Body of a Child Looks Like Roasted Lamb

Roast Lamb Chops, Anyone?

This was once a child, now it looks more like roasted chicken or better yet – lamb. I’m surprised I have not found a version of these photos with BBQ sauce photoshopped in. Sad as it is, I’ve never seen a human body roasted so well you could literally pull out a steak knife and have a juicy slice.

No story came with these pictures which is really aggravating cause these are definitely one of those you wish you knew what exactly happened. How can you roast a child like that though? It would take a good while in the oven for it to go this crisp. Do you think a bomb could thoroughly bake a kid like this? Or would this be a house fire and kid got trapped in? Give me your theories!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Body of a Child Looks Like Roasted Lamb”

  1. I think that anyone that has children would be horrified to think that anyone could do this to a child and the people that think this is cool are really fucked up i have a 15 month old daughter and i would never wish this upon anyones child. you sick bastards with your BBQ sauce jokes i hope you burn in hell!

  2. Krystal,

    This is terrible. But it’s the jokes that keep me from breaking out in tears. Death sucks, but you need humor to stay sane. I would know, I just came from a funeral earlier today. But that child is in a much better place now. I wish you and your daughter the best

  3. Krystal,

    Yeah, it’s understandable to get upset over these pics. Especially when it’s a picture of a child. I don’t even really like kids but this pic still hurts. But it’s life, and life sucks >.<

  4. Well, my theory to this poor little childs death was that, with christmas rushing up so quickly the family were out of luck when it came to getting some good roast pork or a turkey for lunch. Taking the best next option they took their youngest son [naturally] and roasted him, however after realizing that it just dosent taste quite as good as turkey, and is also quite illegal they were forced to take drastic measures and simply have McDonalds for christmas dinner, leaving their ex meal out on the street for the crows.

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