Best Gore Member with Huge, Swollen Blister

Best Gore Member with Huge, Swollen Blister

Holy shit, is it just me or was yesterday a little bit weird on here? Lots of interesting little conversations going on. Stars must have lined up or something. Anyways…

Today’s Edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, ironworker5. He earned himself a huge, swollen blister that I’m going to let him tell you all about in more detail. ironworker, if you will…

Here are some pics of my hand I took last winter after dropping my motorcycle out in front of a bar.I tried to pick it back up really fast before anybody saw what had happened and burned the shit out of my hand.Then had to get some help to pick it back up anywayThat blister was a doozy.The other pic is after I cut the skin off

Yuck. Did you try doing this by any chance? Thanks for sharing. And sorry it took me so long to get to you. You got lost in the flood.

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        1. Omg I have talked about removing botflies constantly! It would be a dream job for me lol. Whenever someone has a tick or splinter I have to be the one to get it out. I love to pick at stuff. Also removing ear wax, I don’t know why but there’s something so satisfying about it. I binge watched youtube videos of people removing blackheads last night too…another satisfying thing to see. Alright I’m getting overly excited now.

          1. I love to pick at stuff too. That’s so funny. I’m the same exact way. Especially when someone is pulling a bug out of someone’s ear. I wanna do that so bad. Hahah we sound so weird.

          2. I’ll never forget that video of the giant bug being pulled out of that guy’s ear and it was still alive trying to get back in. I’m just glad someone else enjoys this shit as much as I do lol. We’re not weird just special 😀 But it probably is a little weird that I hope to one day be able to pull a botfly out of someone’s body. That’s at the top of my list of things I want to do.

          3. @LF – my dog once had a botfly larvae on her neck. I was messing around with a lump thinking it was an abscess and finally out popped the larvae right onto the back of my hand. My husband jumped a foot off the sofa – it was hilarious and one of the best surprises ever!

          4. Botflies I knew I loved you ladies. I love that stuff. Parasite removal. The Monkey that was infested with large botflies all of it. I’ve ran out of videos to watch

          5. Well shit ilovemygramps is a lady too. Wow our force is getting stronger. Today BG, tomorrow the world muahahaha. That’s my final dumb comment for the day

          6. @lf @ynxg
            I’ve always wondered what’s up with women and that. Where I mess with ulcers in my mouth from too much salt or cuts and burns because they hurt and feel good at same time or even messing with splinters from work alot.I’ve had no fewer than 3 different somewhat long term relationships where whenever I asked the good old can I get a back rub I’m sore from work practice gym etc it always turned into them examining my back like there was gold buried in my pores somewhere and instead of getting a back rub put me through the torment of them picking and squeezing at any thing that looked like it may of spit something out if squeezed hard enough. I would just go along with it and it was all good til they got too carried away and squeeze too hard til I would have to jump up and say damn woman whats wrong with you are you trying to hurt me. Would then convince me to lay back down because I had already opened that door to whatever indiana jones exploration door that you women posess when it comes to that and I would keep being bugged til I let em get back at it promising they wont squeeze so hard but that was always a lie and always knew it was but had no choice but I had no choice or wouldn’t hear the end of it and I opened the door to it being stupid enough thinking I would get a massage without paying for it. I’ve just always wondered if Thats some sort of hidden illuminati free mason type secret you women have to make sure us men don’t ask for back rubs and such as often. I know theres been plenty of times I’ve sat there pondering if I should ask on one side I’m sore would feel good but on other side I don’t wanna be tormented so what to do what to do. After the 3rd answer was usually Ill just deal with being sore and get myself a vibrating lazy boy. Now Im thinking maybe its not some conspiracy against back rubs after reading your comments maybe its something in it that women just like. Which is it?

          7. Lol @Ronnie! I think it’s just something we women like to do. Now if I was hurting my man and he asked me to stop I would but if he’s not complaining then it’s game on. I don’t know if it’s an instinct to clean or take care of something but from the sounds of it I would love to give you a ‘back rub’ hahaha!!

      1. I too enjoy popping things. It doesn’t gross me out. I get a strange enjoyment out of it. If you have a pimple or the dogs pick up a tick I’m the go to gal around here. Last week I got to squeeze a pilonidal cyst. Full of puss and blood. I wanted to video and send it in for you guys but he refused. He even took my phone. Lil bastard.

