Brazilian Woman Sets Herself on Fire, But Seems to Regret It Shortly After

Brazilian Woman Sets Herself on Fire, But Seems to Regret It Shortly After

Brazilian Woman Sets Herself on Fire, But Seems to Regret It Shortly After

Compilation of CCTV videos from the municipality of Serra in Espírito Santo, Brazil features mostly two women – the skank in black dressed up to advertise her sluttiness, and the other one wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt.

If I understood the backstory correctly, the woman in black wanted to self immolate, but was pushing the one in blue to do it with her. The letter was not too keen on setting herself on fire, and refused.

Eventually, the black wearer doused herself with alcohol and lit herself up, but per what the video shows, she got to regret it shortly after.

According to the backinfo I got, she suffered burns to 60% of her body and is hospitalized in serious condition. At 0:21, when she does the thumbs up to the camera, she looks like a man eating too much soy. Evidence supports the myth of a hot South American woman about as much as it support the myth of a good cop.

Props to Best Gore members @zebool and @lindalovelace for the video:

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115 thoughts on “Brazilian Woman Sets Herself on Fire, But Seems to Regret It Shortly After”

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  1. In what dimension is this the right choice for suicide. Has to be attention seeking behavior at best. And again what the fuck would be the point of that. Not a gross pathetic looking woman. Almost for sure a lesbian who despises men

  2. Anyone thinking of self immolation should do a trial run by slowly immersing their hand in a pot of boiling grease.
    If they can get past the second knuckle on their fingers they’re ready.

    As an aside: some say this is a tranny. My first thought too. The chiseled face, no hips, etc, but mainly, women just don’t seem to do this sort of thing. I don’t ever remember a female lighting herself on fire. Can anyone here remember a video of that happening?

      1. Wow. It is really surprising how fast she came down the stairs. Taking into account the intensity of the flames and the speed with which the muscles including the eyes are damaged. Perhaps in the last steps she was already blind and only made some calculation of distance and space to continue going down. What subject was she a teacher?

  3. The psychopathy of this obviously insane person was obvious the moment she appeared on video. Craziness can be seen on this video with erratic and very fast paced movement along with a lack of knowing where she wanted to go. Could be mental
    illness, drug (stimulant) induced psychosis, acquired brain injury or even an organic disease process such as a brain tumour – but something major going wrong…… she has very nasty burns and a lifetime of pain to add to her worries…….

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  5. Sometimes someone is depressed. They are not happy with their situation. So they decide to kill themselves. But some people survive, and they end up worse off than they started out as.

    This happened to my aunt. She was not happy, didn’t like her situation. But she was perfectly healthy. She took an overdose of pills. She ended up in the hospital. For some reason she ended up getting her throat swollen and she couldn’t breath, so they had to put a hole in her neck. Now she’s all messed up and has trouble breathing all the time. She has to eat through the hole in her neck. If she was unhappy before, she’s really going to be unhappy now. She made her unhappy situation even worse.

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  9. Very misleading titles. She clearly was jumping from the happy end of her evening killing all the parasites living on her skin and inside her hair. Not everyone can afford soap and water in Brazil.

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