Brazilian Woman Burned Alive and Left for Dead

Brazilian Woman Burned Alive and Left for Dead

On Friday, February 19th, 2016, a woman was found on the side of the PE 120 in Southern Pernambuco. She was found naked with severe burns covering over fifty percent of her body. She was found alive and taken immediately to the nearest hospital in Pernambuco where she remains in critical condition. The person(s) responsible still unknown.

Damn. The flesh is just peeled right off. Some sick fuckers out there to set a woman on fire like that. I was talking to a co worker the other day who was shocked to discover she has over thirty convicted sex offenders living within a several block radius of where she lives. Fucking crazy world we live in. You girls be safe.

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  1. That’s insane. Poor woman. If she makes it, the pain she’s going to have in the next few months is going to make her wish she was dead. I have four sex offenders living near me and ironically the one guy who everyone thinks is “such a sweetheart” is the one that broke into my house while i was sleeping.

    1. You need a dog @Nextie…dog doesn’t meet you at the door you know something is wrong…a large dog or two and you leave your house unlocked hoping someone breaks in.

        1. @Nextie Push comes to shove a Golden Retriever will step up to the plate…there is no bitch in a dog that is protecting it’s family….they don’t even have to be trained to do that…a gun can be found before you wake or get home and used on you…Not a dog though…only once have I seen an asshole at a lake get beat up by people at 4 or 5 different picnic tables as he stumbled to each one after another getting his ass kicked for different infractions his Chocolate Lab was attacking him the whole time…it ended up running him off into the woods. LMAO

          1. His own dog was attacking him @ray??lol Even our dogs know when we’re being idiots. I am really serious about getting one, but no more rat terriers. The Golden Retriever was the best dog I’ve ever had. I’d love to get another one.

          2. @Nextie Goldens are great…if you rent it would probably be hard to find a landlord that would accept either of my type dogs but everybody loves a Golden.

        2. dont underestimate those little terriers @nextie – small,..but can definitely leave a BIG impression on any local filthmonger who thinks it may be fun to try and enter your place.
          May look for another?
          fuckin hell love, must be awful not to feel safe in your own home?
          Look for another dog @nextie, you know the benefits go much further than the protection they offer

          1. @Obli all them times @Nextie kept you tied up in her basement…would give anything to see you get untied “your always getting untied to post articles and sometimes you get loose on your own to snap a selfie” and greet that fucker.
            Guys like that don’t step to men…just women and children…gutless cowards.

        1. Whoa, that’s game over. Watching you sleep just first tick on sicko’s list. Best nip security in the bud, lest we reminisce over you, my gawd. Alarm system with motion detector and a gun. Is your nearest neighbor a mile away? Makes sense why he felt safe. Gear up Girl

          1. She should keep a few pictures of you around the house gnat,he wont be creepin in their again for a snaky wank

          1. Hahaha FI you’re awful.

            Nextie….I’d be nicer if I broke into your room. I’d whisper sweet nothing’s into your ear while stroking your hair….a woman’s touch makes everything just seem better

    2. Your stalker be like

      I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
      Watch you smile while you are sleeping
      While you’re far away and dreaming
      I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
      I could stay lost in this moment forever
      Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure


          1. Ahahahah oh my @Nextie thank you so very much. Now all I have to do is fight off all the creeps that are so desperate on this site. πŸ˜†

        1. Drowning I’d include… It’s like suffocation, but with unimaginable pain as well. Then there’s sewing up in cowhide once they skin you alive first, hanging from a tree branch suspended over a low fire with just your face sticking out where you slow cook to death. πŸ™‚

        2. I had to wiki all those primeval torture methods you guys were talking about in an earlier post. All horrible ways to die and humans are a horrible species. Getting anything shoved up the ass until one dies is my favorite.

  2. She is in pain now, but wait until they start cleaning her burns. My son was burned on his stomach by boiling water when he was 2. I quickly got ice to the area and brought him to the hospital, where he remained for 13 days. The burn kept going, horrible days. This woman will wish she was dead.

