Black Girl Sets Her Own Ass on Fire in Some Sort of Livestream

Black Girl Sets Her Own Ass on Fire in Some Sort of Livestream

Black Girl Sets Her Own Ass on Fire in Some Sort of Livestream

On some sort of livestream (too may of them out there nowadays), a black girl set her own ass on fire. She sounded like she quickly got to regret it, and someone also locked the damned door to the bathroom, but I’m sure at first it seemed like a fun idea.

I got no other backinfo. Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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161 thoughts on “Black Girl Sets Her Own Ass on Fire in Some Sort of Livestream”

  1. Well after all these years searching Ive finally found the girl who has the mythical ring of fire

    The others should be lucky she didnt let one off…. a flame thrower in a small room is bound to cause a bit of bother imho

    1. That’s my boys ex girl friend she is schizo n he said her ass was not enough so she stopped taking her meds n smoked a bad batch of k2 n lit her ass on fire literally to show hott it is..

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  2. Oh my days, the things people do when bored during a Lockdown and not getting any attention from the guys online…..

    Couldn’t she have read a book or watched a movie?

    Even her friends thought it was all hilarious…look at all the laughing faces in her feed.

  3. Alicia Keys song comes to mind?
    And it goes like this…….

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    Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
    She’s living in a world and it’s on fire
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  5. Eh, nigger males like their women to have a smoking hot ass and anyway all she had to do to put the flames out was to bend over and twerk the shit out of her meat cushions instead of screeching dayeeeeum, dayeeeeeeum whilst running around in panic mode as if KFC had run out of fried chicken and hot sauce.

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          1. ok ok!
            how far do you expect to go with those fascist words spoken in the comments on this site?
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            LOL! it was good to talk to you

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  7. Going by the pic alone it looks she was lighting a fart. Imagine what the coroners report would look like if she died doing this. “Death by flatulent immolation.”

    Tombstone should read,

    Got an Early start
    I lit a fart
    And now I’m fucking dead.

    1. That’s quite brilliant; stupidity is evolving.
      It’s a paradox.
      And yet just when you think the stupidest shit happened today, it gets even worse tomorrow.
      At one point, I thought the evolution of stupidity plateaued at the Kardasians.
      Then… The Tiger King.

  8. I think she was igniting a fart. Under normal circumstances that would be a “breeze”. You know the sceanario, Zippo at the ready, feel the Alpha wave moving, spark up Zippy, grit the sphincter, let it rip and “Whoof” and away goes the flame. A quick embarrassed laugh and everyone can move on at the date, wedding, funeral or wherever it is you’ve decided to do it.

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    Move on people. Let us think of this no more.

    “Meestah Kurtz – The Horror, The Horror…!”.

    1. I thought Social Media was a great tool to cull the herd. People being encouraged to eat Tide Pods, stick forks in electric sockets, lick toilette seats, but the moronic simpleton species has proven resilient.
      At this point, I’m rather discouraged.
      War, famine, and disease have not been able to reduce the population.
      What’s the latest on gonnoherpesyphilAIDSEbola? And can that be genetically engineered to infect the oxygen thieves?

      1. I’m pretty sure were on our way, shits more fucked up by the day and half of us dont even know just how bad it is because of our greed and selfish wants. Our planets going to swallow us up and spit us out.

        1. Earth wasn’t meant to sustain 7 billion people.
          I think after the first million copies of people, shit went down hill.
          Like a 400th generation copy of A Salvador Dali painting from a 1983 Xerox using contaminated toner created from dust gathered at Chernobyl in the basement of a North Korean brothel for Kim Jong Un’s experimental super soldiers hybrid sloth pig humans.

        2. That’s a best case scenario. Humans had so many Wonderful biological and intellectual gifts and They’ve thrown them away- a slave to coin. How pathetic. So much wasted potential And this is all we will have to show for it.

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  10. Come on people. That girl there might only want to peform “Protest From Home” by self immolation. She may not be as holistic or full on matyr like many case in the past, But sure as hell she can scream.

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