Bodies of Children in India Burned by Muslim Extremists

Bodies of Children in India Burned by Muslim Extremists

I’m being told this is the outcome of Muslim’s doing. Islamic extremists burned several children down to a crisp somewhere in India. Interesting photos, but as usual – hardly any more details on what exactly happened there.


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Oh yeah, gallery with three pictures of bodies of small children that were burned by Muslim Extremists in India is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Bodies of Children in India Burned by Muslim Extremists”

    1. Actually this was done by Hindus extremist groups in 2002 Gujarat , It was a planned genocide of Muslims , Actually those are Muslims children were collected and put in a house and were burned alived , while women were gangraped and hacked to death , the Police didnt interfere and no one got punished for this , similar thing happened in 1984 but the target were Sikhs .

  1. RIP

    Jesus…stop being so fucking stupid people!

    Jews have murderers, serial killers, rapists, robbers, psychopaths, and so on…

    Christians have murderers, serial killers, rapists, robbers, psychopaths, and so on…

    Muslims have have murderers, serial killers, rapists, robbers, psychopaths, and so on…

    If a Christian murderer killed someone, the title of the news would probably be ” ‘merderer’s name’ killed the victim ”

    And if a Muslim murderer killed someone, the title of the news would probably be ” a Muslim killed the victim ”

    Yup when a Muslim does something bad Islam is condemned, but when a Christian or a Jew does a bad himslef alone is condemned his religion is not even mentioned.

    And for those who don’t know…Islam condemns the killing of any innocent, whether they be Muslims or not…

    P.S I’m not a Muslim…I’m a Christian….but my best friend is.

  2. I keep repeating to people exactly what Vicious says. But you know, mostly it’s people who say they’re Moslem who will see that as an attack and retaliate. I have nothing against any religion and true Muslims are some of the people I like most. None of God’s religions says to kill innocents. I think this site is doing a good job of waking people up. Why do so many people like taking sleeping pills and refuting the existence of atrocities? Who refutes the holocaust?

  3. You are a dreamer if you think Islam does not call for killing innocent. I have quoted Suras from Quran in another post several times – passages which call to merciless killing of non believers. It is clearly and repeatedly stated in the book Muslims follow as it is clearly stated that any Muslim who doesn’t kill non believers is not true Muslim hence also needs to die. So all Muslims who do not kill the innocent basically rebel against teaching of Islam and are hence either not Muslims, just posers, or will be targeted soon themselves.

    Furthermore, it is not only Quran that forces Muslims to slit throats of non believers, it’s also high priests of Islam all over the world who appeal to Muslims to do their divine duty and start killing non believers. Any Muslim who doesn’t comply, is a heretic who not any better than non believer.

    If you really think Islam does not command to kill the innocent, you are a dreamer and a sorry loser.

  4. You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about…you’re brain washed by whomever you got that info from. Every sura in the Quran was revealed for a reason…each one of them was revealed in a certain event. There are plenty of books talking about these reasons. Back then, they were savages. Any invading idea would be an intruder, thus they fight it with all their might. The muslims at first were tortured and killed. It’s not until these “ayas” were revealed that gave them the will to fight back. Plus, in every single “aya” there is not one mentioning of killing infants or women. Actually there are plenty of “ayas” condemning the killing of infants, women, and non-believers who weren’t harming any of the muslims. The “ayas” that asked the muslims to fight and kill were all directed to the non-believers that were fighting and killing the muslims in the first place. Here’s a quote for your pleasure

    “any one who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. Our messengers went to them with clear proofs and revelations, but most of them, after all this, are still transgressing.”

    If by any chance we take what you say to be true, then what you’re saying is that 99.9% of the muslims in the world, which are approx. 1.8 billion, are posers and only 0.1% of em are true muslims huh?

    Finally let me remind you what you need to do to be a true muslim. Again I quote “Islam has been built on five [pillars]: testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, performing the prayers, paying the Zakat, making the pilgrimage to the House (Hajj), and fasting in Ramadan.”

    So yeah, there have it…gotta tell you though, this is not my thing..but I get pissed at lame ass racists who have no idea what they’re blabbering about, as if they’ve got a PHD or masters degree in it.

    I had to annoy my mate for this info…but it’s worth it just for this one time…Have a nice time blabbering on your own.

  5. Shut your where mouth, Vicious you son of a fucking faggot. Your brainwash you’re spreading on is like syphilis dripping out of your mother whore’s filth ass. You’ve got no fucking clue what your whore mouth blabbers and it fucking hurts to read your shit stained bullshit. Shut this whore yap before you make yourself look like any more of a faggot, you piece of shit.

  6. Angie it’s quite real and if you think this way we will all lose. Haven’t you ever seen somebody pervert the plain and obvious? There is hardly a proper Islamic scholar around. The Khoran was written with very vague language and sometimes even contradictory. The main message is forgiving. It is a sin even in Islam to execute somebody who has truly repented. It was written for nomadic people from 1500 years ago. It is mainly propagated by Arabic nations with their own enterprising agendas. They are distributing misinterpreted Korans below cost just to get blind followers. The whole basis of the book is peace and forgiveness. Nobody seems to remember those lines.

  7. @ Hitler.

    Wow dude, very constructive and informative speech you’ve got there!

    Truth hurts doesn’t it?

    Your nickname says it all =)

    Have a nice day.

    P.S, I’d rather be a “piece of shit” than an ignorant.

  8. Ummm, The description is wrong. These kids died in a school fire. Why do people have to lie about these things just to sex up the story? On top of that, these are Muslim children who died after a mosque was set on fire by Hindu extremist. People either got their facts mixed up or are intentionally trying to incite hate. X /

  9. excuse me,
    i’d like to add that because i live in a muslim household and share many of the same beliefs, i know that Islam is a practice of peace and worship towards one God. the same God. Allah can simply be translated to God. a true muslim is peaceful and not violent, honor killings and suicide bombings are not permissable in Islam. however, some are extremists just like there are extremists in any religion. do not group all people into one stereotype, it is wrong and unfair.

  10. Yet Muslims always bitch and moan whine that they get no respect…Everywhere I look online, there are scores of videos of radical Muslims cutting off heads, murdering children, calling for the instalation of Islamic theocracy in the UK, and beating women- But of course in these politically correct times, we must say Islam is a religion of ‘peace’.
    Religion of peace my ass, they’re monsters.

  11. @TitanicExplorerm: Before you go typing in comments, get your facts straight. Those children in the picture are MUSLIM children that died in a school fire. A school fire which was probably started by some Hindu extremist. I bet if it was a Christian , Jew are what ever, it would be written of as someone disturbed. The only monsters are those who spread lies with the intent to breed hate. And one last thing…..don’t ever judge a religion by the actions of people. people do bad things, religions and beliefs don’t. x /

  12. Such a pitty that these children had to suffer. What a horrible way to ends ones life. Lets all hope that there poor little souls died before they were blackened. I pray there poor innocent sould rest in peace.

  13. That is a fire accident which had caused the kids to burn. If sum muslim kids are burned, i wonder how brainy an intelligent human would point a finger to Hindu extremist or a Christian. I guess the moderator was clear in emphasizing the way to describe the picture as they represent gore image, and also not false or misleading captions. This caption could have run like, muslim kids burnt to death in a tragic accident. But instead the caption has created a turf war among the suers to exchange hot words and hatred speeched and jsutifying who is right and wrong. I guess the Moderator has to take a call on this stongly and reemphasize the rules of comments and caption formation.

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