      1. sorry to hear that @Amour, I do recall you saying that on a post within the last year. I will say that while my son was in the hospital I did witness many children burned over most of their tiny bodies. Horrible to see and what the child has to endure while being treated is hard to watch. I hope your brother recovered well

      1. unless you have kids you shouldnt talk. However, if you do have kids tell me.. have they never gotten hurt? Whether they fell down a few stairs, fell off their bike, fell off a chair and all in your presence. Accidents happens, not all things can be avoided. But thanks for the wisdom you shed upon me!

        1. Exactly! There’s no way you can keep eyes on them every second of every day. Kids are going to get hurt and that doesn’t make someone a bad parent unless there was negligence involved. I know lots of people who got burnt from touching the stove or hot water as a kid, it just happens sometimes. I have no doubts about your parenting skills @evil. I’m sorry about your son going through that though, I’m sure it was painful.

          1. Thanks @LF, I am proud to say I have a 28 yo son that is a Paralegal while going to school for his Phd. He has worked and studied at Yale, traveled the world helping kids in third world countries. My other son is 19 yo, he is working full time and is a great kid. He is the one that was burned. So, I guess an accident/injury that happened in front of me makes me a bad parent. I sure am disappointed on how I raised them and the failures they have become. I guess I should watch my 19 yo, he may be traumatized now and start abusing drugs, women and robbing places. But thank you for your kind words

        1. first of all you are to be commended for taking the time being a father to actually be a father ,I never said you were a bad parent ,I simply said “someone should of payed a little more attention on what their kids were doing?”to put in context meaning on a scale of 1 to 10 burns on a child are a 9,when the element of a child getting hurt is on a higher level don’t you think a more watchful eye should be at hand.
          and yes I do have children,but have never put them in a situation where they could get hurt on a severe level on my own stupidity.
          and little foot my comment was not addressed to you so fuck off…

          1. Hey spaghetti sauce if you didn’t mean your comment in a condensating way you could have worded that is a much better way. Also little foot was replying to evilirish not you so what point was there in telling her to fuck off. If you think every accident is due to the parent then I don’t believe for a second you actually have kids.

          2. @Little foot Off the subject, but I can’t get the happy faces and stuff to show up on my comments. It shows up on my end right before I send the comment, but by the time the comment goes through, the faces are gone. Do you know how to solve this little issue on my end? You had mentioned earlier about those and the lol’s..

          3. Apparently you’re not allowed to give supporting comments to another member. There seem to be a lot of rules against me these days πŸ˜†


            I think I’ve seen some of your smiley faces on here and it looks like you but a space in between, for example: : ) or ; ) πŸ˜‰ take out the spaces or the dash and you should be good. Now if you’re seeing the actual emoji but it’s not showing up when you post maybe you should try putting it in the way I just demonstrated?

            Also for the laughing face πŸ˜† put : lol : (again take out the spaces) and 😈 : twisted : I don’t know some of the other ones but I’m sure it’s the same concept. I hope this helps!

          4. @Little foot Ya I was doing it the old-fashioned way. I have no problem with that through regular texts, but I’ll try it. Thanks for your time. If its not at the end of this comment, then I probably need to upgrade my phone or something. ??

          5. @Little foot I don’t know what those faces mean, but those aren’t the ones I selected. I put two regular happy faces and then these pop up. I’ll mess with it. Thanks again.

          6. @Gnat with the super long link…Effen show off. Don’t worry I bought your work boot to piss in…if you need help emptying it…I left the instructions for doing so on the heel.

  3. She’s not out of the woods yet, considering where she is and all.

    They really aren’t going to be ready for the games there, are they? I don’t even think their neighbors in South America will show because the water is so poisonous. Also, they owe the construction workers at many facilities and venues back pay from December. They are that far behind. Maybe they’ll be ready in a century or three as they are obviously in dire need of some evolving. Somehow, I’m not quite feeling the Olympic Spirit there just yet.

    1. GTFOOH…No wait don’t do that Congrats…wasn’t Penis Ashtray the very first post ?
      I Remember when you were first mulling the idea of writing for BG.
      @Obli to see you master your writing craft and polish them chops has been a journey that I would go on again and again with you…thank you so much for all you have done for your SOB’s.