        1. I’m glad to know there’s so many of us here. I love picking, squeezing and digging into stuff. That would’ve been a nice video. I think next time someone has something they need me to get rid of I’ll only agree if I can send it into BG 😀

          1. @lf
            At least I would be aware of what was in store. I’d be all good til that inevitable owwww summa bitch what are you tryin to do to me moment. Then the usual lay back down I promise I wont squeeze so hard I’ll give in to knowing it’s a damn lie lol. Im sure you could find plenty to do back there even though at those times it probably would of looked like an amusement park to you due to fact I used to take a supplement from over the counter from the pricks at GNC called androsteneodine which later came to light that it was banned and classified as an anabolic steroid. I’m sure that made my back ripe for the “picking” lol. Guess I shouldn’t complain and been greatful for the 30 second massages I did get even though they led to the half hour surgeries on my back lol.

  1. Two years ago I was on a toys for tots run and one of the bikes started acting up and since I love to ride old Harleys I keep the needed tools in my saddle bag, so I was helping the guy with his bike, I was on the side with the pipes, when someone fell into it and my leg was pinned under the pipe the heat burned through my jeans and left a big nasty blister much like that on my leg I know how bad that shit hurts its no fun.

    Thanks for sharing @ironworker and for making my leg remember the pain 😉 lol

    1. Oh dear lord ouch. My inner calf grazed a muffler or whatever it’s called. That’s super hot shit. Ive only ridden on a bike 2 or 3 times in my life. Quads are my thing only because you don’t need to be a genius to use one

      1. You can always take a rental car, make the tires flat and flooooor it down in second gear on a dry soft river bank like a 8 circle path. Quads is cool, not a big fan of bikes myself tho i did ride a 250 CC at the age of 11 and it was SO good. Seen enought half bodies on BG so not going there. Perhaps i should start taking up some knitting shit or something!?

        1. Hahaha. I agree. The last time I was on a quad I didn’t see a ditch coming up. Everyone on top of the hill did and were yelling ditch! Ditch! It was too late and smashed my face on the handles. Not too bad though side of my face was a bit swollen. I haven’t ridden since but would if given the chance. I’ll just avoid the ditches completely. Poor ironworker though. Yikes

    2. Oh Amour that reminds me of my dad now! We used to go on his Harley and me in the side girl when i was a small little girl. We were so poor but he would go and buy me a fanta and a big packet of tomatoe crips. Ahhhh sniff. Nothing like memories.

      1. Side car** sorry sitting in the dark, perhaps literally. Might need a Xmas keyboard that light up lol, got super sensitive eyes. People always think i’m on drugs cause my pupils is big.

      1. @Mr. Mark he didn’t have time to before eating the fist of one of my brothers and by that time I was up and took the second hit on him since he was goofing off in the middle of everyone’s parked bikes, and these runs are massive, the whole situation could have been avoided….. He’s just luck @boozer wasn’t there lol I doubt things would have turned out as well as they did for the fool.

    3. I felt that just reading it. Burns are one of the worst pains, in my opinion. When i was a kid my 5 year old cousin grabbed a gas can and poured gas on a fire that we were using to burn leaves. It came up in his face and his whole body caught on fire. I won’t ever forget him screaming every time they changed his dressing for the next year. It was horrible.

    1. My wife has an almost unhealthy fascination with watching videos of cysts, abscesses and other all around nasty shit being popped and extracted. I can watch a good beheading or brutal beating but some of that shit makes my stomach turn! what is the obsession girls have with popping things anyway?? If I ever get a zit I have to basically run so she doesn’t hold me down lol.

      1. I like your wife hahah!!! I can’t explain it but there is something so incredibly satisfying seeing something gross and unhealthy removed from the body. Whether that be pus, blackheads, bugs, ect. it just feels so good to watch it being removed. My brother had a piece of glass in his foot once and he didn’t want to go to the doctor so he had me remove it. There was no greater feeling than pulling that chunk of glass out of there lol.

        1. lol! Yep, you 2 would get along great. I had a brown recluse bite me a couple years back and it formed a huge abscess within a day. The satisfaction she got out of popping that was almost scary! That fucking spider bite was a bitch though…caused some nasty necrosis. Luckily the bites are only fatal a small percentage of the time because I avoid doctors like the plague. 🙂

          1. Ugh brown recluses are no joke. I’ve had 2 family members get bit by them and they had awful reactions and it took them about 6 months to fully recover so I’m pretty scared of them. I’m sure your bite was painful but I bet it was pretty great to get all that gross stuff out. At least she was happy to help lol. My friend’s husband had one of those nasty cyst like pimples on his back and you can bet your ass I was all up in that shit squeezing it out 😀

          2. Yea, the bite hurt like a bitch; I killed the little fucker after the fact but the damage was done. My back was so swollen… it was unfuckingbelievable.

