Burn on Foot from Red Hot Weld

Coin Next to Healing Weld Burn

Five Euro Coin Next to Healing Weld Burn

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @janosik1222, who got his foot burned by a red hold weld:

Hello dear bestgore. I enjoy this site very much so I wanted to share my experience. This happened in 2017 when I was in Belgium and worked as a welder.

Hot red drop of steel fell into my boots causing very painful burn. From that moment I wasn’t able to walk in any shoes for two weeks, my feet became infected and very swollen. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks a lot for sharing your pics with us, @janosik1222. However proper safety workboots and workpants should make it impossible to get one’s foot burned. Unless you didn’t lace them up or something:

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38 thoughts on “Burn on Foot from Red Hot Weld”

          1. You really do watch the strangest shit @janiel. Kudos to you. I got half way through it, watching with a great big “what the fuck” face before I had to back out. By the way I don’t actually listen to Avril Lavigne. I just like the guitar riff for that one song.

  1. Very relatable Fleshy Virus experience. When I’m trading my time for someone else’s dollars, l weld structural steel. Once, circa ’13/’14 there were these obnoxiously heavy brackets l was fabricating. Plate was 1-1/2″ thick and the fillet weld (just image two blocks of cheese butted up against each other and in order to fuse them together from top to bottom you angle-cut away a bunch of cheese so you can start at the base, or root, and fill the gap up to the top) An ENORMOUS amount of heat is generated by the time you’re about half way through this weld. Takes multiple passes to slowly fill in the gap (or gouge) and l was at the edge for a second too long and this big fucking goo-nobbi of 2000°+ moulton steel blob fell on top of my boot….. And no, tightly tied boots or really anything will will stop that hot shit from burning into whatever soft shit it lands on like alien blood through the ships floor….. I had such little time to throw my lead, toss my hood and attack my shoe before the inevitable searing pain won the race.

    No pics of the aftermath, but as l said, very much a relatable life experience…. Especially the smell of cooked stench.

      1. And I couldn’t believe those Twin Towers, getting away with murder over there. It looks like they were having a FREE FerALL, when everyone was looking at them IN PLANE SITE.

        …I’m wondering if those buildings had THERMITES?

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