        1. thanks, brother. BestGore is the first site i’ve ever been public on. it was weird at first even commenting, then writing was even weirder… thinking, oh my god, millions of people are reading what i write! haha

          scary, humbling but also addicting and invigorating. one of the most important parts of my life. is right here.

    2. Congrats brother @obliterator!

      I still remember when you first started posting and you have been on fire the whole time.

      I know you shall keep it moving at the same pace as well. Always enjoy your post and reading whatever it is that you have to say.


        1. @ obli

          Oh don’t worry bro I could care less bout that. Actually sometimes whenever I’m bugging my woman, I pretend to be hiter ie: pretending to speak German and raising my hand in the air to salute.

          She hates that and is super liberal lol. I get a kick out of it as well cus I’m Asian lmao.

    3. Who are you and what have you done with our Obli, Mr. Masked Wrestler Man head?

      Our Obli wouldn’t have mentioned anything about 1K posts. Rather, he’d have waited until we had 20 more pages and said, “800 pages of Best Mother Fucking Gore! Oh by the way, I have 1,061 posts.”


    4. A THOUSAND??? Whoa! Congratulations, Obli! πŸ˜€ I remember last year that you announced your 400th (or was it 300th) article. Now it’s a thousand! Yaaaaaay! πŸ˜€

      1. I remember back in school I had to take a class about patient care and watch this movie about a man who was burnt all over his body and he kept begging the doctors and nurses to let him die because it was so painful. They wouldn’t do it if course and years later he was married and seemed fairly happy but still said he would never be grateful to them for saving his life because of what they put him through and the fact that they wouldn’t let it be his decision to die. I would hope in that situation someone would just put me out of my misery.

        1. Shit happens for a reason, I suppose. And yeah, I’m with you on that. I’d pretty much preferred some chemical death. Or if they’re on a tight budget, a shotgun bullet would do the trick hahahaha

          That’s probably why I never was against euthanasia. It seems to be very appropriate at times. You can give a person some peaceful death than letting someone get through days to years of excrutiating agony.

          1. I completely agree, there are times where it could really be useful to end someone’s life quickly and painlessly. I’m not saying people should play God but if you have someone who is conscience and fully aware of their situation and asking that their life be ended instead of living in pain then I think that’s an option that should be available for them.

          2. Amen to that, @little-foot. No sense in prolonging torment. I’ve been telling the people that live with me that in case something bad happens and it would involve a shocking moment between a defibrilator and I, I’d much prefer to be dead. Especially when I get placed under a coma. Ay, ay, ay. No me gusta hahaha

          3. I’ve had similar conversations with my family as well. My sister and I have both said that if it came down to dying or being a vegetable to just let us go. I’m sure if it ever happened, my mom wouldn’t be able to make that call which is why we would make that decision for each other.

        1. @Little foot Upon further review, that would be really screwed to get an area with so many nerve endings burned like that. I haven’t wiki’ed lately as to why guys have nipples, but if I scrape mine sliding under the car or something, it sure hurts like hell! I can’t even image putting clamps on those things πŸ˜‰

  4. My best friends little brother got 3rd degrees burns through out his entire body.

    He was such a handsome young chap, muscular, good looking and the works.

    They had to fly him out to some hospital In the states. Thankfully he made it but he now has some nasty looking melted scars everywhere! I mean everywhere.

    Every time I see something like this it reminds me of my bros little brother.

    Back to the topic at hand.
    She is not meant to go yet and it shall be a long and hard recovery. Hope she stays strong and fully recovers.


  5. i heard about this tradition in the favelas but never saw the result. the myth when a gang catches one of their rivals or in this case maybe the wife one of their rivals. they pour gasoline over them and tie them up and then throw some rubber tires around their body (to make sure they keep burning) and let them burn to death. very interresting but for this lady i think she would rather be dead, no need to go through all the pain. for anyone who is interrested you can watch a documentary on youtube its called “dan?ando com o diabo” dancing with the devil, i think it also has english subtitles.

  6. Burns hurt like fuck as it is and I can’t imagine how painful burns all over your chest and abdomen would be. As bad as it is, she could have had it a lot worse if I remember what some (barely) surviving victims have looked like.

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