’s book, as I am sure you already know, is somewhat different than the movie, but the baseline or shall I say the focal theme is same. I hate those movie directors who challenge the intelligence of their viewers, with their unplanned, pathetic, unorganized, imbecilic shots. This one, however, is a master craftier. Some other time, would love to talk to you about some other great movies and TV shows too.

      1. NOPE,,, Me No Can Do! 🙁

        Butt Do You kiss them after you fucked her in Dat-Ass, and put it in her mouth first?? 😉
        Pls. brother tell me no and be honest cause When We Meet one day, French, or Not,,, I Am Not Kissing You on Da-Cheek, It,s still too close to an Asses Best Friend Called La-E-Coli 😉

      1. A bede Is A Toilet that is next to a toilet, lol. It Is Used Mostly by Europeans, or the rich in order for the woman to wash the Pussy/Cunt after going. Instead of you conventional toilet that sucks water down,,, this one has hot, & cold water, and it flushes water upwards to help rinse the area.

  3. If I had a dollar for every time I chased a leprechaun in the dark only to trip over a stack of smoked potatoes and fire-walk through a disposable BBQ…
    Jeez. Hate that shit!

          1. Soo…my mother is your mothers boss. I’m doing your mom and you are my stepson. I bet your dog likes me better too.
            Y’all shoulda stayed in school.

    1. Because it was two different days, numpty 😛 I believe the first photo was from day one, with the clean newborn circular burn but the other photos are from a follow-up appointment; you can see all the skin had started to break down and slough off so they were cleaning and removing the dead tissue that day. How she got those skinny jeans on though does remain a mystery!

      I almost forgot about sending in these photos, BBQ seasons seems like such a long time ago now 🙁


  4. Will that measure up to Chinese chicken feet? I had those once, and they were surprisingly good; though I’ve gone veg quite a few years back. (Figures a veg would be doing all the cannibal jokes, huh? That’s vegetarian, not vegan. . .and only about 99.5% since accidents do happen where I work, since the kitchen staff doesn’t speak much English, and I do not freak over misunderstandings. After all, I don’t eat meat/fish for mostly political reasons; being totally against factory farming and nasty slaughterhouse practises. Health reasons, too. Pacific seafood is radioactive, gulf seafood is Corexited, is anything uncontaminated anymore? Farmed fish is nasty.)

      1. Corexit is what was put into the water after the Deep Water Horizon spill (which is still going on according to my research) to disperse the oil, but it is toxic. As for radioactive shoite comin’ into the u.s., money rules, and the Hell with peoples’ health. As for the radioactive Pacific, Fukushima is an environmental disaster that keeps on giving. I do tons of political research, and am going by that. I don’t do gubment controlled mainstream media news, since it’s garbage. Propaganda, lies, whatever ya wanna call it. If you want real news, go to, hit the link on the upper left that will take you to Blogroll, and give you a huge list of real news. ( is the best. Gov’t Slaves is damn good, too.)

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