            “I was all up in that shit squeezing it out” Thats hilarious!! I think the medical field was a good choice for you!

          3. Oh I bet it hurt! Those little fuckers have nasty fangs. The worst part too is that they’re so hard to kill with regular pesticides. How long did it take you to heal?

            Haha yes I think I knew for quite some time I’d end up in the medical field somewhere but I don’t get pick stuff out of people at my job 🙁

          4. The swelling, burning and subsequent abscess hung around for about 2 weeks but the resulting necrosis kind of went through a 8 week cycle ranging from really bad looking to the scar I now have as a result. It literally killed a shit load of tissue around the bite…kind of looked like something out of the Walking Dead.

          5. Sounds nasty and painful. Those fuckers are vicious. Did it smell really bad? When my grandma had wounds on her legs from major swelling the wounds became very necrotic with black tissue and the smell was awful. I’ll never forget that smell.

          6. We tried to keep it pretty clean but the drainage we got out of it smelled like a decaying asshole in the bottom of a dumpster unfortunately. It was awful. The first bit we got out of it we were both shocked lol.

    1. Yeah that was weird I agree. Seemed off. I know that I jet off for a few weeks at a time but there are a lot not people I haven’t seen in awhile either. Wicked mama etc. But I get the vibe you’re referring to.

          1. I’ve been asking about atucker31 for a long while now. You’re right Amour Judge does need to return and soon.

            Blucon got so badly picked on consistently and then when someone asked for him to take his stolen picture down and what happened subsequently afterwards he hasn’t been back since.

            I have a lot of care for atucker31 just like with Amour, Tas, LF, Nextie, Mamason, wicked mama, Everlong etc I can go on and on that’s just with the ladies. I was disappointed to come back and find atucker31 hasn’t been back. Really disappointed.

            I have to leave for a few weeks ago time. But I also get worried that when I come back everything has changed and people will be missing. I don’t like the change at all 🙁

      1. @trainwreck
        I can tell you I spoke to Atucker about a week or so ago and she was doing fine. Havent asked her why she hasnt been here in awhile as I havent either so no clue how long shes been away but besides a storm knocking a tree over on her car dont worry she got a new one she likes alot as far as i know everythings been all good for most part. Now that i see she hasnt been on here ill give her a holler today to see how she is and tell her you all were asking about her and tell her to drop on in for you all. I see lf your bday must of passed idk sometime in last month from all the wishes i see on almost every day of the comments I’ve read so ill add my belated one as well happy bday hope you had a good one.

        1. Ronnie I really adore atucker31 please tell her that and I’d like to hear from her. After I came back and she wasn’t here really upsetted me. I ask about her all the time hoping she is around just not commenting. I don’t like change and want everyone here when I do come back. But every time I leave I come back to missing people. I don’t like that in the least.If you would please give her my email

          [email protected]

          1. @TW
            I talked to her yesterday and the day before and she is doing well. I told her I got on here and people were asking about her but regretfully didn’t get into specific names but I will be sure to let her know that you were specifically asking about her and I will pass along your e-mail address to her. Hopefully she will drop in and say what’s up to everyone soon.
            That’s what I figured days or month got lost in translation. Sorry to see what your cat got for you this year. That’s a pretty shitty present lol. Other than that hope you had your best one yet though.

    1. @dre no need to apologize lol I think we all got a kick out of last night with some good laughs, hell I think we all need to loosen up once in awhile even if its just between us here on BG 😉

  2. That blister looks EXACTLY like the one I had a couple of years ago…
    Well… I lived in Georgia at the time and I had a old rusty wood stove in the backyard… I built a fire in said wood stove and proceeded to pass the mason jar around with a couple of friends of mine… Later on that night I went inside to take a piss… Came back out of the house and all of a sudden my legs got drunk and I fell on the wood stove but I had to sacrifice my hand instead of burning my whole front side…
    Talk about pain… And I work with my hands…

          1. Took me a minute to find it but Stone Mountain is beautiful. We never went that far up before it was always south, east, west never north. Went to Atlanta once. Mom said she will never drive through there again. Beautiful area though. I had no idea that we had a mountain of sorts. Beautiful

  3. kids ! ….

    thats what happen when you fap too much ….

    so dont do this alone at home, better to call some girls for help you…

    btw after break it , its not recomended to put the skin out, but better to late the empty skin for like 1 week (put bandage on it with all meds etc.. as usual) until it dry, and then kick the skin out. this avoid to have an fresh flesh in air (pain like hell) and also help alot to avoid infection. well, that was my doc say when i have make same with BBQ when i was 10yo ( full hand burned up because i have try to grap the grill when the BBQ worked… kids shit :p )

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